Our boys have been molested by Grandmas and beaten up by gangsters. Is there nothing they will not experience so that they can finally get the weeds under control and grow their cabbages? The hi jinks in this town just keep us in stitches or tears.Taleena, Aunnie and I  talk about the moments that stuck with us. 

Bring Dad to School Day

Min Ho and Min Goog are having a hard time as this event approaches. Min Ho doesn’t want to upset his mom and Min Goog is embarrassed by his parents.

Taleena: This was a poignant storyline as it contrasted Min Goog’s less serious problem, embarrassing parents, with Min Ho’s deeper issue - shielding his mom from heartache. You should not have to be shielding your mom from that sort of heartache at 7 or 8, and it is indicative of Min Ki’s often obscured depths that he was able to elicit the real reason from Min Ho. Yoon Hee and Diana both in tears over their inability to save their child from hurts major and minor brought a real symmetry to the storyline. All that being said, it delivered some very funny beats. The boys once again break obvious news to a villager - Man Goo looks older than he is. “32. OK 59. Hey I shaved off 6 years to make you feel better!” The reveal that the salon (all the way out in the boonies) was trying to make Man Goo look like Soo Hyun from My Love From the Star. “Now you look like my CRAZY Grandpa!”

Aunnie: This show blends humor and sadness very well. We saw it first when Min Ho came home after being bullied and we’re seeing it again now. I’m actually kind of glad that the foreign mom is serving a purpose (other than appeasing my immense enjoyment of watching her fluently speak a language clearly not her own) rather than just that random side character. I will definitely enjoy seeing how they approach that subject. As far as Man Goo looking older than he really is . . . pure comic awesomeness. I kept whispering “If you just pat it down a little bit, it won’t be so bad!” Instead, he looked like a deranged cockatoo and it was awesome.

Wendilynn: I wasn’t expecting to like Man Goo and he’s just proven himself to be all sorts of comic and emotional awesomeness. I thought “deranged rooster” myself when he showed up in that haircut. I’m also glad that there is more to the foreign wife then “of course, in this weird town, the ugliest man would have a hot foreign wife” . All three of those children have a hardship they are facing. And the seriousness of their struggles are not trivialized in the humor that shows up as the adults try to deal with them. I was moved by Min ho’s concern, not that he didn’t have a dad, but that it made his mom feel sad that he didn’t have a dad. You just want to scoop that little boy up and hug him for all he’s worth.

Gangster Drama

which leads to too many gangster stories in this show. Could they be connected somehow or just wild coincidence?

Taleena: Theory Time! Aren’t you excited?! I love making wild guesses that turn out to be nothing and then sometimes are actually true. Picture this: the slush fund money that Muralist is looking for was siphoned by the Chairman that backstabbed the boys and is currently blackmailing Yoon Ha. The guy in the hospital stole stolen money, sure we could believe his drunken braggadocio to a Bar Hostess or we can make up our OWN crazy theory. And YES Gangster Dude scaring Min Ki, you did recognize Mute Dad. It’s just that you can’t place him without his awesome flowing locks. Which brings us to.....

Aunnie: Oh . . .Dear God. I kept telling myself “It’s just a kdrama, it’s just a kdrama” because could they LOOK any more suspicious? Jeepers! It is not that hard to lie, people. Well, not that I should admit to something like that, but dang . . . Then Han Chul took the punishment for her . . . again . . . Is this man eligible for a Sainthood nomination yet? If not, he should be!

Wendilynn: I know, they might as well have put up a red neon sign. Hey, we’re the ones you’re looking for...ding ding ding!

The Secret of Min Ki's Guitar and other music stuff 

We expected him, we just didn't expect that HAIR!

Taleena: Crazy Theory #2 (this episode) Mute Dad is Gangster Dude’s brother (or ex band member) and Hallyu’s real dad. This is the REAL reason Mute Dad is against Hallyu’s show. If Hallyu becomes famous (especially connected with music) her identity will no longer stay hidden. He has hidden her since she was one year old. He gave up his beloved guitar for her. He chopped off his luxurious hair for her. His tongue was cut out because he would not give up her hiding place. Mute Dad has depths heretofore unknown to us all.

Aunnie: I laughed so hard I had to run towards the bathroom in fear that I’d lose all sense of control. I knew who it was going to be but I did not expect the hair-swoosh. Aside from that, I think it’s a really cool connection between Mute Dad and Min Ki. I can’t wait for Min Ki to find out who the guitar originally belonged too. Also, Taleena, the fact that you offer up a cut tongue for Mute Dad’s inability to speak is interesting. I hope we get an explanation for that.

Wendilynn: I also laughed at the hair swoosh. Mute Dad knows who has his guitar and he doesn’t seem to like it one bit. As for Taleena’s book of theories….she’s rather brilliant at these isn't she?

All Romance All the Time

From relays to babysitting there are hearts blooming or breaking in every direction.

Taleena: No, no, NO! Hyuk do not stand there with a devastated look on your face as Min Ki comforts your girl! That is classic SLS behavior! Break free of the SLS curse Hyuk! I know you can!

Aunnie: Hahaha, you can’t break the curse! No one can break the curse . . . Did we learn nothing from I Miss You. You try to break up something that’s destined to be and you’ll find yourself in a mental hospital trying to erase the memories of days past. However, something needs to be done to break Yoon Hee from her crush and to see Kang Hyuk as someone worthy of being loved. Or better yet, he just walk away and let Min Ki do what was natural for him and tomorrow, try and tell Yoon Hee that you like her again.

Wendilynn: Kang Hyuk needs to tell Min Ki that he likes Noona. Min Ki isn’t in love with her yet and will happily help Kang Hyuk if he would just say something. Its not too late. I did like the helpless laughter Min Ki had for when he found out why he’d been in the doghouse with Noona. I never really have understood blaming someone for something that they never knew about in the first place. He handled it well, though.

And the Rest…… was there anything that really got to you this episode?

Taleena: If there is one Universal Law of Really Bad Cooks it is that they keep trying. I had to run for the bathroom to not wet myself I was laughing so hard at the Ramen Pops. I could be that my kids went through a phase of making popsicles out of EVERYTHING in those popsicle makers. Some was pleasant - yogurt. Some was not - chicken noodle soup. The experience is vivid. Two burning questions: Just what did Uncle Cutie try to pass off as swelling? Can someone other than my dirty mind fill me in? And how are Gossipy Ahjummah’s eyebrows miraculously back to normal?

Aunnie: I actually gagged just thinking about that atrocity--Ramen Pops just sounds morbidly disgusting. I love that when Man Goo was taken out of the relay and he tried to get Uncle Cutie to do it instead that Min Ki purposely tried to avoid eye contact even though he knew he was stuck. His facial expressions crack me up. Lee Hong Ki, never stop being so awesome.

Wendilynn: I gagged a little the minute they said ramen pops. She really is brilliant because it takes skill to top that octopus kimbap. lol

What's up for these boys next week?  Only the cabbage gods know.  Will Kang Hyuk stop hiding in the shadows to lay claim to Yoon Hee's heart before Min Ki does?  Will the gangsters find Murial girl and Han Chul or take Min Ki away for surgery?   Join us next week and leave your predictions or comments below. 

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