DRAMA CLUB: Mischievous Kiss Episode 5 (4/4) Response to: Drama Club – Mischievous Kiss: Episode 5 ---- I’m glad to see everyone’s positive response for this episode! Believe me, you feel much less crazier knowing that there are others out there just like you: screaming, squealing, squirming in your seats watching a drama. Heisui, I love your hyped response. This episode is superb afterall, to quote you “All of the epic awesomeness of Itazura was unleashed upon me, all in one swoop." Couldn’t have said it better! As for Kotoko and Kin-chan’s relationship, I like how they still keep their friendship despite the fact that Kin-chan’s feelings are out there in the open. It’s also nice to have that little window of hope for Kotoko to fall for him. (Highly unlikely I reckon, but still possible). I kinda feel bad for him when he was singing his song for Kotoko, and she wasn’t there. But it’s Kin-chan, he’ll recover. Like what Heisui and Rosie said, how Kotoko ran after frantic Kin-chan and calms him down makes me wanna root for them! But then… Of course there’s Naoki! And who can resist Naoki?! I mean, really..
  [caption id="attachment_161218" align="alignnone" width="493"]Cute couple is cute :3 Cute couple is cute :3[/caption] With his super good looks, plus his cool attitude, perfect marks, athleticism, PERFECT English, and now the revenge kiss??? Irresistible. Out of all high school kiss scenes in a drama, this one is probably my favourite. “Then, try and forget about me”. *kiss* “Serves you right” AWWWWW. What was that?! Best thing to say after a kiss, EVER. Just out of curiosity, is this line originally from the manga? Or did the scriptwriter suddenly get a splendid epiphany and add it? Also Rosie, I agree with missing the high school part. It’s gonna be less rivalry from Kin-chan now that they’re going to different places. Kin-chan would need just that extra effort to make Naoki jealous! I’m looking forward to seeing Kotoko’s rival though (supposedly Naoki’s girlfriend). I wonder how she’s gonna react. Will Kotoko give up? Will she push through? Or will she forget Naoki and find a new love? Please don’t, Kotoko. Win Naoki back! You’re halfway there~ Alright, back to your response Rosie, the little things do add up to the drama’s overall playfulness. Like the two-meter stalking scene, I was sitting in anticipation as to how Naoki will respond. It is their last day of high school, surely he can give Kotoko a nice answer. But what did he say instead? “This year has been worse than all 18 years combined." BAHAHAHAAH. I couldn’t help laughing out loud. Poor Kotoko. Nice try though with the awkwardly cute way of hers to try and talk to Naoki. One more thing, though the opening song is a bit annoying and the ending song is barely bearable, I find the sound effects and instrumental music along the drama very suitable. Adds more to that fun, comical bit of Itazura na Kiss. Sorry, just had to put this pic up again. It's too adorable! Sorry, just had to put this pic up again. It's too adorable!
Anyway, who’s excited for episode 6?? :D