Kotoko's hairstyles are too cute! First of all I would like to make a disclaimer.  I am totally clueless about fashion (himono-onna here!).  BUT that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the ~cuteness~ of Kotoko's hairstyles!  I am really impressed by how much effort the stylists put into Kotoko's hairstyles because there is so much variety.  And some fans have found that they are actually really similar to the original manga! In episodes 1-5, Kotoko is mainly in her school uniform, although we also see her in her normal clothes quite often.  But when she's in her school uniform, she needs other ways to show her individuality--through her hair!!!  She totally pulls off all of these hairstyles and it kinda makes me wish I could do that much with my hair.  >_<"  I don't mean this in a bad way, but all of her cute hair ribbons and accessories remind me of the things I used to wear when I was a little kid. O_O The Up-do's I think my favorite type of Kotoko's hairstyle is the up-do.  We see more of these up-do's during her summer break for the hot weather!  Kotoko usually braids her hair and then twists it into a small bun at the back of her head.  You can see she often puts a cute little hair accessory, like the beaded bow barrette (bottom middle pic), on her bun for a nice accent.   Or she even adds in a hairband for a simpler look.  I also like how her wavy side-fringe frames her face really softly. The pig-tails & braids I can't say I'm a huge fan of the pig-tails, but they are still really cute.  I think they make Kotoko look even younger, especially when she adds those adorable ribbons! The headbands If I wore that big lacey bow headband on my head, I'm pretty sure I would not look as cute and loveable as Kotoko does. T_T  Kotoko's bow headbands make her look innocent and adorable.  Her simpler headbands add a touch of color but do not draw much attention to her hair, whereas her textured (I don't know what to call them O_O...the ones in the top right pics) headbands are more interesting.  My favorite one is the creme crocheted headband she wore in episode 5 during the REVENGE KISS. Everything else Kotoko pulls off EVERYTHING.  The big floppy pink bow barrette!  The large white flower hairpin!  The cute bow that she uses to pull her hair to the side!  How does she do it!?!?!?  My favorite out of these hairstyles is the top middle picture.  It is hard to see, but she had a really pretty braid.  (I'm not sure what kind of braid this is O_O) So, does anyone have any other favorite hairstyles?  Anything that caught your eye? [caption id="attachment_161673" align="alignnone" width="600"]Kotoko's hairstyles as compared to the manga (cr: to owner) Kotoko's hairstyles as compared to the manga (cr: to owner)[/caption] Read the previous Drama Club Series for MK Episode 5! Drama Club – Mischievous Kiss: Episode 5 Find the Drama Club on their own drama blogs!