Yup that's about how we feel about this episode too! Welcome back Farmers! This episode was two-parts sad and one-part awesome even if it left a little ache in our hearts to laugh. A lot of surprises were revealed so let's get to discussing it. Join Taleena, Wendilynn and I as we move around picking up the pieces of our hearts off the floor and carry on like Min Ki. 

Handoorokri got some newcomers this episode! Just your friendly neighborhood Gangster growing cabbages and extorting money . . . you know, just the kind of thing you'd expect in this less-than-normal village . . . 

Taleena: It’s hard to look tough when you are wearing an ahjummah sun hat. The one guy, shall we call him Stoner Thug because he is always snacking?, kept looking at his trowel like it was some alien technology. I laughed and laughed at Min Ki acting as if he was a Farming Master like Man Goo with knowledge that was all of, what, 48 hours old?

Wendilynn: This made me laugh. They want to what?!! And then Min Ki comes off as all mr. know it all about how to save the plants. Yeah, you tell the guy who wants to sell your organs that you know it all… go ahead… we’re waiting. uh huh.

Aunnie: That scene was so perfectly Min Ki that I just sat back and enjoyed it. As much as I enjoyed Min Ki puffing out his chest, I loved that the Head Gangster ask if Min Ki wasn’t being a little too arrogant. He was totally falling into Min Ki’s charms and then wha-bam confucianism kicks in again.

Just like a gangster to be only concerned with themselves . . . What’s a dead wife and a new born baby when compared to becoming a cab/truck driver and an extorting gangster. Really, there is no comparison.

 Taleena: Was I the only one to see the parallels between In Ki and Min Ki, Seol Chul and Han Chul? Now taking bets that gangster dude is going to retire to the country to raise crops at the end? I’ve got 5 whole dollars......

Wendilynn: Dad speaks! I was so touched by Dad and daughter as they came to grips with their tragic past. I think his band mates would have been understanding if he had just said what happened. Or wrote a note… sent a telegram.. you know, something. Instead he just disappeared. What were they supposed to think? At least gangster dude knows he’s slime.

Aunnie: I noticed the In Ki/Min Ki similarity but totally missed the Han Chul/Seol Chul names. Theory time!! We ready? Okay, my theory is that once Yoo Na’s secret--relationship?--thing she’s going on with the chairman comes to light, and Min Ki loses his mind all over Handoorokri that Mute Dad is going to give him some words of advice against what NOT to do and thereby save Excellent Souls from imploding on each other! Go Shawty, it’s your birth--I mean, maybe, yeah . . . that’s totally possible, right? I was also very appreciative of the scene between Mute Dad and Hallyu Wannabe. 

If this wasn't painful enough . . . 

Kang Hyuk takes his Noona on a spontaneous outing in order to get her mind off of her Min Ki problem. Nothing cures ails like raw fish and soju . . . lots of soju.Kang Hyuk takes his Noona on a spontaneous outing in order to get her mind off of her Min Ki problem. Nothing cures ails like raw fish and soju . . . lots of soju.

Kang Hyuk takes his Noona on a spontaneous outing in order to get her mind off of her Min Ki problem. Nothing cures ails like raw fish and soju . . . lots of soju.

Taleena: Oh dear! I am shipping Yoon Hee and Hyuk, and I totally get him wanting to be the one that gives her a break from her cares and make her smile, but you do not make uber responsible women like Yoon Hee miss an obligation - especially one that had a lot of significance to her son. All those hard won moments were undercut by missing the school day. My heart ached for Hyuk as he explained his own parents, in soju veritas as they say.

Wendilynn: I really wish this didn’t feel like Oliver asking for more porridge from the cook. “Pleaase, can I have your affection?” I love that he wants to take care of her, but he needs to change his tactics. He’s coming across as the naughty little boy, NOT as a naughty sexy man. Little boys have to be helpful, not causing problems. Of course, I had to laugh when he realized how much trouble he was causing, he stopped pretending he couldn’t drive. If he knew how, /WHY/ did he cause the accident in that other episode that cost them so much money? There are other ways to make his aims work.

Aunnie: *facepalm* Hyuk, darling. Now, I understand I see you as a little brother, thanks to Flower Boy Ramen Shop, but that’s not quite what you’re looking for here. Or maybe it is, maybe he only thinks he’s got a crush on her when all he really wants his motherly--but your “You don’t play fair” moment with Min Ki doesn’t make me think so. His confession about his parents was gratifying in one aspect because we finally found out, but it’s worse than I was hoping it’d be--we’re in for some serious hurt with this character. Darnit anyway. 

And just when we think Kang Hyuk is making some headway, Min Ki comes swooping in and steals Hyuk’s fighting chance. We knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. First comes love, then comes resentment . . . that’s the saying isn’t it? Is our bromance at an end?

Taleena: *banging head on desk*I wonder if the break in Min Ki and Hyuk’s relationship as bandmates is affecting Hyuk’s ability to be completely straightforward with Min Ki. Honestly, I can’t see another reason why Hyuk isn’t being more forthright about his interest in Yoon Hee. Their band’s break up has got to be big and messy and snarly because these guys are obviously tight otherwise.

Wendilynn: JUST TELL HIM!!!! Come on, just tell MIn Ki that you like her and he will let you be the hero.

