Rosie from Shine A Light Rose, Cherry from J Drama Reviews, and Heisui from My Drama Tea discuss Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo Response to HeisuiDRAMA CLUB - Mischievous Kiss Episode 5 (2/4)   Unlike Heisui, I didn’t have the luxury of watching this episode by myself, so all of my completely fangirly feelings were revealed in front of not just my mother (who was hiding behind a pillow to conceal her own squealing), but my husband too! Good thing he knows me by now and isn’t jealous; he loves this show just as much as me, if not more so. Heavy sigh of relief! InK9 This episode was perfection – utter perfection! I would watch it a million times over and over again. In fact, this will probably be my go-to episode in the future when I just want to reminisce. I’m not even talking about the KISS either (well, mostly not). As I’ve said before, my love of this show comes in the little things, like the above scene where Kotoko decides to be brave and takes the chance of walking not two meters behind Naoki, but right up with him. Graduation day must do funny things to everyone. Too bad he spoils her fun once again by declaring, ‘This year has been worse than all 18 years combined.’ Oh, Naoki. We know you enjoy the harassment, and your little two meter stalker. By the way, I love the ‘stalker couple’ that is Kotoko and Kin-chan, and their obvious friendship through thick and thin. Everything I wanted Kin to be (based on no preconceptions from other versions of the story), he was in this episode: cute, fun, serious in his motivations, and above all – relatable in his craziness. Also, out of all the ‘fake’ kisses in this drama so far, his was definitely the most hilarious. Ink10 I’m going to miss this high school phase, which seems incredibly short, but I’m glad the graduation party went out off with a bang! Teacher A and Teacher F’s stand-off, interspersed with snobby student exchanges was a particular highlight. Sensei – you tell it! What makes a good student isn’t just their grades (even if, well… it certainly helps). Having good friends to back you up and run after you though is nice. Like Cherry, I’m ridiculously glad that Kotoko ran after Kin in consolation of Naoki’s harsh words, but I’m even more impressed she came back to combine the two parties. One crisis averted, let’s all move on and have fun. Secret revelation time! I can’t be the only one who wanted to see the return of Naoki’s girl-dressed baby pictures, right? I’m rather surprised it took Naoki as long as it did to realize Kotoko’s plot. I don’t think we ever see such an animated expression on his face as when he is threatened with such a traumatizing childhood secret. InK11b Revenge is sweet – or it is, until you get dragged outside and… kissed in payback. Yup, good call Kotoko, revealing all these dirty little secrets. InK13sm So now that we’ve had the big kiss-su, what’s next? Unfortunately as far dramas go, we all know episode 5 will not be the end all, especially with such a cold hero as Irie Naoki. He’s most certainly jealous, and I think it’s understood by all that in some sense he likes having Kotoko around. Judging by his mad angry, ‘Try and forget me [YEAH RIGHT!]’ kiss, he’s probably even figured out that he’ll miss her and her affections, were Kotoko to prove her threats right and officially quit loving him. Not that we'll see more emotional revelations out of him any time soon... I’m almost ready for some character development out of Naoki, but I’m actually happy the drama is taking its time with his character. It’s not like we don’t know where the story’s going, or who the OTP definitely is.  I’m just along for the ride, and ridiculously happy to be here to watch it unfold.