Welcome, Farmers.  We've got conflict, meteors, auditions, new names and lovers filling this episode of Modern Farmer. Join Aunnie, Taleena and me as we look at this cute episode. 

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Gossip Ahjummah and InKi have their first date.


These two have been a hoot to watch fall in love. Their kids, however, haven’t been so keen on these two hooking up.

Aunnie: Forget the kids, these two are adorable! At first the tooting scene at the temple had me laughing because we’ve all been there with our significant others. The fearsome “first fart” is always questionable in how it’ll make the other person reaction but luckily, In Ki knew just how to circumvent the problem. Love these two.

Taleena: I admit to giggling over the bowing and farting. It’s infantile I know, but it hit my funny bone. What was funnier was Man Goo struggling because his Mom is cradle robbing someone only 10 years older than her own son. Go Gossipy Ahjummah!

Wendilynn: Their whole story just cracks me up. They are just so adorable and that temple bowing scene probably hits so close to home for most of us that it becomes way too funny. Man Goo really has to learn how to calmly react to things. That boy yells first to everything. lol

Its NOT pity


Min Ki gives the Sperm Donor a solid right hook for only offering money to salve his conscience in regards to Min Ho. He has no idea why he cares so much but maybe that hand grab of destiny will give him a clue.

Aunnie: Is it mean of me to hope that this Sperm Donor doesn’t grow a conscious because I’d rather he not have a part in Min ho’ life especially if he doesn’t plan on taking an active role in it--you know--the kind we’re he’s not fitting in his child between tour dates? I hope Min Ki figures out his feelings soon. It gave me hope that he said “I’m going to miss fighting with you” rather than “I’m going to miss seeing your face every day from now until eternity” although in Kdramaland, those two statements could be synonymous.

Taleena: Painful. Not just because Min Ki goes off to white knight without considering anyone else’s feelings, but because of the Wrist Grab. Then Han Chul shuts up the conversation between Min Ki and Hyuk just as Hyuk was going to spell out the situation to the clueless Min Ki? Dear Show: Stop making me beat me head against the wall. Thank You.

Wendilynn: I’m also banging my head because Hyuk needs to speak up or he’s going to lose. I’m glad Noona was able to finally chew out the sperm donor but I also think he’s going to be absent. He’s more concerned with appearances then what is actually important. As for Min Ki...we’ve had the hand grab of destiny. He even tightened his hold. He’s in trouble if he ever bothers to figure out what he’s feeling.

No you’re not good enough


Between Eun Woo pitching arm and Lush Uncle’s mother’s stick, our forlorn couple aren’t getting much support in their chance to re-unite.

Aunnie: Couldn’t.Care.Less. I feel really bad about saying this but I am not at all invested in this relationship at all. I will say one thing about the daughter; the fact that she understood that her dad remarried and that it was perfectly okay for her mother to as well . . . as long as it was with someone who didn’t drink all the time. What ten year old understands the world like that???

Taleena: Eh. I wanted the Mom to say something like, “Yeah, you said you loved my son before.” And the daughter is just a brat, an understandable brat, but a brat. It would be nice, REAL nice, if Uncle Cutie stopped drinking though.

Wendilynn: I’m tired of seeing little Korean kids as brats that tell their parents what to do with parents who act afraid of them. Its getting old. I did love her bunny hit to the face of lush uncle though. Seriously…. you’re trying to gain favor and you look like you just rolled out of a ditch. (which he did)

Easy Come Easy Go


The stars are falling and the boys think they have found the answer to their money problems but an icy road just might be the end of their dreams…. or is it? Can Yoo Na save the day?

Aunnie: *facepalm* Dear God . . . could these boys be any more pathetically cute? I mean, your clothes do NOT weigh that much, are you kidding? However, the way Min Ki cried about having to let the meteor go had me laughing; his legs all curled up and fake tears, man I hope my kid is half that cute when he gets older.

Taleena: “Little High, Little Low, anyway the wind blows, doesn’t really matter to me, to MEEEEE!” *headbanging* No! I will not go around singing Queen all day you evil woman! Now my dog is cringing! Answer me this: 1) Why doesn’t Min Ki hand the meteor to Hyuk in the back seat? 2) Why doesn’t Min Ki get in the back seat? 3) Why do we only see a bare chested Han Chul? 4) Why don’t they fish the rock out of the water? Yes, I know the answer to all these questions are 1) because the writers say, 2) because the writers say, 3) to toy with me, and 4) because the writers say.

Wendilynn: Hey, if you watch closely, Hyuk takes off his pants and you get some thigh action there. (geez, we’re pathetic. lol ) I didn’t understand why they didn’t just put the meteor in the back seat, either. They were so over the top that I just laughed the whole time. And OF COURSE the rescue vehicles show up just as they throw the bouncing rock into the river. lol

Gangsters, Money and Threats, Oh my!


The guy who stole the congressman’s money has woken up. He’s off to dig it up but finds not only cabbage and meteor hunter’s on the spot but two familiar faces who want a piece of the action.

Aunnie: I was kind of hoping Han Chul would have overheard the conversation between the thief and Soo Yeon. I’m just hoping through all of this Han Chul will realize that she’s not a subway sandwich and a bag of chips after this. She’s got faults just like him. One can hope . . .

Taleena: Prepare for Muralist to bring Han Chul in as a love lorn patsy to help her steal the money away from the Congressman’s aide. Prepare for Aide to buy all of Min Ki’s cabbage for an exorbitant rate. Prepare for Henchmen #1 & #2 to see the ladies on the Meteor news report.

Wendilynn: I’m with Taleena on this one. That’s what I expect too.

What do you really want?


Ki Joon has left the band in despair over Bool Ja and the ruined crop prices. He tries to walk back into the misery he was living in before but can he really do it? A chance run in with Bool Ja just might change the game…. again.

Aunnie: Saying “I’m so mad” doesn’t even begin to emphasize how angry I am at this plot development. Not once but TWICE they’re separated?? If Ki Joon and Bool Ja do not get a happy ending after all this, I’m going to write the writers and explain my angst. So unfair.

Taleena: I am not surprised to see one of the boys throw in the towel, and I am not surprised to see that Ki Joon is the one. Of all of them, he took the most convincing and has the most to lose. Han Chul thinks he is in his final days and is going for broke on his bucket list, Min Ki is gambling everything, and Hyuk obviously doesn’t feel like his other relationships have value. Ki Joon has a good, uncomplicated relationship with his parents. They support him and want the best for him, and you can see he is tired of being a burden and a screw up. Losing Hwa Ran, as we ought to be calling Bool Ja, was a huge blow on top of setbacks that brought low the irrepressible Min Ki for a while. I loved how he found purpose and life after seeing Hwa Ran again, and how his friends were friends and let him find his own path without recriminations.

Wendilynn: I really did like that when they brought Joon Ki the cabbage they just gave him their quiet support and strength. The friendship between these four is something I really enjoy. As for Hwa Ran, I can’t believe she is on the run …..AGAIN. I was so surprised to see her as a call girl, but where could she go to make money? I’m with Aunnie, they better find a way to make these two be together.

The band have an audition and a new name.  Are things looking up?  Will Joon Ki be able to find Hwa Ran again and reunite with the boys? Will Min Ki and Hyuk get their feelings all worked out? We are heading into the final two episodes so let us know what you think might happen. What are you hoping to see happen?

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