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Maknae gets to say the first word – thank you! I'm beginning to like “Monstar” more with each episode and I seriously hope that it does not start prove to disappoint. For me, the funniest thing is Seol Chan’s and Seon Woo’s imaginary fights. I laughed so hard that I was afraid that I might be kicked out of my apartment! From the up-coming episodes I am worried that they might get too depressing and serious, but until now I have enjoyed almost every second of it.

Monstar cry (640x360)

I am so in love with Se Ji character. I did not like that she cried so much (not the best crying-scene acting), but eventually it made me cry too due to the fact that I know how horrible it is when you cannot even attend the funeral. I wonder if her memory loss caused her forget her father face too, if the man is her father? I do not know why I get the feeling that he is. I also like he how naïve she is and how you can never tell if she is joking or not.

Monstar seol (640x360)

But more than feeling sorry for Se Ji, I really pity Seol Chan. He is so misunderstood, he sucks at giving proper explanations and he knows how to annoy other people. You may say that he is arrogant, but I think that he just is not used to acting like a normal person and in unexpected situations it is the first way to defend himself by saying, “I am a STAR!”, which actually is rather childish and stupid. Other things that might make him arrogant are that he does not know how to deal with jealousy, partly because he is not aware of his own feelings, and being mean, which he assumes is the best form of attack for his rivals.

Monstar payback (640x360)

One of the most unexpected things from this episode was Seon Woo’s sudden confession. That took me by surprise, but the way that Seol Chan got his payback was really cruel – even though I fell for Seon Woo’s embarrassed face. I am dying to get to know more about Seon Woo, because he seems like an interesting character. I might even start to like him, because at first he seemed like a jerk to me as though he has a high position in class, he does not attempt to stop the bullying.

Monstar imagination (640x360)

I like how the drama included the idol-fan relationship into it. I find it silly that fans do not want their idols look or act like real human beings and they must always be perfect and divine. Do not get me wrong, I am actually a huge fan-girl here, but I want my idols to live a happy NORMAL life! Forgive me if I hurt someone’s feelings, but these are my thoughts.

Monstar band (640x360)

After making so many hints in previous episodes, I am happy that some things are finally explained to get things rolling; though at the same time they give us so many new questions – why did Seol Chan and Seon Woo end their friendship? What’s the story behind the other characters? Is that ahjussi her real father or what is actually going on? What is with the teachers – are they exes or do they just have feelings for each other? There are so many questions that keep me interested and captivated for this drama. I am burning to see another episode!

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