Hello Farmers! It's time or another episodes filled to the brim with hilarious antics but slowly our good-humored story is turning into something a little more serious as Min Ki reveals how he truly feels about Yoon Hee, and Han Chul finally makes some headway in wooing his artistic strumpet. Join Taleena, Wendilynn and I as we discuss episode 13 of Modern Farmer

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Before we get into the serious stuff, let's check up on the cabbage!

Snail Genocide, get your Snail Genocide here!

Taleena: I am SO disappointed! I felt for sure that Man Goo would introduce the boys to the Handooroki version of escargot. 

Aunnie: I honestly thought that Man Goo would say something along the lines of “Lunch . . . has arrived.” Or something equally mind-boggling.

Wendilyn: I on the other hand laughed my butt off. I wasn’t expecting food, although I will admit the idea did cross my mind later on. What got me is how they all coo-ed and got all silly cute over the “little snails” and then to watch them all slightly die inside as they had to kill them by hand. Whatever happened to putting them in a bucket and pouring in salt?

Aunnie: Not going to lie, I had hoped Ki Joon or Hyuk would come up with a plan to save the poor snails but, it wasn't meant to be. And as much as I felt like “Damn, can’t they just get a break?” I’m really liking the realism.

Taleena: I will admit I laughed and laughed each time the boys winced and crunched the shells. It was a massacre of Garys. 

Despite the snails, the cabbage is growing decently well, it's  shock that the boys have been able to accomplish this much considering how haphazard their original plan was! Mute Dad's apples however . . . are a different story. 

Yoon Hee comes up with a plan to sell the apples . . . but a little singing is required!

Aunnie: Pure Gold. Each and every one of those auditions was hysterical. I half expected either Man Goo or Almond Joy Grandpa to be really good at singing. 

Taleena: Once again my expectations were crushed in that I expected In Ki and Gangster dude to team up with the EXO boys to save the day. I greatly enjoyed Ki Joon and Hyuk trying to explain to Man Goo why he was so awful. “you allowed your passion to overwhelm you.” Uh yeeeaaah that’s one way of putting it. 

Wendilynn: I have to hand it to this director, he knows how to pull out the comedic gold from his actors. Watching this town be every version of the worst auditions on any music show and then the guys acting like Simon was hilarious. 

Taleena: Kimbap Auntie with her little pink, fluffy hair donut. It just got better and better, culminating in Ki Joon’s startled look of delight and arm waves as Hallyu Girl actually has talent.

Aunnie: Oh my god, Kimpab Auntie had me rolling with laughter, she looked devastated and her way of going “Honey . . . “ priceless. 

Wendilynn: I was also surprised Mute Dad didn’t show up because he did raise his hand in the previous scene where they were asked who was confident in their singing skills. So I was expecting him to be there. However, I was delighted with Idol girl. I like that actress and it was nice to know she has pipes too.

Although Hallyu Wannabe won the singing audition, a small break dancing mishap landed Yoon Hee with the singing job!

Aunnie: I felt like it was leading up to the boys and quite possibly Mute Dad getting into the competition so I wasn’t expecting Yoon Hee to be the one singing but it was an interesting turn of events. Tell me again, why haven’t these boys turned in their registration papers? lol

Wendilynn: I have no idea, Aunnie, but I also was not expecting Noona to be our voice.

Taleena: Proving once again that Hyuk hasn’t yet mastered the divide between helpful and annoying. I am glad that he allowed Yoon Hee to shine for a minute, but at the same time putting her on the spot could have turned out poorly in his romance plan.

However, Yoon Hee's stardom doesn't glow for very long before it's broken by the evil "Wrong Place at the Wrong Time" and she overhears Min Ki adamantly refuse any romantic feelings towards her. 

Wendilynn: I was so hoping Min Ki wasn’t going to be cruel, and was glad that he was frank but not condescending or rude. Noona needs to learn to not hope on Min Ki and give Hyuk a chance. 

Aunnie: As much was i was going “Ouch” on Yoon Hee’s behalf, I’m hoping this will give Hyuk the chance he needs to ease his way into Yoon Hee’s eyesight because the Min Ki Blinder’s she has had on for the last couple of weeks need to be dropped. 

Taleena: Min Ki is obtuse but his overheard conversation with Yoon Ha ought to put paid to Yoon Hee’s flicker of hope that Min Ki feels anything but his propensity to white knight his way through life. Or it would but this is a K drama and my heart has been crushed by SLS too often to fully hope.

Just as one heart is crushed, another blossoms . . . is there any hope for Han Chul / Seo Yoon or Lush Uncle / Mi Young? 

Taleena: I fully expect Han Chul to Sad Sack his way into the stolen money looking for sweet potatoes for the Muralist. And if they DO ever hook up he will be SO grateful and slavish she will realise she can rule that roost forever.

Aunnie: Well, Han Chul has come this far. I wasn’t even surprised when he fell and ripped open his pants. I laughed, but honestly just like Man Goo, nothing would surprise me at this point for these two.

Wendilynn: I’m ambivalent about these two relationships. I liked that Mi Young was the grown up because until Lush Uncle grows a pair and decides to be a brave man she won’t get anywhere with him. Han Chul’s situation is just getting old. 

Aunnie: I’m still indifferent to Mi Young and Lush Uncle---other than the fact that I don’t like Mi Young, that is.

Taleena: Mi Young got nothing but my respect this week. If she didn’t truly care about Uncle Cutie she would cling to him like a leech, but she cares enough about him, his mom and his community ties to give them some room. Hallelujah!

So what did you think of episode 13? Were you upset by Min Ki's words about Yoon Hee? Do you think this will give Hyuk the advantage he needs? Did you enjoy the auditions? Which audition was your favorite? Let us know in the comments and we'll see you back here for episode 14!

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