Modern Farmer has stopped dipping toes into the unattainable love pool  and has decided to cannon ball into it from the high platform.  Join Wendilynn, Aunnie and Taleena as we hash out whether or not we should let the show's writers get away with it in the episode 7 discussion.

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Uncle Cutie and the Ex - Blame it on the Rain

Let’s get this out of the way because the Min Ki/Yoon Hee/Hyuk/Yoon Na story has a lot of dimensions. Are we shipping them? What’s the deal with The Ex’s business? Is her daughter a brat or what?

Taleena: Well if that isn’t just the perfect metaphor for the state of that relationship I don’t know what is. I want Uncle Cutie to find love, and he has been hung up on this woman forever, but he deserves better than his current options.

Aunnie: 17 years is a long time to be hung up but . . . shippers gonna ship. From Rain to Pee, I’m not entirely sure this is a match made in heaven but I guess nothing would bring you closer together than sharing in communal pee. Oh, how the mighty hath fallen. Now that I’ve seen Kang Hyuk with Yoon Hee, I’m more than happy to jump on this train though.

Wendilynn: I laughed so much. First in the “youth” scene they run off laughing like loons in the rain and then getting peed on. Its sad to think he’s been waiting for her all this time. You know he has. 

You Will Be Assimilated

Han Chul and Ki Joon Spend the Night With Their Ladies

Taleena: Poor Ki Joon! No one goes looking for him at all. At least we learned his lady love’s real name. As for Han Chul. Oh I died every time they played the “dum...dum...DUM” music and Muralist thinks that she is caught and Han Chul draws the wrong conclusion about her gear and motives. He really is about as sharp as a marble isn’t he?

Aunnie: Han Chul is so oblivious that I can’t help wanting to take him by the hand and lead him when crossing the streets out of fear he might be hit by a car. I laughed my butt off every time they mentioned not knowing where Ki Joon was. I’m sorry, how do you NOT look for your friend, how is his disappearance so minuscule that no one was worried about him?!

Wendilynn: I didn’t get why they didn’t bother looking for Ki Joon either. Bool Ja is really pretty isn’t she? But come on, how can anyone get it on under that many sacks of fertilizer/dirt? As for Han Chul, if I was muralist I would be annoyed out of my mind. This guy is a moron. I do think his very earnest crush is sort of adorkable but lets face it, he’s living in fantasy crush land. 


Under different circumstances, this heading would need an explanation but it's Kdramaland and saying "Moms" is plenty enough!

Taleena: We were right that Hyuk was visiting the charnel house. Hoo boy do these guys cover their inner pain with silliness and now I am so far on the Hyuk/Yoon Hee train I am the engineer yelling at cows to get off the track. They say a man marries a woman like his mother, and it seems like both boys are fixated on women that share some things in common with their moms.

Aunnie: And let Kang Hyuk’s Oedipus Complex Shine!!! *sigh* If I thought Kang Hyuk was going to have a painful SLS experience before, then I was very, very mistaken because this was the nail in his coffin. Once again, the writers are continuously making it harder and harder to hate Kang Hyuk and I just want to scream “IT’S HARD ENOUGH ALREADY, YOU CAN STOP NOW!” How did his friends not know this? Min Ki’s personality is so much easier to like (not that I didn’t like it from the beginning) when we see the sweet moments he shows only a select few.

Wendilynn: Thanks to this episode we find out that a lot of crap was going on 8 years ago. And Kang Hyuk was somehow in the middle of all of it. Poor kid. I also want him to end up with Noona. Oedipus complex or not, when he’s with her, you can almost see the puppy dog eyes asking for affection. I love the husband/wife joking around he’s doing trying to hide his true feelings. That final scene was really indicative of the love triangle that is brewing. 

Yoon Na: Trouble or In Trouble?

Min Ki loves Yoon Na. Yoon Na is somehow mixed up in the EXO fall. 

