This little piggy went to market.  This little piggy threw out their back and stayed home.  This little piggy had burned grasshoppers and this little piggy had nothing but harassment from her jealous non-boyfriend.  And this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way to sleeping with his ex. Join Taleena, Aunnie and I as we discuss our agreement with Min Ki that there isn't a single moment of normalcy in this town. (How boring that would be.)

King of mixed signals

Ki Joon can’t make up his mind if he likes Bool Ja or hates her.. but watching him be jealous is a good laugh. What out for those “imagination sequences”

Aunnie: He just hates that he loves her. His scene of being jealous were pretty great and that confession . . . well, it was a little tactless but it got the point across. Nothing like shouting “I like you and how dare you not know that” into an unsuspecting face to really make the love bloom.

Taleena: Nothing like a little competition to clarify the mind. The best was the soda cans and his maniacal laughter after every. single. revenge fantasy.

Wendilynn:  He was cracking me up in these scenes.  He doesn't want to like her, but darn it if she dares like anyone else.  LOL!  I laughed so hard when he pushed their faces into the noodles and then was shocked that it was real. However, you can't tell a girl not to smile at other men and then act like you hate her. Just doesn't work.  lol 

It was a mistake…..again.

I’ve heard that doing things in open places is exciting, but the town hang out center is probably taking it a bit far when you don’t want anyone to know.

Aunnie: Yeah . . . I’m . . . just going to go with them being stupid is a normal thing for them. I can’t wait until they stop acting like lust-filled teenagers and actually have . . .oh I don’t know . . . a conversation!! I just want Lush Uncle to look her straight in the face and ask “What happened that day?”

Taleena: When Man Goo, who is not the sharpest in the whole social awareness arena, say, “Do you think drinking together just the two of you is a good idea?” it should shock you into sober reflection. As a side note: those green onion pancakes they were eating at the drinking table are Amazingly Tasty.

Wendilynn: Maybe they should cut down on the amount of rouge on their faces first?  These two just need to sit down and hash it out.  This guilty 16 year old act is starting to get old. 

Maybe she just doesn’t like boys?

Mural Girl’s boss crashes at her pad now that she knows the secret. Han Chul however, makes a wrong assumption when he overhears something he doesn’t understand.

Aunnie: That was just pure funny. I, for whatever reason, really like the sister. I’m glad she’s in the town and I hope that maybe there will be a romantic prospect for her as well but I doubt it. Or maybe she’ll be there to help guide her ridiculous sister into seeing Han Chul for who he really is . . . a creepy sweetheart!

Taleena: To be fair to Han Chul, the Sad Sack, his totally mean friends jested about Muralist being a lesbian, not understanding that Han Chul has ZERO game. ZERO. But the dum dum DUM music stings, coupled with every single misconstrued word or action, up to and including the “kiss” with the foot in the air had me rolling with laughter. Bonus! We found out where Muralist is stashing all those sweet potatoes.

Wendilynn:  He doesn't just have zero game, its in the negative. lol  I have a hard time remembering he's supposed to be dying of cancer because his scenes are just over the top hilarious. 

He talks Mikey, He talks!

In Ki has put his demons to rest with his daughter and comes back to the town a nicer version of himself. The town however is in shock. Gossip Ajumma is more than a little shocked, however.

Aunnie: Not gonna lie, if a man in the village hadn’t done anything more than neanderthal grunts for over a decade and suddenly he started talking again, I’d be a little more than shocked. I’d be testing the water for experimental drugs. Maybe I’m just paranoid. However, watching those two go through the transformation that they went through was really very bittersweet. I like that in between the humor, this show has really deep meaningful scenes.

Taleena: So In Ki’s muteness was psychological. Huh. How about that. With the whole gangster angle I really thought it would be something more . . .dramatic.

Wendilynn: I'm also a little weirded out by the nice version of this character.  He's all calm and sane.  Its spooky. 

Min Ki brings home a girl

Yoo Na proves herself to be a helpful visitor as Noona deals with a thrown out back. Hyuk however is less than pleased that she is there and things flare up between Min Ki and Hyuk. What happened 8 years ago, anyway?

Aunnie: No. Honestly, as much as I wanted Min Ki to get together with Yoo Na, I found her . . . weird. Who scratches someone’s foot like that? It was weird. That being said, if she keeps Min Ki away from Yoon Hee, I’m all for it. I’m waiting for this secret to reveal itself and hope it’s worth the wait because if it ends up being a really stupid reason, I’ll be really disappointed.

Taleena: Well it took a whole episode for things to start boiling to the surface but I bet we will get to the bottom of it next time. We are halfway through. I find it pleasing that Hyuk is more concerned with Min Ki not being taken advantage of than the precariousness of his own romantic prospects.

Wendilynn: I was glad that she proved to be a decent sort of person who was helpful and capable because I didn't have a good opinion of her up to this point.  However, that bathroom scene had me rolling.  As one who has been in that position, watching her crawl with the traditional music playing in the sides hurt.  I really hope we find out what the problem is this next episode.  Hyuk doesn't dislike people for no reason and the fact that he doesn't like Yoo Na says that whatever the problem is will hurt Min Ki a lot. We got an inkling this episode, but considering how deep this show can get, there will be layers there. Anyone else get the feeling that what Hyuk did 8 years ago was to protect the band even if it did break them up? 

Are we about to learn Yoo Na's secret and what will Min Ki do when he finds out?  Now that mute Dad is talking will the history of Min Ki's guitar come to light? Will Uncle Cutie ever have a normal conversation with his ex?  Let us know what you thought of these episodes and what you want to see happen next week?

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