'Ello Farmers! We're back with a whole new week of Min Ki-induced hilarity while his Band of Merry Men follow along behind him like a group of ducklings following the leader. Join Taleena, Wendilynn, and I as we discuss Episode 3 of Modern Farmer!

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It’s war between the neighbors; City Folks vs. Town Folks--with the Towns Folk heavily in the lead. What do they have on their side? Electricity and running water . . . and money . . . and tractors . . . but never fear, City Folk has beef and soju . . . and candles. Really, there’s no comparisons.

Taleena:  I haven’t figured out the whole family relationships there.It seems to be a few blood relationships and then a catch all of weirdos (sweet weirdos, but weirdos none the less) at that table. High school brother and sister (played by Jin Joo) whom I am rapidly revising out of my romantic forecasts, no matter how many lustful eyes she casts upon the members of EXO, and the guy without ability to speak is their uncle? Who is brother to the Yoon Hee’s Dad? Who is married to the woman who can’t cook . . . ?

Aunnie: A person could go crazy trying to figure out the dynamics of these townspeople. I’m thinking some of the spouses are dead--like Lush Uncle’s father is deceased, along with Flower Boy’s father--probably the mother’s fault--and Jin Joo’s mother is also RIPing it up in heaven's Farmville.

Taleena: Did you get the sense that Cabbage Won Kenobi has a crush on Yoon Hee? He was defending her pretty strenuously at the town meeting.

Aunnie: Oh I’m so glad you got that feeling too. I definitely think Lush Uncle has a thing for Yoon Hee. I can see him becoming a viable SLS . . . much to my eternal dismay.

Taleena: . . . and his Mom is not even subtle about matchmaking him. Whew! She just barrelled right down that track. Poor guy. Nah, I get the feeling he needs that overbearing kind of woman in his life

Aunnie: He probably drinks because of her but as far as the matchmaking goes, it's not like he has a ton of prospects so I'm not surprised she's quick to offer his hand in marriage to any newcomer . . . however, that girl doesn't seem to be up to much good.

We’ve got some new people that joined the cast this week; first it’s the Mural Girl who is clearly not there to paint flowers, butterflies and pretty pictures and then we have the Snake Whisperer, Bool Ja, who is destined to be Ki Joon’s lady love--or at least, his secret admirer. 

Taleena: THEORY TIME! Mural Chick is from the rival town because rumor has flown that there is something valuable hidden on Granny’s land. Something important to the township. Something, that if lost, will bring glory and honor to the rival town forevah!

Aunnie: "Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your family! Dishonor on your cow!" Well . . . Deer. 

Taleena: I really don’t want it to be mundane like minerals or something I want it to be something insanely over the top crazy. I am starting to feel like I am spiraling into expectations of this show that it can not possibly meet.

Aunnie: My guess is that she’s looking for a big stone dragon that sometimes comes alive and . . . oh, wrong drama. I mean really, with this drama, anything could happen.

Taleena: Any town that has a picture of Barack Obama with a deer has got to have a super secret awesome treasure is all I’m saying. 

Aunnie: We’ve got a deer that has been photographed with Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods and Barack Obama so obviously this deer poops magical gold . . . or well, he did while he was alive. The only thing that would have made this even more hysterical was if they'd shown a picture of the deer with T.O.P.!

Taleena: Although the photo shops on those pics were sooooo bad that I wondered if Yoon Hee had done them as a town morale boost. They started out plausible and just got so ridiculous that I laughed my head off.

Aunnie: That’s what I’m saying! That scene was so much better because I was so busy looking for other pictures of this deer. And the idea that Yoon Hee would photoshop them for morale is completely believable and I can see her doing it. I have fallen completely in love with these townspeople

Wendilynn: I can’t say I’m in love with them yet, but they keep me laughing. I see so many character actor faces that I love in this town. That apple Ahjusshi I think is my favorite. The way they show all the mayhem is too funny.

Aunnie: I don't know . . .watching Flower Boy lose his mind on screen is pretty funny. I'll have to wait and see who my favorite is.

Taleena: As for Bool Ja, she has now become my favorite of the chickies in the “love territory” beating out even Yoon Hee and her hilarious toe flexing.

Aunnie: Any girl who can pick up a snake with little to no fear is perfect to me. I like her character and I am definitely interested in learning more about her. I knew when Ki Joon had his immediate aversion to Bool Ja that he’d become infatuated with her and I was like “Yes . . . Yes . . . show me more!”

This episode revealed a little bit of insight into the past of EXO and what we saw was . . . pretty significant. I suppose punching your CEO in the hallway with nothing but witnesses to make the situation a thousand times worse is a one way ticket into Hallyu Hell and in this case, it's called Hadoorokri. 

Aunnie: Well, just enough to create theories that is. Here’s mine: the Chairman is obviously a no-good evil-doer and Kang Hyuk caught him in the act! Rather than sharing the burden with his closest friends, he kept the truth to himself and expected them to understand but then was left abandoned . . . kind of like that wittle puppy Han Chul bought!

Taleena:  As for the Chairman, it is one of two things: he gambled all of the band’s profits away OR stole creative content in such a way that EXO was about to be sued!

Wendilynn: The Chairman screwed them out of what…..70 million dollars? Whatever he did that punch was more than deserved. I want the rest of that story. 

Taleena: Clearly, this puppy is significant. In the last Lee Hong Ki drama, Bride of the Century, the cute little kitty really did illustrate the central mystery of the show. Therefore I posit that the adorbs! puppy will be an important touchstone on our Boy Band’s journey of Self Discovery.

Aunnie: Look what you’ve done to me, Ms. Big Book of Theories, I have a theory on the puppy too. Well, not so much a theory as an emotion. The dog will live and Cancer Boy will take that as a good sign for himself and then he’ll find out he’s cancer free and they’ll “ride” off into the sunset together with a fistful of poopie bags in tow!

Needless to say our Band of Brother's chances of winning over the hearts of the townspeople is about to go up in flames and all of their love lives are in the dumps. How will EXO deal with being homeless? When will Han Chul admit to being sick? Ajd just what caused Kang Hyuk to punch his CEO in the face? We'll have to wait to find out. Please tell us in the comments what your favorite moments were from this episode and be ready to watch Episode 4! 

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