Stalker Kotoko is back, a pesky love rival appears, and Naoki revels in the amusement of teasing Kotoko, only to realize that their time together will be short lived. In comparison to episode 5, which I'm sure we can all agree was EPIC, episode 6 might seem a bit lack-luster.  Also the arrival of an annoying love rival for Kotoko doesn't really help.  T_T  But episode 5 was the 'finale' or the ending chapter of Kotoko & Naoki's high school life.  It was supposed to have a lot of OOMPH with emotional impact and a lot of shippy goodness with our love triangle.  On the other hand, Episode 6 is the transition into the beginning of their new college life.  We are now easing into a new storyline, so I think it's good that they are taking their time with this episode. I thought that something might change after the ~REVENGE KISS~ but it seems like Naoki & Kotoko's relationship is still the same.  This is mainly because..
  • Naoki keeps on putting on his cool, uninterested facade to hide his ~FEELINGS~ for Kotoko.
  • Kotoko can't move on from Naoki because she still likes him.  Or at least, she doesn't play hard-to-get.
  • Naoki feels safe in his current relationship with Kotoko.  There is no threat that will take her away from him or put him in the friend zone.  He knows she still loves him, so he doesn't have to do anything to pursue her.  (*cough* he did the revenge kiss to steal her back from Kin)
Remember when I was talking about how this version has toned down Kotoko's stalkery-ness?  Well guess what guys, STALKER KOTOKO IS BACK!!!!!!!   T_T Ah, there are so many moments where I CRINGE inside for Kotoko in this episode.  T_T""  She stalks Naoki to figure out which college club he's gonna join...except she is not secretive about it at all.  During this whole scene, I was just thinking, "PLEASE KOTOKO..JUST TAKE OFF YOUR HEAD SCARF.." I love Kotoko but I found myself feeling rather embarrassed for her in this episode.  It's not that I'm annoyed with her, but it's more like I don't want Naoki to be able to tease her so easily!  COME ON KOTOKO, SHOW HIM WHO'S BOSS!!! Then again, Kotoko is very in-character so I don't expect her to play hard to get.  T_T  As much as I wanted her to push away Naoki when he teased her by leaning in for a kiss, or just ignore him when he parades around with her love rival, that's not something Kotoko would do anyways.  The girl wears her heart on her sleeve, and she is not the kind of girl who will try to manipulate Naoki into needing her or anything like that. My expression when the love rival, Matsumoto Yuko, shows up was something like the look of utter disdain that Kotoko has in the picture above.   AHAHA.  Yuko obviously has an agenda (SEDUCE NAOKI WIN NAOKI'S HEART) and she is already like Kotoko's archenemy. Anyways, I don't like harping on actresses' looks but Yuko does not look like the drop dead gorgeous beauty that everyone says she is.  She is average in looks, but they are trying to make her seem like a beauty.  I thought it was kinda funny when Kotoko & Co. see Yuko for the first time and they are like, "WOW SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!"  Me: "............." Is it just me though, or is Naoki using Yuko to make Kotoko more jealous? *wink wink* What if he actually wanted Kotoko to join the tennis club, just to prove that she still has feelings for him?  And of course, so he can laugh at her as she fails at tennis! I do wish that this episode would spend less on Kotoko's joining Naoki's tennis club (by the way, the way Kotoko plays tennis is like me in real life) and more on the OTP.  I think the best parts of the episode are actually towards the end because that is when things turn serious.  I am all for this new twist--Kotoko & her dad will move out of the Irie's house!!!!!  YES!!!  DO IT KOTOKO!!!!! LEAVE NAOKI AND LET HIM KNOW HOW MUCH HE NEEDS YOU! Anyone have any favorite scenes in this episode?  What are your expectations for the next episode?  Do you think it's a good thing if Kotoko moves out?  Oh oh, do you think Yuko will meddle with Kotoko & Naoki?? Read the previous Drama Club Series for... Read more from the Mischievous Kiss Drama Club:  Stalk the Drama Club on their blogs: Other Fun Mischievous Kiss Posts Find the Drama Club on their own drama blogs!