The group is all back together, and for the time being they've decided to play nice . . . with each other, at least. The locals in Hadoorokri, on the other hand, are a different story. Somehow the boys have managed to upset nearly everyone in the town, including a lone deer. Let's get to talking about the story line in Modern Farmer!

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Torn Friendship? It seems these boys picked up right where they left off seven years ago!

Aunnie: Whatever Kang Hyuk did must not have been serious because he slid right back into EXO like nothing happened. I’m actually okay with this because the idea of Lee Hong Ki and Park Min Woo fighting breaks my Kdrama heart. Is it just me or does Kang Hyuk seemed to really look up to Min Ki? Also, does anyone else think that the way Hong Ki is sitting looks super uncomfortable? 

  Taleena: Min Ki definitely seems to be the driving passion behind EXO. He’s still the one who is doing pathetic gigs and hustling where he can. It seems to me that everyone else is content to follow where he leads, even against their better judgement. Min Ki also seems like the drama queen of the group who blows up under the tiniest provocation to his perceived image.

Is this the start of a Reverse SLS? The writer’s brought attention to Yoon Ah in Episode 1 and then gave us the history between Min Ki and Yoon Hee in Episode 2 -- he’s got a thing for the Yoon’s, doesn’t he?

Taleena: I think you mean a bad case of the Yoons. I am not in anyone’s corner quite yet but I am leaning towards Farm Yoon. The only reason I am leaning towards Farm Yoon is that Blondie doesn’t seem to have any positive effect on Min Ki’s outsized posturing and adolescent behavior. I need to see more.

Aunnie: Granted, we don’t know anything about Yoon Ah yet, but I’m on the fringes of who I like for Min Ki considering he definitely wants to be an idol again (at least right now) and Yoon Hee just doesn’t fit that future--should he achieve it. But I can't help but feel like Yoon Hee is good for him. Here’s a theory for you--he gets bored of the Hallyu life and decides to settle down in this rustic village and marries Yoon Hee with Kang Hyuk by his side, ever the helpful little sidekick. And they all lived happily ever . . . wait, this is Episode 2. Nevermind . . . too soon.

So far EXO is off to an extremely rough start, let’s see . . . 1) Attempted to steal apples, 2) Stomping all over someone’s flowers, 3) Alcohol Abuse of the makgolli variety, and 4) Accidentally urinating into the town’s drinking water. 

Taleena: I have news for you - EXO’s urine contribution to the water supply only adds to the animal excretions already there. It’s the nature of outdoor water supplies in a rustic setting. Min Ki and his boys should have kept their calm and offered to pay for the apples. I want the Lush Uncle to give up his drinking and become Min Ki’s Cabbage Obi Wan Kenobi. Make it happen Drama - I’m giving you my best Expectant Eyes!

Aunnie:  See, this is why I like to pretend that water comes from this magical place high above our heads and is purified by the angels and ready-made for my cup when I need it. Also, the Rules of Stealing go like this 1) Steal only what you have too . . . annnnnnd 2) Shut the hell up while you do it! Seriously, boys, you might as well have been squealing like the pig Yoon Hee caught for all the stealth you four had!

  Han Chul talked about wanting to fall in love and there happens to be a girl in the town looking for love -- is there a potential love interest? 

Taleena: Pulling out my Drama Love Interest Magic Eight Ball: Han Chul + Manicure Girl, *shaking* , says “chances are good.” Ki Joon + Yoon Hee’s little sister, *shaking again*, says “results seem positive”. Side note - So happy to see Park Jin Joo in this drama. Loved her as the heroine’s friend and “B” love story in Bride of the Century.

  Aunnie: The fact that they even highlighted his love interest makes me feel better about his soon-to-be discovered wrong diagnosis *crosses fingers* Work with me KDrama Gods! I’m cool with the Ki Joon + Yoon Hee’s Little Sister pairing as long as there is no SLS that involves Kang Hyuk because I might have to fly to Korea and beat the writer if that happens.

The overall humor of the show is different than what we’re used to in romantic comedies; over exaggerated acting, expressive slow motion and off-the-wall antics . . . how does the humor work in this series? 

Taleena: I am loving the over all aesthetic of the show so far, from the musical beats, to the slow mo, the close ups of Lee Hong Ki’s comic “cute face”, all of it has kept me laughing. Everytime he blinked and brushed out his eyelashes I couldn’t help but laugh. 

Aunnie: Oh my gosh, I loved the humor in both episodes. It goes a long way in knowing that all four of them are good, and talented actors so watching them exaggerate their acting is just plain funny. Lee Hong Ki’s crying jag at his grandmother’s memorial was awkwardly hilarious. It's definitely a different type of humor that wouldn't work in every series, but it's absolutely awesome in this series. 

  Taleena: Considering we know that Lee Hong Ki can actually cry realistically from You’re Beautiful, I was snickering over the fake crying. Did you get the sense that his deceased Grandma was as much a drama queen as Min Ki? Also, am I the only one who is glad the bone/claw/tooth whatever it was is gone from Min Ki’s ear? It was super distracting to me.

Aunnie: Not entirely sure however, I think I’m more curious about whether or not he even had a relationship with his grandmother. And the Boney Earring Thingy was kind of interesting but I agree, it was definitely eye-diverting so I was cool with saying annyeong to that accessory. 

And that's it for this week of Modern Farmer. I'd say we're off to a great start with just enough questions to keep up intrigued for Episode 3. How will the townspeople deal with the deer? Will Min KI & Associates ever get those cabbages planted and when will we find out what happened between Kang Hyuk and the rest of EXO. See all you Farmers next week!