Question of the day: WHAT IS NAOKI'S TYPE!?!?  Wow I feel more pumped up about Itazura after reading everyone else’s opinions. O_O  It is the power of Mischievous Kiss fans! This is a response to... Mischievous Kiss Episode 6 (1/4) – Heisui Mischievous Kiss Episode 6 (2/4) - Rosie Mischievous Kiss Episode 6 (3/4) - Cherry Ok, I think we have come to the general consensus over our favorite scenes—the restaurant scene or the ending scene.  For me the restaurant scene was great because I could see Naoki being just plain jealous!  (Go read the part 3 post, there are GIF's the capture the moment!)  Kotoko doesn’t know that she has a huge effect on Naoki when she least expects it.  But for me, the ending scene had the most emotional impact on me because it was so charged with tension.  It looked like Kotoko was gonna break down and cry at the ending. :’(  I just wanted to give her a hug and explain Naoki’s mindset to her.  >_< There is a debate over Yuko, but now I think it is a good thing she is here.  Even if she ends up being annoying and meddling, at least this will give Kotoko the push she needs to stop watching Naoki from afar and just go for it!  She needs a rival so that she can put on her GAME FACE!   Anyways, I agree with Cherry that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Yuko is average, but all looks aside, she does have that sort of sophisticated aura around her.  I am kinda in a dilemma over whether or not she will have an impact on Naoki though.  Like Rosie said, I sorta think that Yuko will have no effect over Naoki because he already likes Kotoko and he has no interest in other girls.  (at least, I don’t think he does)  But then again, Kotoko was one of the only girls in high school that actually had the courage to confess to him and interact with him.  And guess what, Yuko also has the courage to hang out with Naoki and take the initiative!  And they are classmates, in the same school, have similar interests, are super smart, etc.  I’d say that puts Yuko on the playing field. I also think it’s a good thing for Kotoko to move out, even if she just moves out temporarily and then moves back in.  She needs something to change up the dynamics between her and Naoki.  I mean, she can’t always be the one pining for Naoki, walking a few steps behind him on the way to school, ‘casually’ bumping into him in the cafeteria, etc.  Distance makes the heart grow fonder!  And Cherry also brought up the possibility that Naoki might stop Kotoko from moving out!  I totally wish that would happen (SERVES HIM RIGHT!) but I highly doubt he would do that.  He has too much pride to do so.  T_T” LOL this question just crossed my mind…..WHAT IS NAOKI’S TYPE?!?!  He says he doesn’t like stupid girls but……his taste in Kotoko says otherwise HEHEHEH.  Judging his reactions with Kotoko, he likes girls who…
  • try hard and are motivated in life
  • he can smirk at and make snide jokes at
  • sorta respect his space (does it count when Kotoko doesn’t walk right next to him? O_O)
  • fail at tennis, so he can laugh at them (this means that I qualify!)
  • aren’t too clingy but aren’t too distant either
  • don’t view him as this almighty perfect genius.  They have to understand his flawed side as well.
  • aren’t afraid to challenge him
  • don’t ask questions about his past
  • walk as slow as he does (in other words, a snail's pace)
And another question that crossed my mind..IS KOTOKO NAOKI’S FIRST LOVE!?!??!  I assume he gave her his first kiss with the revenge kiss so..maybe she is the first love? O_O  Rosie asked when Naoki will start to show his feelings or his 'true self'…I think it will take him a really long time, especially if this is his first love.  He probably doesn’t know how to express his feelings to Kotoko, or maybe he doesn’t even know that this is LOVE yet! Read the previous Mischievous Kiss Drama Club Series for… Other Fun Mischievous Kiss Posts Find the Drama Club on their own drama blogs!