Response to: Mischievous Kiss Episode 6 (1/4) - Heisui Yosh! Mischievous Kiss is back in full force this week with Kotoko being tormented and mercilessly teased not only by the [obviously-worthwhile-because-this-is-asian-drama] love of her life, but a newly introduced, hair flipping second lead girl. And yes, she sparkles.  Can’t you see it? (Heisui – how could you say she’s just average – when she *sparkles*? Like a vamp—ahhem, like the gorgeous human being all the girls say she is.) InK6-14 Girl Powers 101: I’ll be noting the correct techniques of seduction-by-hair for the rest of this show.  And it probably won’t be from watching Kotoko.  Mostly because I think her stalking tips are more valuable – for learning how to immediately get spotted. That must be her goal.  Why else would you wear something with giant pink pandas when you are trying to go incognito? Surely it’s to garner some attention and secretly draw all the boys in. Pink pandas. That’s the way to go. Write it down. I definitely think Naoki’s having way too much fun teasing Kotoko and using Yuko is a great excuse to enhance the fun.  With that tantalizing voice, he tells Kotoko how Yuko has a great body on top of being super smart.  When asked why such a girl would attend Tonan University,  as if Naoki can read her mind, he taunts:
“Who knows? Maybe she has another purpose.”
It’s a guaranteed jealousy-inducing statement. InK6-7 You know he wants her. I’m curious if this drama will show any genuine college-class time, now that our OTP has been separated by a campus.  So far we’ve only seen the great outdoors, tennis club hangouts, and the cafeteria.  Now, I know from some experience, there’s more to college than just eating food.  And it’s of course a huge drama-coincidence that Kin-chan gets a job in just this same cafeteria.  Well, he is after all quite determined to protect Kotoko from that ‘evil’ guy who likes to kiss for fun, and make mean jabs about our poor girl’s academic career to date.

“They don’t have Lunch F.”

InK6-8 Ooooh, Naoki – you totally deserved that tiny bowl of rice! Mind you, Kotoko’s looks about as big as her head. I actually like this new tennis-focused episode.   I get why it works as an OTP-blocker with the addition of other characters, but I enjoyed the comedy played out by Sudo in his nice guy-turned monster tennis coach persona. Heisui, I don’t play tennis, but if I did, you and I would make a perfect team – meaning, we’d both be running all over the place totally petrified by these unidentified flying yellow objects. Are they tennis balls, or possible murder weapons!? Doubles, anyone? InK6-15 There aren't many magical romancing scenes during this section of the episode, but any excuse to see Naoki smiling like a normal human being is fine by me! I don’t even care if that witch is standing beside him the whole time.  He’s clearly more entertained (*read * enthralled) by watching Kotoko than he is by Yuko.  Do I wish he’d have swept Kotoko off her feet and carried her home after she got pulverized by the tennis ball? Absolutely.  But, I’ll take Naoki laughing, and just be happy for one more week. InK6-13 Because what's more hilarious than watching an idiot get smacked in the head by a tennis ball? Naoki - cruelly amused. My favorite scene this episode actually takes place in the restaurant.  No, it’s got no great revelationary moments.  Unless you want to count Naoki’s dad looking 20x more shocked and alarmed than anyone else at the table at Kin-chan’s verbal threat to be better someday than Naoki.  It looks like he’s afraid he’s going to be eaten! While Naoki remains stoic as ever.  Not something I expected to see… absolutely a scene that took me by surprise. InK6-18 As for the end of this episode, siiiigh.  But it’s not like we didn’t all see it coming.  Naoki’s clearly shocked internally – and I do mean deep internally – over the fact Kotoko and her dad might move out, but it’s way too early for him to be expressing any true feelings.   Maybe this separation, if it happens, will be the wakeup call for him.  I’m just thrilled to death that he showed even the tiniest sign of hesitation. InK6-16 Naoki’s emotions aside, my verdict on Yuko is that she can’t possibly make too much of a dent on our OTP’s relationship.  She looks too perfect (ugh) to sway Naoki.  He’s way too passive of people in general, and I can’t see him using Yuko any closer than he is already, if indeed he just tolerates her to taunt Kotoko. What says everybody else? 6 episodes down.  10 more to go.  When do you think Naoki will start to show his true self? We can only stand on the sidelines and hope it's soon. InK6-9   Read the previous Mischievous Kiss Drama Club Series for… Other Fun Mischievous Kiss Posts Find the Drama Club on their own drama blogs!