It's another week, and Modern Farmer came back with a bang! It's getting harder and harder for Excellent Soul to keep their moods happy and dapper, but thankfully . . . their woe is our triumph, or at the very least, is a lot to laugh over, which makes this the perfect drama to have at the beginning of the week. Join Taleena, Wendilynn, and I as we share with your our thoughts on Episode 9. 

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Boys will be boys . . . and spend every waking moment thinking about their girls!

Let the shipping begin! Our boys seemed troubled and as they should be! Yoon Hee is falling in love with someone else, Yoon Na has a undetermined relationship with the chairman, Bool Ja is an illegal snake-whisperer who looks charming catching grasshoppers and Soo Yeon . . . well, she’s a gold digger . . . literally. 

Aunnie: Although we knew that Ki Joon was going to fall for Bool Ja eventually, catching grasshoppers in order to eat them was not the way I saw it happening. Hahaha!

Wendilynn: I found love amongst the grasshoppers to be very funny. All the different ways Ki Joon tried to convince himself that what he was feeling was NOT love was awesome. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the facial closeups of this show.

Taleena: OK I thought that Ki Joon might begin to rival Han Chul in his sad sack ways with all of those flashbacks, but dang! Han Chul swoops in and steals the sad sack trophy again. Roasted Grasshopper in the bazooms!

Aunnie: I’d totally be cool if Soo Yeon got out of her own way and saw how cute Han Chul really is--except, forcing someone to eat a grasshopper before they’re mentally ready, was a bit too much. The only female who seems to make any sense is Yoon Hee and even she’s not perfect because she’s falling for the wrong . . . guy.

Taleena: Yoon Hee I think has no idea how to deal with Hyuk’s earnest declarations, but I am really glad he told her he wasn’t joking and was persistent. Faint Heart never won fair maid Hyuk and Min Ki is still totally lost on Yoon Ha

Wendilynn: I wish Yoon Hee would take Hyuk seriously because that’s getting old. Be upfront if you don’t want to accept his feelings, good grief. And poor Han Chul….he really just catch a break can he? But then again, he IS dying.

Aunnie: Don't say that! I'm hoping it's going to come out to be a kidney stone or something equally less fatal. 

Kang Hyuk . . . the man who cried wolf . . . one to many times.

We predicted it last week--his joking around the truth wouldn’t win him any points and sure enough, we were proven right. Kang Hyuk finally gets the nerve to confess without teasing it away and lo and behold, Yoon Hee doesn’t believe him. Surprise . . . surprise.

Aunnie: Damn. Damn. Damn! That has to be one of the easiest confessions to EVER come from a Kdrama semi-male lead and it doesn’t do him a damn bit of good because he joked about it before.

Taleena: If someone with those dimples confessed that earnestly to me, my heart would flutter. I hope he wasn’t eating all those plates of spaghetti in vain.

Aunnie: Part of me hopes that she actually believes him but doesn’t know how to react to it so she brushes him off instead. In the meantime, I’m hoping Min Ki continues to be completely oblivious to his Noona and just keep chasing after Yoon Na. Is that too much to hope for?

Taleena: I am with you a 1000% Aunnie. Imagine my surprise because we are usually on the opposite side of the SLS divide, aren’t we? 

Wendilynn: I’m also with you. I expect she does know he’s earnest and because she’s busy crushing on Min Ki she doesn’t want to accept his feelings. As I said earlier… be upfront girl. He finally is.

Go, Stop . . . now do the hussle!

We didn’t see much of our supporting characters this episode although what we did see . . . was pretty significant. Blabbermouth has infected eyebrows, Hallyu Wannabe’s Dad has progressively gotten more agitated if his final “Hoo-Haa” grunt was anything to go by and Lush Uncle is having quite the mokgeolli dream about his beloved. 

Aunnie: What, pray tell, was the mom having done that that happened to her eyebrows??

Taleena: Those boys knew better than to play GO STOP with Grandma Mo of all people. They are lucky he took their last dollar and nothing more. 

Wendilynn: When I saw Min Ki walking towards Gramps bragging about gambling I just started to laugh. The man threw 7 mo down without missing a beat and you think you can take him in GoStop? That’s just asking for a spanking. And speaking of spankings, I had to laugh at the grandma molest fest those boys subjected themselves too.

And we thought Kang Hyuk was going to break our hearts

If you forgot that Han Chul had cancer, the writer’s wanted to bring it to your abrupt attention in this episode. Between cancer and a broken heart, I’m not sure which tugged on those heartstrings more.

Aunnie: I bawled. I’m not even going to pretend like I didn’t. The second he turned around and had instant tears in his eyes (mostly likely to excellent camera angles), I was a goner.

Taleena: I am wondering if Han Chul’s secret will be outed by this. A) The gangsters beat him up. B) He ends up in the hospital C) The boys are informed D) Han Chul’s secret is spilled.

Wendilynn: I also teared up on the bus. When she ignored him, I felt so bad for him. He was like a puppy that had just been kicked by his master. 

Aunnie: Then, what does he do afterwards? He takes the hits from the gangsters for her. How is this woman not yet pregnant with his child (after getting married, of course?) Nae Il from Tomorrow’s Cantabile would be better suited for Han Chul (not that she isn’t already totally perfect for Cha Yoo Jin!)

Wendilynn: This boy gets so much abuse when he’s with this girl, he should cut his losses because its a toss up now, will the cancer kill him before the gangsters do?

Aunnie: Between Taleena proposing the idea that Woo Hyun is going to die and Wendilynn saying Han Chul is going to die . . . ya’ll are breaking my heart with these male leads!

What was your favorite part of Episode 9?

Aunnie: Oh, by far the birthday party scenes. Oh by far. 

Taleena: By far the biggest laughs were the grannies feeling the boys up and Ki Joon’s thousand yard stare.

Wendilynn: I’m with you girls, the birthday party was the best. the amount of money those boys has coming out of their clothes let you know those grannies had a gooooood time. lol 

Aunnie: The fact that Kang Hyuk looked at Min Ki and basically asked “Are we really doing this?” I could just PICTURE Lee Hong Ki saying “Gwaenchanayo. Gwaenchanayo” like he does in that voice of his. But they all looked so dead inside, it was hysterical.

The boys have had a tough week; unrequited love, bad gambling habits and being man-handled by Grandmothers and that's not even mentioning Han Chul's attempt at bravery. Do you think Soo Yeon will finally open her big brown eyes and notice Han Chul? Will Ki Joon finally get the cajones to admit his feelings for Bool Ja and speaking of feelings, will Yoon Hee ultimately reject or accept Kang Hyuk's feelings for her. Let us know how you feel in comments and stay tuned for Episode 10. 

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