As we enter the final quarter of Modern Farmer we get some serious progress in the romance department, Handooroki hosts a charmingly normal family, and Min Ho confronts his father. Join Wendilynn, Aunnie, and Taleena for episode 16.

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The Romances of In Ki and Uncle Cutie

Aunnie: Watching In Ki and Ms. Blabbermouth fall for each other has been an absolute delight. For someone who is as obnoxious as she is, I love whenever she turns on the charm and her voice gets a little softer and she becomes a little more demure. It’d be nice if she was like that all the time so I’m totally for those two. Mi Young and Lush Uncle . . . I’ll give him kudos for getting straight to the point but damn, could he have picked a worse time to make that confession?

Taleena: For every time a K Drama has ridiculous and convoluted reasons to string out a love story, every time confessions of love have gotten cut off because they beat around the bush, every time the romantic pair talks with their eyes (ahem The King’s Face) and not their mouths, and you want to beat your head against the wall, we should watch Modern Farmer. Boy howdy! for an over the top, silly romp have they figured out how to have romantic tension, as well as people talking like real people with real feelings. I was so, so, so happy that EVERY single person used their words! No, it didn’t make the problems change, but it didn’t create false problems either.

Wendilynn: I’m with Aunnie, I think watching In Ki and Gossip lady fall for each other has been a hoot. Of course all the movie soundtracks at each encounter has been hilarious. I however, just want to strangle Lush Uncle. He drives me bonkers because he hasn’t been clear up to this point. Its always mixed messages. It was nice to see him be strong in front of his mom even if he picked the WORST time ever. lol


Han Chul’s Wish and Romance

Taleena: Did I say that Han Chul had zero game? I stand corrected. Obviously Muralist has a soft spot for tenderhearted sad sacks - I just about whooped when he fell on the road - and her Bar Owning Unni sees it a mile away. Dear Drama, please make Han Chul’s cancer a big misunderstanding, thanks Taleena

Aunnie: Hallelujah, 'tis the season to be Jolly . . . fa lala lala, la la la la YES! Some progress! Took way longer than necessary but watching them together this week was not nearly as painful as it has been in the past. That being said . . .when are the writer’s planning on confronting the issue with his cancer? When is everyone going to find out? I’d rather it be sooner than later (even though it’s late enough already!)

Wendilynn: Oh he still has no game, but getting her clothes made and selling them was certainly a big win in the sincerity department. I loved how he melted on the road after that kiss. Awwwwww.


Min Ho and his dad

Aunnie: If we took the question of how he even got a bus ticket out of the equation, and the fact that I could totally see a kid traveling alone by bus (as long as it was a one way, no stopping trip, in light of the fact that a parent could have got him on the bus with the expectation that someone would pick him up) BUT where in the “human decency” handbook does it say that a kid admitting he’s travelling alone in Seoul merit a “huh” look (referring to the man Min Ho asked for directions from). Pretty sure I would respond with “Ah, I see. Before you go to the recital, let’s look for the nearest police station”.

Taleena: You know you are watching a Korean Drama when the incidental adults don’t flip out over a seven year old kid going to, and tooling around, Seoul all on his own. In the U.S. that would make the evening news with helicopters and talking heads psycho analysing every party involved. That being said, I can’t help but contrast Modern Farmer’s portrayal of a single mom, scratch that, an unwed, single mom with that of The Greatest Marriage. Modern Farmer is an over the top cartoony comedy that manages to portray a more realistic set of characters than the so called realism of Greatest Marriage. Maybe it is because Modern Farmer is more concerned with telling a story than creating a polemic about cultural norms.

Wendilynn: Modern Farmer isn’t busy gender hating like Greatest Marriage. Its just telling a solid story about caring people who just have some less than ideal circumstances. My heart went out to Min Ho in this episode. I also felt a little sorry for his dad because he didn’t know. He’s never known and to have that happen to you would weird you out a little. I just wanted to hug Min Ho and letting him know it would be all okay.


Min Ki, Yoon Hee, Hyuk, and Yoon Na

Aunnie: Enjoy your moment Hyuk, because it’s nothing but pain from here on out. Min Ki has realized his feelings, and now nothing is going to stop your SLS Train of Doom from plunging straight off the mountain of despair. You have my sympathy. However, I am glad he has this one, singular moment to enjoy being the person she needs.

Taleena: Sweet cheese and crackers! I have been bracing myself for the inevitable heartbreak of the SLS, but maybe just /maybe/ Modern Farmer is the show to break the SLS curse! The love story between the four players is more equal than any I’ve seen yet in drama land, they use their words, they follow up with actions. It’s like they are real adults! Everyone’s actions are grounded in real character motivators. Don’t break my heart show. It makes me want to cry. Speaking of crying, criminitly! Lee Ha Nui was crying convincingly and Min Woo’s eyes got that genuine red rimmed crying look. Waaaaah!

Wendilynn: It was so nice to see Hyuk not act like a little kid in this episode. Yay! I agree with Taleena, the playing field is insanely fair. Noona could go either way now that she is letting go of Min Ki. I’m also wanting her to be with Hyuk. It was so nice to see her lean on Hyuk to cry and be comforted. And now its Min Ki’s turn to look on enviously. I thought the juxtaposition of this scene against the earlier one where positions were switched an interesting choice by the director. 

What do you think Drama Fans? Will Modern Farmer break all SLS expectations? Will Han Chul get a reprieve from cancer? And when, WHEN are they going to find the money in Min Ki's field (where we knew it was all along)?

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