Aunnie: THANK you Wendilynn! Jeepers! 1) Min Ki doesn’t even WANT her so why he doesn’t just confess, if only to his friends, that he’s Yoon Hee, I haven’t the slightest idea! 2) Knowing Min Ki’s character and his deeply embedded habit of taking care of his members--he’s done it repeatedly throughout these episodes--he’d probably come up with several ways to make Yoon Hee see Kang Hyuk as a possible love interest. BUT that being said . . . knowing kdramas having Min Ki try and get Yoon Hee and Kang Hyuk together would probably only make Min Ki discover his past love with Yoon Hee. Kdramas love to backfire.

On a lighter note . . . 

Here to brighten your mood is a cute kid openly showing love to a mother he turned his back on only a week ago. Bring Your Father to School Day was a huge success however. Well . . . for everyone but Eun Woo, I suppose.

Taleena: Makgeolli-latte - OOOF! that’s gotta hurt. Uncle Cutie tried his best, but he really has got some poor knee jerk impulses there. Nice to see Man Goo embrace the differentness and the Min Goo understanding the different does not equal bad. Aw! I have got to learn to say “I love you” on Uzbek now.

Aunnie: Actually, a Makgeo-latte sounds like it would be good. It’s like cream in your coffee. Like Irish coffee only Korean Keupi (<insert hangul here>). Man Goo/Min Goo/Uzbekistan’s story closed out as perfectly as I’d secretly hoped. I felt so bad for the Mom and Man Goo even as I understood Min Goo’s trepidation. (Kudos to Man Goo for legitimately knowing how to say “I love You” in Uzbek without hesitating. This character continuously surprises me. 

Wendilynn: I felt for the little girl, but Uncle Cutie had his heart in the right place.  He just needs to stop being a drunk.  As for Man Goo and Diane, I thought their scene was adorable. And I loved how he made his wife being different fun and cool for their son. 

You know what they say about Karma . . . You said it, not us. Did Mi Young’s little crying jag pull on anyone else’s hearts or am I the only heartless one?

Taleena: At least everyone involved understands that this is a bad idea. The “Dum..dum, dum DUM dum” music made me laugh my head off though. I feel bad for Mi Young. She made a mistake as a young stupid kid away from home for the first time. Her job fell apart, her marriage fell apart, her dad has Alzheimers, her kid is a brat, and the only place she can go is her tiny home town. Everyone resents her there, except the guy she probably still loves but she hurt him and feels guilty and sad when she sees him. Yup. I feel bad for her.

Aunnie: Jeez Taleena, make us all feel bad for not liking her. I wanted to continue hatin’ on her character but noooo, you just went and popped that helium balloon of funny voices. Now I have to begrudgingly accept that she’s human and therefore capable of mistakes . . . so much better when she was just a fake character on a page. 

Wendilynn: I also find I have no patience with her. Although, the hell of having a husband who was probably flaunting his affairs to her so she’d leave is a pretty awful thing to go through. Watching them try to hide from Gossip Ajumma was pretty funny though.

Uh-oh, you’s in trouble now . . .Tra-tra-trouble maker . . . oh wait. This isn’t quite as awesome as Trouble Maker. Well, she wanted to get out of the business, here is her chance? 

Taleena: Precipitating the next plot point: Min Ki founds out what really happened. Screwing up all my shipps in 5...4...3...2...1...

Wendilynn: Maybe she can now finally get out of the clutches of her corrupt CEO?

Aunnie: Episode 12 out of 20, just in time for Second Lead Female to come and mess up everything. Awe-some. Bring on the pain Modern Farmer . . . I’ve faced many a-foe before you. I will not be defeated.

Dangerous Territory. No one forgets their first love . . . 

 Taleena: Look, I am not saying forget your first love, I’m saying laugh and mention off hand, “You are like a real sister to me Noona. My friend Hyuk is madly in love with you. You should fall in love with him. it would make an American blogger ridiculously happy.” Red Headed Peter from the first grade? Yeah, I named a guinea pig after you (Side note - Sorry Mom, I didn’t name that guinea pig after the Apostle Peter. I am confessing on the Internet 33 years later. It’s all been a lie. Just before Thanksgiving too, I guess I have provided the topic for the dinner table!) but I don’t have an obligation to you. I don’t know what happened to you Peter (not the guinea pig) but I hope you are living a full and happy life. You were a fine kisser, and I didn’t give you cooties no matter what Jimmy said.

Wendilynn: I have a first love but I feel no sense of responsibility to him. lol This just proves that Min Ki has a good heart inside. But make no mistake, right now, Idol chick is the woman of his heart and has been for many a year. Noona, there is a man who is wanting your attention and available. Keep your eyes open.

Aunnie: I think it’s a Korean Thing . . . because I still know my first love and while I feel a small affection for him for being such a sweetheart after all these years, I don’t feel like I owe him anything. I just really, really really, hope that The Kdrama Gods *looks towards the heavens* realizes just how much I hope that Yoon Hee will turn around and see Hyuk for who he is. A confused lost boy who sincerely wants to grow to be your man--who has a pathological need to save someone like his mom. 

Where does this leave our little happy village of Handoorokri?  What do you think of the Kang Hyuk/Yoon Hee pairing? Or would you rather see Yoon Hee with Min Ki? Where would that leave Yoo Na? Did this episode change your opinion of Min Young? Or are you undecided on her? Let us know in the comments and we'll see you  for Episode 12!

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