Welcome back, Cabbage Patch Kids, did you miss our lovable EXO? Our hilarious boys are back in this week's episodes of Modern Farmer, and let's just say the humor doesn't seem to be abating any time soon, although Min Ki, Kang Hyuk, Han Chul and Ki Joon have been taken under the prickly wings of our Village People. Join Taleena, Wendilynn and I as we discuss the hopelessly lovable characters that make up Modern Farmer

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Kang Hyuk: Second Lead, Lover or Friend . . .

These writers have systematically made it impossible to hate Kang Hyuk; possible dead girlfriend while crushing on his Noona and handing out words of wisdom like he’s the perfect human fortune cookie. Just what is in store in Kang Hyuk’s future?

Aunnie: I like that Kang Hyuk has whittled his way into the hearts of Yoon Hee and Hallyu Wannabe. It’s like his whole purpose is to be everyone’s sidekick and he quickly adapts to each situation like a khameleon--ha ha, get it? *ba-rum-bum* Okay, bad joke but my point is still true. But this helpful, sweet gem of a guy has a history and methinks neither Yoon Hee nor Kang Hyuk were lying about their past loves.

Wendilynn: HA HA! Pretty much. Dead girlfriend, which I bet its not a lie either and the sewing and making idol girl feel better. You just can't hate him in this episode at all! He was so goofy looking in Flower boy Ramen Shop and now he's all drop dead handsome . . 

Firnlambe: //creeps out of near slumber// . . . He hit Kdrama puberty . . . //slinks back towards exhaustion //

Taleena: OK I’m totally shipping Kang Hyuk and Yoon Hee now. I also got the feeling that both stories of heartbreak they told are true. Some people cover their heartbreak with humor, and this could be another reason that he lived somewhat separate from the other three and EXO never came back from the Chairman’s perfidy.

They came, they saw and they . . . forgot the paperwork.

Despite winning the first set of challenges and rightfully winning the final 11-person relay, Hadoorokri still lost by default because of EXO. However, rather than being kicked out of the village like promised, somewhere along the way the villagers grew fond of our four a hapless boys.

Aunnie: I knew winning was going to be too good to be true and as soon as Yoon Hee turned around and said “Only an idiot wouldn’t file their registration papers” I slapped my forehead and thought “Well, what do you call Min Ki???” This boy is by no means a genius however, he is great at motivating people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. Thankfully the village didn’t kick their butts out upon forfeit.

Wendilynn: Yeah, there was no way they were going to keep the win. Its too early for happy story resolution. lol I was honestly expecting them to get more crap about everything but to see the town willing to forgive them because they had worked so hard and had probably helped the town win more of the competition then they ever had before was a nice touch. It made me like the townspeople more instead of just seeing them as a bunch of goofballs. Except for Never-let-near-a-kitchen Mom….I totally see why they don’t want her cooking now. ROFL!!

Taleena: “A nipple crossed the finish line first.” I should never watch this show with anything drink because I choked and almost died there. Too much awesome happened at the Olympics: the boys experiencing the awful food (I made EYE CONTACT with my kimbap! and Mine MOVED!), Grandpa throwing 7 perfect ‘mo’ and totally shutting down Min Ki’s advice like a boss, the boys objectifying Man Goo’s (or should we call him the Farming King?) hot wife only to find out she is his wife. Their consternation that Man Goo has somehow obtained a wife totally out of his league.

It seems like Bool Ja and Ki Joon are off to a rough start but no one is upset to see them together! Will Ki Joon wake up and smell the snake venom?

Does Ki Joon doth protest too much, could he really have feelings for Bool Ja that he’s ashamed of or was he right to push her away?

Aunnie: I loved that each person Ki Joon encountered after his accident which resulted in a compromised position had a new and improved rumor. The pregnant rumor had me bawling with laughter. It was also kind of accurate how fast rumors can get started. And everyone was so quick to jump on that train, it was awesome! I half expected the kid to come back with another rumor but it got pretty serious really quick. Poor kid.

Wendilynn: That rumor stuff is cracking me up. I have to wonder though, given the nature of that rumor Ajumma, I’m sure the town folk were having fun teasing him about what they were hearing. They had to know it wasn’t true, but was just too much fun to pass up.

Taleena: Welcome to a small town Ki Joon! To quote the immortal Jane Austen: “For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn?” Kang Hyuk and Min Ki were mercilessly teasing poor Ki Joon and only lovelorn Han Chul came to his defense, was making me giggle like a loon. They were like 12 year old girls running down the road flapping their hands.

Han Chul managed to snag a small smile from his Lady Love but creeped on her the next day. Will he ever managed a single normal moment with the Muralist? 

Is Ms. Muralist starting to finally warm up to Han Chul despite his repeated offenses or should Han Chul look elsewhere to serve his bucket list? 

Aunnie: He had her and then he lost her with his creepin’. At this point, I’m cheering him on because he has absolutely nothing to lose. And I mean, nothing!

Wendilynn: True, he can’t really go down further than he already has. I’m rooting for him because I would like to have him be in love successfully, but he really needs to stop being shy. Its just getting him in trouble.

Taleena: Had her? I think you are giving Han Chul too much credit here. He is reading way too much into a polite smile as painfully shy people with crushes do. Really he is only on her radar at all because of the weirdness, grossness and creepiness of their encounters. Sneaky Muralist eyes are on the monetary prize. However, if he can be halfway normal around her I have hopes that will change.

And in a nutshell, our boys have gotten themselves into more trouble but at the very least the rest of the viliage is more than willing to forgive them and how can they not when they're as cute as kids and act like them too! The big questions is where do we go from here! Is Kang Hyuk crushing on his Noona or is he just a sweetheart by trade? Will Ki Joon fall for the illegal Bool Ja and for the love of all that is holy in KDramaland, will Han Chul ever act normal in front of his Lady Love? I guess we'll have to wait and see!

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