As we reach the final episode of Modern Farmer: Han Chul’s cancer is uncovered, loves are lost and won, and the boys finally get their break. Join Aunnie, Taleena, and Wendilynn for episode 20.


Muralist finds out about the cancer and Han Chul makes a miraculous recovery.

Cop out or Not?

Taleena: OK. We knew that so silly a show could not end with one of the main boys dying, so I am not terribly surprised that they did away with Han Chul’s cancer. I think the way they handled it - a total miracle vs. oopsie! a mistake - was the right way to go. They handled the attendant feelings exactly right, I felt so bad when Han Chul was crying behind the wall. I really wanted Han Chul to list every disgusting thing Kimbap Auntie made them eat to the doctor, rather than him just saying cabbage.

Wendilynn: I was already resigned to the miracle cure cop out from the beginning so I wasn’t surprised. BUT… I really wish it had been from Kimbap Auntie’s crazy cooking instead of eating cabbage for six months. lol They were really sweet together however.

Aunnie: I guess I would consider it a bit of a cop out but I was okay with it because of the show itself. Everything else was pretty amazing so I was just kinda like “Meh, they can have a cop out or two, they’ve earned it.” I’m just glad that they ended up together.


Hallyu capitalizes on an opportunity.

Aunnie: She maintained her ingenuity even unto the end. Even though all her hard work went to waste, she was a great character to watch.

Taleena: Hallyu is so wonderful! Everytime the boys talked about the exposure helping them sell cabbage and her face fell, I just laughed and laughed. The boys should have kept her on as a manager. I am sure she could have made them huge stars.

Wendilynn: She was one of my favorite side characters. I had to laugh so much when the boys were all about selling cabbage instead of fame and fortune by this point. I’m with Taleena, they should have kept her.


Hyuk concedes the field. Blogger Heartbroken.

Aunnie: I love that he bowed out with grace but damn . . . I wish he’d been a little more mean about it. I mean, Lee Hong Ki was really clueless to his feelings for most of the drama even though Hyuk was pretty true to how he felt throughout the whole thing. And he didn’t even get a “happily ever after”. Such is the life of an SLS.

Taleena: You’re a good friend, yadda yadda. I wanted you to break the curse Hyuk! You were so close to breaking the SLS curse. *sobs* Don’t get me wrong. I knew since the star gazing scene - heck! starring next to Lee Hong Ki - that your chances were slim. I really hoped your dimples would do the trick.

Wendilynn: I can’t believe they wimped him out. However, he killed his case episodes ago by acting like a little kid instead of the man she needed. I’m just glad they were able to not sabotage the friendship because of this.


Return of the Ex and Yoon Hee’s Choice

Taleena: Oh man did this show figure out the one thing that would immediately get me to cheer for Min Ki and Yoon Hee to get together. It’s not that Min Ho’s dad is a awful guy. It’s just that he had no clue what Yoon Hee really wanted. She had totally built a life in Handooroki and he asks her to give it up, with all she accomplished, in a month? He wasn’t swooping in to get her out of poverty. He was wrenching her from her family and support system. Ayy yi yi.

Aunnie: This show had me going back and forth on this guy; I liked him and then I didn’t, then I liked him and then I didn’t. “I’m going abroad and I want you to come with me” dude . . . she didn’t leave her shanty town 7 years ago, what makes you think she’s going to now? Dummy . . .

Wendilynn: I’m glad that he wanted to be a Dad and finally had a clue. However, he never changed. He still wanted her to give up everything for him. Not find a compromise, but do it all his way. She would never be happy with that.


One year later

Aunnie: Hopeless. You’re all hopeless. Although, I’m not hatin’ on the facial hair. It took me by surprise and it aged Lee Hong Ki but you know . . . he didn’t look half bad. I enjoyed most of the endings each of the characters got (the exception being . . . Hyuk, of course), but these boys never learn. Hopeless . . . (Man Goo though . . had me CRACKING up. “How can I have a sibling younger than my own child?”)

Taleena: I like beards on men, but Hong Ki, just . . . no. The Spock beard was funny though. Holy smokes I laughed like a loon when I saw it. I loved that life went on and people remained who they were. It is humorous that this totally over the top, goofy show didn’t create unbelieveable happily ever afters. I loved North Korean Gossipy Ahjummah. Loved In Ki’s secret grunt code to Han Chul. Loved the little girl eating Grandpa Mo’s almonds. Loved.

Wendilynn: rofl @ Spock beard. That’s hilarious. I found the ending really funny. They learned NOTHING!! Not a thing. I found it so funny that Joon Ki was now the bool ja, wig covering eyes and all. And the look of horror on everyone’s faces to find out that the little girl was eating those almonds just slayed me. Man Goo, his mother and In Ki were still the funniest part of this catch up.


Final thoughts

Wendilynn: This is a really fun drama with wacky, enjoyable characters. It has its moments of realism and the emotions are true, but it keeps its silliness right up to the final shot. This is a drama you watch to have fun and laugh.

Aunnie: I would definitely recommend it. As far as rewatching . . . not enough angst for me (i.e. The Innocent Man (Nice Guy), I Miss You, etc.) but I loved every minute of it, even the SLS parts. I hope everyone did too!

Taleena: Well, Modern Farmer has entered the pantheon of dramas that I will rewatch anytime I need a good laugh. I loved the completely silly note they left on. 

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