I actually didn't enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed episode 8.  This might be partly because episode 8 was packed with tons of revolutionary moments. (The confession! Hand-holding! Running through the city together! "THANK YOU" and "I DON'T HATE YOU.")   I feel like for every super spazzy episode that makes progress, there is always another more toned-down episode with a slower pace to even it out.  This episode is one of them. Anyways I enjoyed the first half of the episode because of how Kotoko, Irie-mama, and Naoki's little bro teamed up just to spy on Naoki.  HAHA.  I feel like I have to pay tribute to Irie-mama, she knows EVERYTHING.  She even knows about Yuko!  Nothing can stop her, NOTHING!  I feel like Kotoko is her stalker-in-training because Kotoko totally takes after Irie-mama in her stalking techniques.  Heheh.  I also love how this episode blatantly shows how Irie-mama is the mother of all shippers and the beholder of juicy info.

^This is me when I get up early in the mornings.

Unfortunately even though Kotoko is Irie-mama's pupil, her information network isn't accurate.  NOT ACCURATE AT ALL!  Kotoko jumps to conclusions that Naoki is living with Yuko because she sees them go to Yuko's home when she is out on one of her stalker-missions/stake-outs.  In fact Naoki is only tutoring Yuko's little sister as an extra side-job. I wasn't really feeling this later half of the episode.  My problem with it is that it is all based on a huge misunderstanding that is blown out of proportion.  I don't think this episode was totally wasted (not quite the level of the notorious good-luck-charm episode) but I don't want to see Kotoko walking around like a zombie for half an episode!  Especially when the whole reason she's moping around isn't even true in the first place. Kotoko really needs some friends who can give her better love advice.  T_T""  Junko & Satomi are funny but I just shake my head at their love advice.  They only confirm Kotoko's misconceptions about Naoki's so-called living together with Yuko.  However, they sorta inadvertently solve the issue when they confront Naoki, so I guess it is a good thing they are there to support Kotoko.  It was really sweet to see how much Kotoko's friends care about her and try to cheer her up.  I was really cheering on Junko & Satomi when they stormed Naoki's classroom to give him a good talking to, HAHA. Ok I admit, when I see Yuko & Naoki walking together, they do look good together.  I'm not saying they have great chemistry, but from an outside perspective, I can see why Kotoko thinks that Yuko suits Naoki.  They do look like an ideal couple, no?  I really wonder just what Naoki thinks of Yuko.  Does he view her as a friend?  A comrade?  A pawn?  Does he even view her as a woman?  I mean, considering how much he avoids women like the plague, (as Rosie said in her episode 8 post, Naoki is terrified of women and has no idea how to handle them) it is a miracle that he is comfortable with Yuko. My most favorite scene in this episode is Kin's scene with Kotoko.  Remember how I was freaked out by Kin's eavesdropping on Kotoko in episode 8?  WELL KIN HAS REDEEMED HIMSELF, 100%, with just this one scene that is only a couple minutes long!  Seriously all he has to do is say ONE LINE "I'M RIGHT HERE" and I love him all over again!  HE IS SO SWEET!  Even though he can be just as stalkerish as Kotoko is, and can be very boisterous and borderline ridiculous at times........he knows how to be a really good friend.  At the time when Kotoko is at her lowest, Kin doesn't try to steal the limelight or swoop in to take Naoki's place.  He is really humble and earnest as he tells her that he is always there for her, just to be by her side when she needs it most.  *SNIFF*  I love Kin!  SORRY NAOKI...KIN WON IN THIS EPISODE... ^Irie-mama & Co. are such pro stalkers! So was I the only one that didn't like zombie-Kotoko?  Hopefully some of you guys have a better opinion of this episode! ;)  Were you satisfied to see Naoki going out of his way to clear up this misunderstanding? Previous Mischievous Kiss posts! Stalk the Drama Club on their blogs: