I was in shock throughout this entire episode. I swear this is like the most Naoki has EVER talked in one episode. O__O””  Major developments: Naoki confesses, in his own way. Yuko is doomed to forever be Naoki’s pawn. Kin crosses the line of personal privacy. Irie-mama amps up her shipper powers. Of course I have to have a few screencaps devoted to Irie-mama! Where would Kotoko & Naoki be without her?! How else would Kotoko receive her “missions” to win Naoki’s heart? I love how Irie-mama is like the epitome of those manga characters that have a vast information network and know EVERYTHING that’s going on. Plus she has the perfect Asian-manga-cackle in which she gleefully laughs/gloats about how her predictions are gonna come true and how Naoki and Kotoko are meant to be together. I recall one of the comments said that part of Naoki’s coldness is a result of his attempts to combat his mom’s bubbly antics. LOL I totally agree! Not even the almighty genius Naoki can go against his mom, she is of a whole different level! Anyways I was pleasantly surprised by the funny partnership between Sado & Kotoko.  Like Cherry said, they are just hilarious together. I think it’s pretty obvious that Naoki is purposely acting like a perfect gentlemen to Yuko on their date just to infuriate Kotoko. I figured it out the moment their date started, something seemed very fishy about his behavior. Honestly Naoki was really freaking me out on this date because he was totally acting like he was into Yuko by doing nice things for her and being a perfect gentleman. This episode makes me feel bad for Yuko because despite her pointed remarks to Kotoko, she really does like Naoki a lot and yet he is only using her as a tool to make Kotoko jealous. If I were Yuko and I found out that Naoki was only using me I would be pretty pissed off. Points for Yuko for directly asking Naoki what type of girls he likes. It’s moments like these when I like how bold she is. He says that he likes beautiful smart girls but….we all know that’s A LIE! Anyways one of my favorite moments in this episode is when Yuko and Kotoko both fangirl over Naoki, squealing about how cool he is. I thought that it was really cute. :3 I was already in total shock at how Naoki actually knew how to act like a gentlemen, and actually knew what was expected on a normal date. Imagine how much more shocked I was when Naoki coolly fights off Kotoko’s harasser. Remember when Rosie referred to Naoki as a sloth a while back?  Now I always think of him as a sloth, so throughout this fight I was partially thinking “OMG GO NAOKI! HE’S SO COOL!!” and “OMG WHAT THE HECK, THE SLOTH CAN MOVE QUICKLY!?!??! THE SLOTH CAN FIGHT?!?!?” (I know, that was probably just me thinking that O_O) And of course, I love THE EPIC RUNNING AWAY SCENE. THIS IS LIKE A SCENE STRAIGHT OUT OF A SHOUJO MANGA! (OH WAIT..IT IS….) I love how they keep on running even when they don’t need to, of course it is for fanservice so we can all see how Naoki is HOLDING KOTOKO’S HAND. This is the moment when I started chanting at the screen “KISS HER! KISSSS HER! GO NAOKI GO!” As if that wasn’t enough for my shipper heart, Naoki proposes that they go on their own date.  O__________O  WHAT IS THIS I’M HEARING?!  NAOKI IS MAKING IT UP TO KOTOKO. AND FOR THE CLINCHER, Naoki says THANK YOU in his little “I don’t hate you Kotoko!” speech. THANK. YOU. *jaw drops to ground* THIS IS REVOLUTIONARY FOR NAOKI. My only disappointment with this scene is that there was NO KISS. It was the perfect romantic moment for a kiss! Poor Kin was totally left out in this episode. I’m actually glad because he deserves it for eavesdropping on Kotoko, LOL. I mean, I know he’s supposed to be funny but when I saw him using his listening device I was all WHOA THERE! INVASION OF PRIVACY! CROSSING THE LINE! *shakes head* inke08m2 On the other hand, although Kotoko’s besties cannot keep their mouths shut for the life of them, they do have a point when they tell Kotoko that Kin needs to move on. Kotoko has been so wrapped up in Naoki that she hasn't really thought about how Kin needs a gentle push on the shoulder to move on. Even though she is respecting his wish to not give up on her, she is also hurting him by always chasing after Naoki right in front of his eyes. Is this sudden warmth and kindness from Naoki an abnormality or what!?  O_O”  Do you think they’ll go back to the same old same old in the next episode? And what in the world is Naoki up to with his big reveal that he will move out of the house and live on his own AND work at the same café where Yuko works? I’m confused. Previous Mischievous Kiss posts! Read more from the Drama Club on their own blogs: