I'm still spazzing over this double-stalk-date followed by Naoki confessing in his own way, and now it's already Mischievous Kiss day! Woohoo, the lovey-dovey couple looking good in Tokyo♡ And I couldn't agree more with Heisui, that 'confession' scene was definitely a surprise where Naoki talked so much in one go. When did he learn to speak like that? So, my favorite scene is preceded with a bit of a sad turn where Kotoko ran around trying to find Naoki, though we all know there's no way Naoki was going to leave her there. Still, it was sad, Rosie :( Especially when Kotoko stopped looking around and sighed..

ink 8.15

Aww, Kotoko! Fun fact: I noticed she was running around this place in Tokyo called Odaiba. The bridge was kind of a give away, but I couldn't remember the name. It suddenly clicked as I saw a glimpse of the feet of the life-size Gundam. See here. As a Gundam half-enthusiast, I thought that was cool. Fortunately, Naoki made it up with the burger and blurted his heart out in front of her. tumblr_mnduxvln2i1rcw5wno4_250 tumblr_mnduxvln2i1rcw5wno5_500 After the beautiful scene, I laughed so hard when Kotoko suddenly jumped into the conclusion that Naoki wants to marry her, and that that was a proposal. LOL, that was funny. Alright, back to Rosie's theories on Naoki's real personality. I actually liked the first theory on how Naoki's naturally reserved self is due to the yin-yang effect towards his mom's hyper-self. That is until I read the second one: "Naoki is terrified of girls, and can’t figure out how to be honest with them." BAM. This got to be it! As mentioned in one of the previous comments, Naoki does give off that feel of that childish guy in primary school who couldn't be honest with his own feelings, thus he resorts to bullying the girl he likes. For those who misses Kin-chan in this episode, here's what I thought was an amazingly good-looking shot of him.

itakiss 8

And I agree, it's time for him to move on..

On that note, I'm gonna wrap it up with words of wisdom from the very positive Irie-mama:

"If you can kiss by mistake, you can have a date by accident"

Now I'm off to spending 50 more minutes of Mischievous Kiss-- episode 9!

I wonder what this scene is about in the new episode...

itakiss 9 preview

Plus, of course, the moment I've been waiting for all week. Naoki in all black, with a hint that he'd be flaunting his perfect English for his part-time work ;)


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