If my years of Kung Fu movies have taught me anything it's: you never mess with the old guy shuffling down the street anywhere Asia.  It's just an invitation to butt kicking, especially one that loves his chocolate, is thrifty with his nuts, and throws down seven "mo" in a row like it's no big thing. Join Aunnie, Wendilynn and Taleena as we discuss episode 8 of Modern Farmer.

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Call Out Scooby and Shaggy

More than yams have gone missing and the village springs into action

Aunnie: Okay, how many yams did Soo Yeon and Han Chul dig up?? My god! And the caricature that Soo Yeon drew was great but what was even more great was that Min Ki looked at it and nodded like "That's the guy!"

Taleena: The big Precious Moments eyes just made me laugh so hard my dog woke up and looked at me. I knew it would be hilarious after the deer mural which made a brief stint as my phone wall paper until i realized I was uncomfortable looking a lascivious deer all the time. Still all that ginseng must be worth a pretty penny to traditional medicine shops.  It makes Man Goo's huffiness at the boys stealing apples totally understandable.

Wendilynn:  I knew Han Chul had gone crazy digging up those yams for her.  She had a small mountain in her room.  I'm getting to the point that when that camera starts the uber closeup on the face, I just expect hilarity.  I am never disappointed. lol  I'm convinced that their audition process included them having super closeups and making as many crazy faces as they could and if it made people laugh than you got the part. lol 

It was the Best of Dates, It was the Worst of Dates

In the dictionary the definition of "sad sack' is a picture of Han Chul.

Aunnie: Honestly all Han Chul had to do at the end of the night was accidentally let slip that he's got cancer and she probably would have married him the next day. That's kind of where I figured it was going however, this episode more than proved why I don't like her. After he really did try, in his goofy way, to make it the best date possible, she still wasn't at all wooed by any of it? The fact that he keeps taking the hit (literally!) would be enough for me to go "Awww . . . he's strange but I'll keep him." 

Taleena: Dude is checking things off his bucket list right and left! Aunnie and Wendilynn, I what girl wouldn't be charmed by a doof telling her she looked just like a dog? I must admit I was laughing shamefully at the whole sweet potato/kimchi scene which I would guess is a total call back to Lee Hong Ki's last drama. Side note - Just where is Muralist putting all the sweet potatoes Han Chul is giving her?

Wendilynn: lol Aunnie, I had the same errant thought about cancer/marriage.  Could a date go any more wrong?  He was so happy anyway because he was just with her.  I have to wonder how many creepy guys tried to come on to her when she worked at that host club because she seems a little too used to all the over the top comments.  They don't faze her at all. While I don't like her either, she at least understood that this weird guy was too nice and sincere to just drop coldly. 

The Ghost of Things Past

Gotta sneak a back hug in there somewhere, why not the farm version of the chicken delivery scooter?

Aunnie: I am beyond curious as to what happened with Yoon Hee's baby-daddy and once again. I am also super interested in little brother's crush on Hallyu Wannabe AND the fact that Hallyu Wannabe's dad was obviously someone who wanted to be Hallyu as well. I wonder if that somehow inadvertently lead to his speech . . . impediment? Can we even call it that? And yup, still don't like Mi Young yet.

Taleena: I have a feeling that Yoon Hee's Ex is going to have at least four angry guys (Bro-bro, Min Ki, Hyuk and Uncle Cutie) ready to impress on him the folly of his ways. I am curious as to the connection between Gangster and Jin Joo's dad because they both ABSOLUTELY recognized Min Ki's guitar. Am I the only one that was hoping to see the mini concert for the Elks?

Wendilynn:  I had to laugh when Mi Young got peed on again.  I thought that was fitting.  I'm also curious what happened with the sperm donor but I thought it was nice that Min Ki could tell she was hurting and spent his time trying to distract her and make her feel better.  I honestly see these two has potential best friends than lovers.  As for that guitar.... Min Ki said he found it in the woods one day.  The gangster acted like he knew who it belonged to, and our silent farmer caressed it like an old friend.....yes, my head is making those connections. 

Your Lyin’ Eyes

They are so BEEEAUtiful! I could stare into them for hours!

Aunnie: What a truly cringe-worthy scene! I half expected Man Soo to end up being the karate master, mainly because I don't know what to expect out of him but the fact that is was Grandpa 'Mo' was hysterical. You don't just knock chocolate out of someone's hands, am I right, girls? And speaking of lyin' eyes, how about that last scene with Bool Ja and Ki Joon?!?!

Taleena: I started laughing at Min Ki's utter devotion to his Iced Americano (a sentiment with which I am well familiar) and his nom nomming on the straw.  I started giggling madly when Uncle Cutie goes to defend Mi Young and started to go 'Ow! Ow!" when his fingers were twisted. I started crying as Min Ki's wrestling match turned a bit ...ahem!...with Beautiful Eyes (oh the music!) and moved into hiccups when Grandpa Mo kicked butt over his dropped candy.  Uncle Cutie throwing an arm in Min Ki's way and intoning, "Grandpa was a karate master." As if we didn't already know awesome followed Grandpa like pan flutes.

Wendilynn:  The butt kicking by Grandpa was fantastic, you don't mess with a man's candy.  But what was up with the hand holding rolling on the floor deal?  There was romantic music... I was laughing.  As for Bool Ja and Ki Joon, we've said he was a goner and sure enough...  he's toast.

What do you think drama fans? Do you think that Yoon Hee will really learn to lean on someone? Can you climb trees like Spiderman too?  Let us know in the comments.

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