Rating: 6/10 In-a-sentence: Kotoko is broken! Review: In terms of story development, I would give this episode somewhere very close to zero. Since most of the episode is spent dwelling on Kotoko's misunderstanding of the reason Naoki moved out, then focusing on zombie Kotoko for way too long. Then again, as Heisui pointed out, after an episode blasting with revelations, a not-so-hyper episode follows. Yin-yang, huh. In terms of entertainment, I actually quite like episode 9. Who doesn't enjoy the horrible stalking trio? For the past 8 episodes, I haven't been as into Irie-mama as I should be. Well, this episode opened my eyes! SHE IS AWESOME. ink 9 Without her, who knows how long it will take Kotoko to find out where Naoki works. Not only where he works, apparently Irie-mama also knows about Yuko, up to the itsy bitsy details about her. Two thumbs up for that! Moving on to the main focus of the episode, Zombie-Kotoko, yes Rosie, another anti-fan here. I did enjoy the first few minutes of zombie Kotoko. However, when it went on and on with no sign of Kotoko being back to normal, it became painful to watch the overly-dramatic act. I'm having a dilemma choosing which part is my favorite in this episode, so might as well lay out the top 3: 1. Kin-chan Heisui pointed this out very well. By saying, 'I'll be here' to Kotoko, he got my heart. I like how he express his feelings in different ways, like staying by Kotoko's side, making cakes and magnificent feasts for heart-broken Kotoko--heck I even like his desperate stalker action. Kin-chan can be serious and sweet but he still makes me laugh at the same time. Like when he tried to cheer Kotoko up with all the food, but still managed to squeeze in marketing himself, LOL. 2. Jinko and Satomi I find them annoying with all those unison surprised shouts and over-dramatic acting. Please, please, please, don't keep repeating what Kotoko said, don't shout so much. We get the idea! ink 9.4 Thankfully, they made it up with how they went head to head with Naoki! Out of the two, I gotta say Jinko is my favourite, after all she's the one who said this... ink 9.7 BAM.  How's that Naoki?! Which brings me to my next point.. 3. Irie Naoki Or to be precise, as Rosie said, Naoki's growing concern over the dramatic zombie Kotoko. It's very subtle, but I guess after being trained for 8 episodes in picking up Naoki's super sly hints on how he feels about Kotoko, we can now easily point them out. From going to the tennis courts pretending to be practicing, to taking Yuki out to ask how things at the house were going (more like how Kotoko is doing), Mischievous Kiss Preview 09 c aaand going out of his way to explain the misunderstanding to Kotoko.  All those, I conclude, are his ways of showing that he cares for Kotoko. Too bad it needs a zombie to make him realize that. What do you guys think of the episode? Which one is your favourite part? To those who are waiting desperately for the next episode, here's a very good-looking Naoki next to sleeping Kotoko, teehee.

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