Rating: 10/10 In-a-sentence: IT'S A DATE!! Or not.. Review: The start of the episode made me laugh, of course Kotoko is going back to the Irie's house! LOL.

Aaand, Irie'-mama is in control of everything, she practically has Kotoko in her palm. I knew there was something behind that smile! Especially when Kotoko's dad explained how everytime he found a nice house, another person signed the lease one day earlier. It must be, it has to be, none other than the great Irie oba-sama!

Moving on, episode 8 is another super enjoyable one, not to mention loaded with surprises! At least for me who's not familiar with the ItaKiss plot.

So, Naoki and Yuko went for a date while Sudo and Kotoko went for a stalk-date, in other words stalking Naoki and Yuko's date.

Unsurprisingly, I enjoyed every second of this unlikely double date!

Firstly, Sudo and Kotoko's expression are priceless! Following Naoki and Yuko's steps very closely (and very obviously), they went out of their way to stop anything happening between Naoki and Yuko. From throwing popcorn to stop Yuko from holding Naoki's hand, to 'window-shopping' with the pair.

tumblr_mnihclkTzn1qaf14oo2_1280 What an expression, Kotoko! And that's only to Naoki saying that Yuko looked nice.

I lost count on how many times I LOL-ed during the 'double-date'. They're so funny!

I was so into the show that the idea of Naoki possibly knowing he's been followed didn't occur to me until the cafe-scene, where Yuko boldly asked about Naoki's type.

And the answer is.....

Everything Kotoko is not, HAHAHA. I love how they shot this scene, with Kotoko leaning on that pot looking like a shocked puppy <3

I felt like I should have noticed that Naoki knew much earlier. He did leave some obvious hints after all..

Like saying how Yuko looked good in her dress, there's no way the cold-blooded guy would say something like that without another motives.

And then going out of his way to pick a necklace that goes with the dress Yuko was trying on. PLUS, actually putting the necklace on her. To which Sudo and Kotoko responded...


Not long after, Kotoko couldn't take it anymore and decided that if Naoki really likes Yuko, she would let go. It almost breaks my heart how she truly likes Naoki and is willing to give him up if he's happy with someone else. Aww Kotoko, why are you so sweet?!

When she decided to go home, a flashy guy harassed her and Prince Naoki came to the rescue! As if I wasn't surprised enough, he then took Kotoko's hand and dashed out of the scene.

'To let Sudo shine in front of Yuko,' or so he said. I bet he secretly wants to be with Kotoko...

And boy, am I right or what?!

I swear I made a fist and said 'YES!' out loud when he said that. YES, A REAL DATE WITH KOTOKO!!

I reckon Naoki is letting so much of his feelings out this episode. He even told Kotoko how he felt about her. Not quite up there as in he likes Kotoko, but 'I don't hate you' is a good start, eh?

Meanwhile, our Kin-chan is stranded in a dodgy place in his failed attempt to follow Kotoko on her date. He went as far as eavesdropping with this home-made recording equipment, which apparently is not that effective considering where he ended up.

Poor, Kin-chan! I felt bad for him. He misunderstood so many things all at once. On Kotoko falling for Sudo, then trying to decipher the words he got from his stalking only to further deepens his misunderstanding.

On that note, were you as excited as I was watching episode 8? Any favourite scenes? When did you find out that Naoki knew all along he that he was being followed? How did you feel about Kin-chan being left out?

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