Rating: 7/10 In-a-sentence: Forgetting Naoki is getting harder now, eh Kotoko? Review: Most EPIC face of the week! Which strangely sums up my feelings for the first half of episode 7… It was meh. Kotoko moved out of the house reluctantly, Mrs. Irie is terribly sad, Naoki is seemingly unaffected and Naoki’s brother is obviously happy. Blah blah blah. Good thing Kotoko decided to continue her tennis, which is when things started to pick up for me. And yes Rosie, this is shock of all shocks! The one guy who never shows up for practice suddenly did, right at the time when Kotoko moved out. He then just had to step on the one of the balls that Kotoko was collecting. Things could only get better from here on. Naoki and Kotoko are playing doubles against Sudo and Yuko. Awww yeahh! Surely one match wasn’t enough so Naoki himself asked for a second match. Thus, I had my second ‘Awww yeahh!’ moment. This can only mean Kotoko spending more time with Naoki, right? Right? Right? And so be it. I love Kotoko’s spontaneity and the ever-so stoic Naoki despite the super hyper hug. Come on Naoki, I know you’re enjoying it, deep down inside. Rosie, let me join you in this ‘smack-myself-routine for enjoying Naoki’s torture on Kotoko’. It is romantic, possibly Naoki’s peculiar strategy of trying to find a reason to see Kotoko. Teehee. When I thought I couldn’t fall deeper for Naoki, he said this.. Can’t. Take. It. Anymore. I wonder how Kotoko felt. LOL. As if Kotoko's (or mine ahem) heart wasn't beating fast enough in the game, when she sprained her ankle and couldn’t go on, the guy she’s trying her best to forget immediately ended his game and carried her princess style. I swear I must have squealed when it happened. This seemingly cold-blooded guy then took Kotoko home, not taking a taxi or bus, but walked, with Kotoko clinging to him ;3 I giggled when Kotoko teased Naoki about him calling her name out when she hit that winning ball. Oh, you liar. A genius with an IQ of 200, who remembers everything after hearing/reading it once couldn’t possibly forget that! ;D As for Kin-chan, I agree he’s looking more attractive. But will all these Naoki-Kotoko interactions, he suddenly dissolves into the background. Sorry, Kin-chan! Now, let me bash on Yuko for a bit. Who goes for a tennis match with prettily curled up locks and perfectly applied lipstick?! Can you please please please tie up your hair next time, woman? On the other hand, I absolutely love her tennis dresses. So chic! (I’m sensing the beginning of an unhealthy love-hate obsession towards Yuko…) On that note, I’m keen to hear what you guys think about this episode! What do you think will happen next? Is Kotoko going back to Naoki’s house? Is Yuko planning anything to win Naoki back? Read More Mischievous Kiss Drama Club! Episode 7 Part 1 ] Episode 6 Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Read more from the Drama Club on their own blogs: