I had a great time watching this episode, every moment was gold!  It gave a great balance of Kotoko showing some spine and Naoki chasing after her.  PLUS Kin got a big boost with an awesome scene that made me warm up to him even more! I’m really glad that Kotoko finally decided to put Naoki behind her for reals.  Kotoko is hopelessly in love with Naoki (as we shall see when she fails to forget him) but she is not stupid.  Her dad’s words didn’t go unheard; she took a serious look at her situation and she understands that she cannot chase Naoki forever if he doesn’t even like her. I love it when she puts on her game face and tells her friends, “NO MORE NAOKI, I’M A FREE WOMAN!”.  I was all YES!  KOTOKO FIGHTING!  GO FOR IT! Rosie doesn’t like how Naoki is a merciless slave-driver, subjecting Kotoko to the painful tennis drills even to the point where she has a lot of bruises.  I agree wholeheartedly because I regard tennis drills of any kind with the utmost horror.  (because I’m at the Kotoko-level of utter fail when it comes to tennis and sports in general.)  I actually wanted Kotoko to tell Naoki, “SORRY I DUN WANNA BE YOUR PARTNER! *escapes*” just to infuriate him more but...of course that’s not gonna happen.  Not when Kotoko is hard-working and determined to improve herself for Naoki’s sake. The great maturity in Kotoko’s character is that she realizes that no matter how hard she tries to forget Naoki, she can’t.   She is fully aware of this irony that she can’t forget Naoki by pure will-power, even if she wants to.   But, I was still facepalming when Kotoko decides that she shouldn't slow Naoki down or get in his way.  I would’ve liked it better if Kotoko had decided to do her best a tennis for her own self-improvement and not so that Naoki would win.  T_T”  But alas… THIS HAPPENED.  What?  The almighty prince Naoki, giving Kotoko words of reassurance and telling her he'll be there with her!?!?!?  Naoki is getting soft and letting his feelings slip!!!!!! AND THIS.  *swoons*  THIS IS THE SECOND TIME HE WILLINGLY CARRIES HER PRINCESS STYLE.  EXCEPT THIS TIME, KOTOKO IS CONSCIOUS AND CAN CLASP HER ARMS AROUND HIM. AND THIS.  We all know Naoki is secretly happy that Kotoko is clinging to his arm on the very long walk home!!!  I found myself cheering for Kotoko once again, telling her to catch Naoki and never let him get away.  Oops.  So much for the playing hard to get strategy.  I give in, Naoki.  I give in. But wait!  We forgot Kin! I disagree with Cherry about Kin not being in the limelight because this scene really stood out to me out of all of Kin’s scenes.  Somehow the word that comes to mind when I think of this scene is “heart”. Kin gives Kotoko a special bento lunch so that she can recharge.  The two of them sit together in an empty dreamily lit room—Kotoko tiredly yet happily enjoying Kin’s cooking, and Kin just GAZING at her in pure love and contentment.  My favorite part is when Kin earnestly asks Kotoko if she can't forget Naoki.  When she says yes, he tells her he will support her but he will not stop liking her.  OMG, MY HEART.  FORGET NAOKI!  Where can you find such a devoted loyal caring and understanding guy? So, is anyone liking Kin more because of this episode?  Are Naoki’s feelings for Kotoko enough when he can’t express them to her without bullying her?  Do you think Kotoko’s feelings would change for Naoki if he honestly tells her how he feels about her?  I do think Kotoko will move in with the Irie’s once again because Irie-mama is the BEST shipper out there and she will stop at nothing to bring Kotoko back! Previous Mischievous Kiss posts... Episode 7 [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] Episode 6 Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Read more from the Drama Club on their own blogs: