Welcome Farmers. It's winter in Handoorokri and our boys find their cabbage under a layer of snow. Yoon Hee has to struggle with everyone finding out about Min Ho’s Dad, and Min Ki can’t figure out why that bugs him so much. Joon Ki, however, finds out that he absolutely LOVES the cold and that the Kdrama gods don’t actually hate him. Join Aunnie, Taleena and me, Wendilynn, as we laugh our way through another episode of Modern Farmer.

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Choices are made

Little brother spills the beans that Sperm Donor made a visit to see Noona but doesn’t know about Min Ho. Everyone is worried about them but tries to keep it from Min Ho. Unfortunately, Min Ho overhears Hyuk and his Mom talking.

Taleena: I am glad that Min Ho’s Dad didn’t just abandon him, BUT he would have abandoned a grade school brother to the tender mercies of strangers. I can see how Yoon Hee’s brother would feel like it is his fault, and I see why Yoon Hee never told her Ex about Min Ho. Honestly, if she had told him she was pregnant I could see this guy taking off for his tour without leaving Yoon Hee with the paper thin illusion that staying was her choice on some level.

Aunnie: Honestly, I expected Sperm Donor to be more . . . douchie than he was and it kind of make me feel for the guy. Poor guy is going to be blindsided when he realizes he has an 8 year old son.

Wendilynn: I tell ya what, I see red a little when I run into characters who can ditch someone just because they aren’t a blood relative. Especially when its a child. While he does seem to be a nicer guy than what we were expecting, it wouldn't have surprised me if he would have wanted Yoon Hee to abort so that their futures wouldn’t be in jeopardy. I totally understand why she said nothing. She knew where he was going, its not like he just disappeared.

The dog prefers a C cup.

Hanchul’s dog keeps showing up with money in his mouth. This gets Mural girl and her friend thinking he knows where the buried money is. They dig up all sort of things while following him. In the end they find out he’s stealing their money from their coat. Or is he?

Taleena: I get the feeling that the Muralist is getting a soft spot for Han Chul, even though she is TOTALLY manipulating him. She seemed less disgusted and more amused by his slavish ways. As for the dog, I am glad we haven’t seen the last of him. He’s a super cute dog.

Aunnie: I love that they keep referencing the dog being as much of a pervert as his owner. But I don’t like that Seo Yoon was only nice to Han Chul because of his dog. Maybe she’ll fall for him if he stops being so flippin’ nice to her. Dear Kdrama Gods, please stop letting Han Chul be so nice to her.

Wendilynn: She totally doesn’t deserve all the care that she gets from him. I laughed when that dog kept digging up all that random stuff, serves them right. I agree that she is softening. You just cannot keep a stone defense against that much constant care and adoration.

Revenge is a dish best served Frozen.

Gossip Ahjummah finds herself locked in the fridge with In Ki. Her warm tears keep his gentle heart from freezing while “Let it Go” plays in the background. Joon Ki finds himself not only her unintentional rescuer, but in a position for some serious payback. *evil chuckles*

Taleena: I burnt out on “Let It Go” a long time ago, but it was a perfect counterpoint to the storybook parallel with Gossipy Ahjummah weeping to awake In Ki from his “deathly sleep”. The only thing that would have been funnier is if they had done a Titanic parody with Celene Dion belting “My Heart Will Go On” in the back ground. I laughed so hard when her eyes practically pop from her head as In Ki does martial art katas to keep warm.

Aunnie: Ah Yes, sweet sweet revenge! So glad she was finally taught her lesson. At first I didn’t understand why Ki Joon was laughing so maniacally and then everyone started showing up to talk to her about her “love” session in the freezer. Best part though was Man Goo (no surprise) and his anger at having to be an older brother to yet another sibling.

Wendilynn: What is up with this couple and movie soundtracks? lol. As soon as I heard the song I started laughing. And the tears of love just cracked me up, but nothing….NOTHING...was as good as when Joon Ki opening that fridge door. As soon as he started laughing I knew it was going to be a good day for him. With all the times she’s said those words, “Oh, I didn’t see anything” only to destroy him later….. he deserved a LOT of payback. I laughed even harder as the town gleefully fed the rumors back to her. You know at one point, they’d all had to suffer with her big mouth. lol So flipping funny.

Is it really only pity?

Min Ki can’t stand watching Noona pretend that nothing is wrong. When he tries to confront her she lets him know that she doesn’t appreciate his pity just because he once cared about her when they were kids.

Taleena: (as Theoden at Helms Deep) And so it begins. Min Ki shall begin his 5 episode descent into LURVE, beginning with flashbacks, continuing by going with Min Ho to his father’s concert to spill the beans, followed by comforting a sad but resolute Yoon Hee, punctuated by a Past Clearing Fight with Hyuk, and ending in a back hug/front hug/or POSSIBLY a good (because it’s Lee Hong Ki and he does things properly) kiss.

Aunnie: I really felt bad for Yoo Na in those scenes because she really has done nothing wrong and nothing to be less deserving of Min Ki’s love. I’m also frustrated when Min Ki because how can he not know he has feelings for Yoon Hee? Or maybe he doesn’t maybe he just likes her as a friend is concerned and he’ll still marry Yoo Na and live happily ever after while Hyuk picks Yoon Hee up off her feet and carries her into the sunset with Min Ho by his side . . . yeah, not likely. *pouts in corner*

Wendilynn: He’s been in love with Yoo Na for so long that she’s a habit. Let’s face it, they were separated for what...8 years while his band went down the tubes? She also did not make him a priority in her life until all hell broke loose. His cluelessness has been a little baffling, but at least that gives Hyuk a chance. However, now that she’s blown up at him, he’s going to start pondering the inconsistency and that can only spell trouble.

Min Ho has seen this dad's concert tickets and feels motivated to find the answers out for himself.  Min Ho is now pondering his feelings and where will that leave Hyuk?  Will Yoo Na just sit by and watch Min Ki fall for another woman?   Has Gossip Ahjummah finally learned her lesson?  Give us your thoughts in the comments below. 

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