Hello Farmers! With only one episode, it's that time again where the writer's start pulling strings and tying of loose ends but that doesn't make us any more willing to say goodbye to our wonderful cast and crew. Luckily we don't have too . . . just yet. Join Taleena, Wendilynn and I as we discuss the second to last episode of Modern Farmer!

The history is finally revealed between Hyuk, Min Ki and Yoo Na. Was it what you expected?

Wendilynn: She was even more awful than I had thought. I also had thought she was the victim but that didn’t jive with Hyuk’s disdain of her. The disappointment and disgust on Min Ki’s face was telling. She had finally burned her last bridge with him. I wish her luck starting over in America.

Taleena: While I don’t approve of the casting couch, so to speak, I felt bad for her. She obviously felt awful about the whole thing and, while I don’t like to see Min Ki devastated, I am happy that everything is aired between him and Hyuk.

Aunnie: I sympathized with her a little because 1) I genuinely liked her character and 2) The only difference between Min Ki and Yoo Na's (blinded) drive to succeeding in the music world is that Min Ki jumped into a bed of cabbages. And there is something to be said for CEO's who exploit there idols (*glares at the Kpop industry momentarily*)

The Money situation has been resolved--finally--and no one got it in the end. Soo Yeon’s true intentions are finally revealed. Now with Han Chul’s sickness about to come to light and one episode left . . . . is there any hope?

Wendilynn: I’m glad no one got the money. It would have just caused problems and torn people apart. As for Han Chul, I really hope his story doesn’t tear my heart out. I don’t want that little stinker to die but I won’t buy a “oops we made a mistake” either, not after months and months of meds and such.

Taleena: Never make Grandpa Mo drop his candy bar. This was lesson we learned well from Beautiful Eyes. Han Chul’s health and Min Ki’s loan are the only secrets left, right? I hoping for the healing power of Lurrrve. Not just Love, but Lurrrve. Or maybe the healing power of Ramen Pops. Fingers crossed.

Aunnie: Honestly, I had completely forgotten about the gangsters! But watching Grandpa Mo beat those baddies was priceless! And as far as Han Chul's sickness goes . . . this late in the game, I'd totally accept a mistake in test results because now that Muralist is starting to turn around and see him for who he is, I don't want to give any thought to the idea of him being on death's door.

Ki Joon and Bool Ja were reunited only to be ripped apart again. Do you think there is a happily ever after in their future?

Wendilynn: There better be. I want him with her and I don’t want her hurt for being a runaway from her country.

Taleena: I feel like the only way they can possibly end this is with a “5 years later” chryon where in everyone’s problems are solved. Five years is adequate time to track down a snake handling, herb and root finding, North Korean cutie pie I think.

Aunnie: I don't even care if their story doesn't make any sense, I just want them to be happy and together most of all! His confession was as sweet as I had hoped it would be. I love these two quite possibly more than the main couple.

Do you think Excellent Souls/Modern Farmer will get their comeback or will they stick to being farmers with an online fanbase?

Wendilynn: Considering the name of the show, I’m thinking the videos take off. Especially the one that catches them catching a corrupt political official with billions of won. lol

Taleena: Oh yes! Honestly this is the only possible way for things to really work out. I would not be surprised if they only do one album as a band, if for no other reason than Min Ki has tunnel vision and Han Chul has a bucket list. I would be surprised if this turns out to be the end game for the boys. For all the over the top silliness, this show has been surprising realistic in it’s in show solutions.

Aunnie: I think these boys should totally stick to being farmers and work on being YouTubers. It'd be the best of both worlds . . . let's hope our boys can be smart about their future.

With the end of Yoo Na and Min Ki, its now open game for Yoon Hee and Min Ki . . . and it looks like Hyuk will gracefully step aside for his buddy’s happiness. Are you heartbroken or happy with this new development?

Wendilynn: No. Not happy. Hyuk has been way too passive about all this. Did he even really want her or was she truly just a mom substitute?

Taleena: You took that sad, heartbroken smile of Hyuk’s as stepping gracefully aside? I expect Hyuk to make one last bid to buck the fate of SLS’s everywhere. I also don’t expect Yoon Hee to snap up Min Ki quickly - she is much too careful because of Min Ho. Go Hyuk! Fighting!

Aunnie: Haha, yes Taleena I did because really . . . he never even had a chance. I had hoped, prayed and nearly wrote the writers in hope that Yoon Hee would just once look longingly in Hyuk's direction but alas, it was not meant to be. So his little half smile of "Oh well . . . " I took as bowing out gracefully with pride and dignity. Because what's really left for an SLS like Hyuk? 

Do you agree with us or do you think our boys are up for a few more obstacles in the last episode? How do you think it'll end for everyone involved? Let us know in the comments and we'll see you for the final episode of Modern Farmer. 

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