Taleena: Min Ki is just gone on Yoon Na. She seems to have some feeling for Min Ki, but it is totally stymied by the trouble that only Kyuk knows about. If my Big Book of Theories is correct Yoon Ha is being blackmailed about something scandalous by the Chairman, but is desperate to keep it from Min Ki and Hyuk knows about it. Min Ki is a total caretaker isn’t he? How much you want to bet his gangster debt is from taking care of his mom when her sleazy ex stole everything from her?

Aunnie: The second Yoon Na and Kang Hyuk had their little chat I went “Nooooooooo . . . “ in my deep voice which means it's serious. If my theory is correct, this will be a painful and heartbreaking end to the Yoon Na/Min Ki love because, as we Americans say, she’s in bed with the chairmen--either literally or figuratively.

Wendilynn: I’m with Aunnie on this one. I'm pretty sure Yoon Na was involved in some sort of casting couch issue, and probably still is. Min Ki’s heart is going to break so much, but I have a feeling all 4 of these boys are in for some serious tears at some point. 

Love Triangle ALERT!

Lee Hong Ki has a way of sneaking into your affections. 

Taleena: No, no, NO! That is the look of a woman gobsmacked by the awesomeness of LHK and wondering if you can fall in love with a voice. Don’t do it to me show. I am perfectly fine not having ANY love triangles. If you break my heart I will never forgive you.

Aunnie: *bangs head against the wall* Dammit. I mean, there really is no other words. Just as I decided that there was no way Min Ki could be the man that Yoon Hee would fall for, the writer’s decided to do the very cliched writing that allows for Min Ki to be perfect for her. But whyyy?? Kang Hyuk was already there! However, I can't dispute the fact that Lee Hong Ki's voice is powerful.  I bought 4 FTIsland albums in a single sitting after I discovered the wonder that is his voice, so I can't begrudge Yoon Hee's admiration, I felt it too.

Wendilynn: Kang Hyuk hasn’t been awesome around her yet. He keeps causing her problems, not solving them. Min Ki has been “the man” around her a few times already AND they were each others first loves, although he’s far gone on Yoon Na to really have any issue with Noona. That last scene though, with Kang Hyuk staring at Noona; Noona staring at Min Ki and Min Ki staring at the sky (dreaming of Yoon Na) it was really symbolic of where these guys stand with each other. Although, I feel for Noona having seen news about her runaway sperm donor. 

The Heart Peeking Out

I want a gift.

Taleena: I just can’t. I didn’t think I would fall so hard for Hyuk. I am feeling so many forebodings here. I like that he has a touchpoint of an in joke with Yoon Hee. I like the fact that she recognized it was a gift from him right away. I really, really want Hyuk to not dodge into humor and silliness. I have a bad feeling about Yoon Hee looking at Min Ki while they were drinking soju and stargazing. Also, Yoon Hee’s Ex is a pianist coming back to Korea after a world tour? Hyuk you better get your comforting shoulder ready.

Aunnie: Taleena, you and I are in the same sad boat together. But let’s be serious, how could she NOT know his feelings? I hate this. He CLEARLY likes her, he’s not even shy about it at all. And yes, he needs to quit the joking because even though she’s not picking up what he’s laying down, she needs to realize that what he’s laying down is “Ever After”.

Taleena: I am hoping Aunnie, the only reason Yoon Hee is not picking up on Kang Hyuk’s clues is that her Ex did a number on her. Soon she will pick up on the sweet longing on his face and realize that her new “husband” really is good for making babies. And CLEARLY Yoon Hee and I both went to the same cheapskate school, because I have played the “poor pregnant woman” line before - albeit when I was actually pregnant!

Wendilynn: My heart hurts thinking about all the crap these guys have to go through. I just really hope that this show continues to make us laugh as we go along. 

Aunnie: Right, Wendilynn? Just the thought of all the painful experiences these boys have ahead of them is just gut-wrenching. The sad part is we know it and we have to watch it, it'd almost be easier if we were in expense too. 

Well, drama fans are we headed for heartbreak? Are Uncle Cutie and Min Ki's ex loves their past or future? Who wants to try pop beans?  Let us know in the comments!

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