Love is in the air, Drama fans! At least that is what the Ahjummah told us.  If Romance Expositional Gossipy Ahjummahs aren't right, well I ask you — who is? Join Wendilynn, Aunnie and Taleena for your weekly quota of silly as we discuss Modern Farmer episode 6!

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This. Is. KOREA!

So uh..are we going to see the boys bare chested? With your shield or on it?

Taleena: Man Goo teaches the boys to farm.  I loved their continued bafflement and disgust as this agricultural savant first tastes the dirt, and then gives them the same Goldilocks explanation of how to start their cabbage seedlings as the feed store guy. Good for them that they 'fessed up and said they are broke and poured every last won into the seed and fertilizer.  I expect that Man Goo's high farming standards will get him to bend to help the boys a little.

Aunnie: This character keeps me entertained. I never know what to expect out of him but it’s almost always funny. Between his exceptionally attractive, foreign wife and the fact that he is the Guru of Green Thumbs, I can’t wait to see what else this character has in store.

Wendilynn: I was all set to just really dislike this character, but he is proving to be very entertaining to watch.  You just never know what is going to come out of this guy's mouth. 

Because She Doesn’t Prance Around in High Heels

We are not going to get a stumble kiss.

Taleena: We had get some way of lip locking without a straightforward kiss! I know some other K dramas that would benefit from some good old fashioned “venom sucking”. The way she full body dived on him was hilarious. I love how this drama takes the romantic beats that would be taken with utter seriousness and injects levity into them. For example, Dimples takes over sewing the book bag from Yoon Hee but sews it closed on accident, or goes to manfully carry her sleeping form to her room but drops her because she is so heavy. The stirring romantic music added to that scene and I just about died when he dropped her, because I can never watch those kind of scenes in actual K dramas - or any dramas - without my brain calling “baloney!”

Aunnie: For the life of me, I cannot figure out why Ki Joon is so absolutely adverse to Bool Ja! I mean, I’ve heard of boys picking on the girls they like but Ki Joon is taking it to the extreme. I would also like for Han Chul to stop doing ridiculous things in front of his Muralist and finally start becoming a little more normal (or at least reacting a little more normally) because his character is the most normal. I’m very interested in how they’ll finally get these two together because it seems extremely impossible right now.

Wendilynn: Ki Joon is a city boy and Bool Ja is our illegal alien wierdo who catches snakes. And after being teased that he knocked her up, I'm sure his patience is running thin. He did at least try to apologize. *evil chuckles* As soon as that snake bit him in the mouth I knew what was coming next.  I was almost yelling, "Where's Gossip Ahjumma when you need her" and sure enough, there she was.  I'm also loving how they are taking all the typical romantic tropes and dumping them in the dirt....literally.  

What Happens in Fight Club

Secret. Himitsu Desu. Bi Mil. At least until you tell mom.

Aunnie: Out of all the characters of this show, Min Ki is the most surprising--yes, even more so than the Flower Boy Ahjusshi. At first, I couldn’t understand why everyone was so intent on following Min Ki but he’s proven to be a wonderfully insightful character. I’m very interested to see how he’ll react to the news of Han Chul’s cancer and the truth behind Kang Hyuk’s actions in the past. I also like that he’s taken on an older brother role towards Min Oh--I’m really hoping that Yoon Hee and Min Ki do not get together--at least not right now, I just can’t logically see them together at this point.

Taleena: I agree with you about being on the side of a Kang Hyuk/Yoon Hee love connection. The friendship between all the boys is strong enough that Min Ki would easily slip into an avuncular role if Kang Hyuk becomes Min Ho’s step dad. I really like how Min Ki was able to put aside his own posturing to tell Yoon Hee why he taught Min Ho what he did - how hard it is to grow up fatherless. Is anyone else of the opinion that Kang Hyuk’s “date” is to go to a grave or memorial?

Wendilynn: Min Ki is a surprise. I took all these characters as shallow stereo types, but the last two episodes have sort of abused that notion.  

Women Across the World Volunteer


 And Begin to Google “cabbage farming”

Aunnie: Alas, there’s the end of the Yoon Hee-Lush Uncle pairing. Although, I do hate to see it go because I am already not liking Mi Young. Normally I try to give the benefit of the doubt to characters, I just can’t logically explain to myself why she’d be in bed with another man if she wasn’t cheating and this poor guy did not deserve to be cheated on. Then she married another man and had a child, not that that’s in and of itself bad but if the writer’s are going to pull a “I’ve only ever loved you” kind of plot line for these two characters, I cry foul.

Taleena: Not condoning cheating, but I am glad there is someone else for Uncle Cutie. Aunnie it was my read that the man she cheated with was the rich boy she married. And while I totally get the town’s protectiveness, I hope that he doesn’t date Pig Laugh forever. (Whose name is escaping my google-fu but who is hilarious every time I see her). Mi Young's expression is the face of every woman when they discover their favorite k drama actor is single: baffled consternation that some woman somewhere hasn't snapped that man up, put it vulgarly.

Wendilynn: I'm sure Mi Young's history has taught her a few things. Made her grow up a bit.  You have to admit, Uncle Cutie is just too level headed for most of the town. lol  I understand why he's know, other than the fact that he hasn't bothered trying. 

From The Woman Who’s Kitchen Produced Kimbap with Eyes

Fusion Cooking.

Taleena: I can't. Can't. CAN NOT stop laughing. I can not express to you the mix of horror and hilarity I felt when she said the words fusion cooking. OMO! I have eaten some pretty awful things under the umbrella of "fusion cooking" but the cheesy kimchi soup sounded so epic-ly nasty it made my throat close. All I can say is THOSE BOYS KNEW BETTER. They had her scary kimbap. Of course they keep setting the boys up as starving for food all the time as the town folk ply them with snacks (side note - the almonds! I knew what was coming, I'd heard that joke done with peanuts before but it was worth it for the spit take.), but that they all bravely took bites as the other looked on in pity as their gorge rose? Too funny. 

Aunnie: Even I cringed the idea of Kimchi cooked with a cream-like substance. I like kimchi and I like cream-based soups but together . . . ? I probably would have politely refused and drifted off to find appealing looking grass to eat instead. Although I do think the boys could have told her a little more nicely that ramen was their favorite food, the fact that she was practically bedridden at the news made me laugh. Although it begs the question, why doesn’t anyone else just cook instead?

Taleena: Oh yes, taken to her bed over the news Aunnie? I was keeping a sharp eye out for the ubiquitous humidifier that would signal the sharp decline in health. "I starved for two weeks when we first married..." Oh I just have to catch my breath.

Wendilynn: You know, I've had kimchi quesadillas and they were pretty awesome, so kimchi and something cheesy wouldn't scare me right away. However, after the kimbap, WHY WHY WHY would they get excited to have her cook again? WHY?!!

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