We begin this week's Modern Farmer Drama Club with a heartfelt thank you to Lee Hong Ki and the entire cast and crew of Modern Farmer for creating a show that makes us laugh until we cry. It is gift that does not go unappreciated. So embrace the lunacy my friends. Enjoy hearty belly laughs, and join Aunnie, Taleena and now with Wendilynn!, as we stop giggling long enough to talk about episode four.

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EXO brings new meaning to Olympic Torch

Wendilynn: Giggling is a good way to put this. The hi-jinks that go on in this town have me laughing so much. You know, I’m halfway expecting the missing, thieving chairman to be the rival town leader. What do you think?

Aunnie: I actually felt terrible for them as they were sitting there outside their burned house. And I was frustrated with Makgeolli Man and Yoon Hee for not being more sympathetic. Even if EXO is idiots, they still went through something horrible. They looked so downtrodden!

Taleena: Min Ki’s listing of the boy’s various skills was amusing until he got to Han Cheol who was simply “strong” at which point I laughed my head off. Then later as Yoon Hee and the villagers go on their diatribe about how horrible the rival village is you get the sense, from the examples, that it is a rivalry almost entirely in their heads. Except. Except. I know how these small towns are and how something as simple as getting a new stop sign can be a major event, much less a second bus stop. (Even if they are a larger town. The nerrve!)

Scratch. Ducats. Moolah. Clams. Bread. Quatloos. Wampum.

Taleena: Super Sneaky Muralist is about as good being sneaky as Min Ki is cabbage farming.  If Han Chul will stop wallowing in mortification long enough to think about why Sneaky was way out there in the middle of the night, he and his bros might eventually twig to the money.  While I am a bit disappointed that she is not from the rival village digging up a coveted treasure, I am at least glad the mystery of how Min Ki is going to pay off the gangster is finally solved. Cause Lord knows it wasn't going to be with cabbages.

Wendilynn: She’s not being very sneaky leaving a bunch of holes and turned up fields in her wake. I vote for Yoon Hee finding that money!

Aunnie: Actually, I think the money will be on Min Ki’s land and he’ll be the one to find it which will make Muralist try to either 1) steal it from him or 2) seduce him into dating her so she can have the money anyway.

It's A Hard Cruel World

Taleena: Min Ki’s crusade to anger everyone in the village expands to include Yoon Hee’s brother. And the everyone else again. Min Ki really is blithely self centered most of the time. It is a testament to Lee Hong Ki that he still manages to be cute in the patheticness of it all. That he subsequently manages to bond with Yoon Hee's son over dance moves, and sucks it up to apologize to everyone in a realistic way (I only came to keep him from destroying my strawberries!) was great.

Wendilynn: Can I just say I laughed so hard when the brother kicked the watermelon in Min Ki’s face? I was like “right on!” His arrogance level really needs a kick in the pants. I did, however, really like his connection with Min Ho and helping him prepare for the talent show.

Aunnie: I think it’s great that this drama is kicking the serious up a notch and still managing to be drop dead funny but Min Ki made me angry in the beginning of this episode. Having been raised in a small town myself, I just wanted to tell him, “Look, you aren’t a member of this village yet and pretending to be God of the people isn’t winning you any points.” So when he went back to apologize to everyone in his own, hilarious way, I was pleased. 

The sad, sad romance of Han Chul. 

Taleena: I thought nothing could make me laugh with louder more horrified laughter than the leering deer mural in the Playboy bunny pose, 

and then came the puppy nipple scene. Just those words together makes me almost not be able to type. The look of bewildered disgust on Cabbage Won Kenobi face as he shouted, “You’re bleeding!” while Sneaky Muralist looked on just made me laugh harder.

Aunnie: Oh my god, I was horrified during that scene because his pinky would have sufficed. I laughed so hard and then to see the blood pouring down his chest, I lost it. However, speaking of things that are lost, Han Chul should just kiss that romance goodbye because there is no recovery from that.

Wendilynn: This show is really naughty. LOL! I must have turned six shades of red when the puppy started licking him. He really just can’t catch a break. 

Taleena: We need to talk about Hyeok crushing on Yoon Hee. Are we going to have multiple SLSs here? First Cabbage Won Kenobi and now Hyeok? That lullaby scene was so sweet, I was going to put the Min Ki/Yoon Hee love train on the back burner until Min Ki had his mentoring moment with her son.

Aunnie: I think we’re in trouble because the way Kang Hyuk is acting, this is no minor crush. He’s hop-skipping towards the edge of that cliff and he’s totally okay with swan diving off the edge. It helps numb the pain knowing that neither Makgeolli Man and Min Ki aren’t really showing signs of true affection towards Yoon Hee. But that preview . . . I’m beginning to think that Kang Hyuk is hiding quite a lot behind those pretty little dimples. I swear, I don’t care what horrible tragic thing may happen, if Min Woo just smiles, it takes all the pain away. 

Well Drama Fans are you laughing as hard as we are? Tell us in the comments!

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