Let’s face it, your friends are your friends for a reason. Maybe it is because they share your likes and dislikes, maybe it is because they have always been there for you during your low points, and maybe it is because they are always there with a smile and a sense of humor when you need it most. Whatever the reason is, your relationship with your friends is based on a mutual idea and continues on certain principles. Those principles of friendship, the unwritten rules of your relationship, are what keeps you and your besties from deleting each other’s numbers and turning into cold acquaintances. For episode ten’s wrap up post we are taking a look at how those unwritten rules of friendship apply in the world of Monstar. Cheers! Cypsis: Monstar is full of unwritten friendship rules and I feel that most it is with Kyu Dong and Do Nam. They keep breaking them one moment and then trying to follow them the next, but they mostly have broken all unwritten rules from my point of view. MC 1 Their whole fight started with breaking the number 1 rule – Friends must be honest with each other. I understand that Kyu Dong did not have the time to clear his head before betraying Do Nam, but I think that he must have had some doubts before. If two people are best friends then you should be honest with them. Kyu Dong only starts to tell his thoughts after Ahjussi mentioned to him that blindly and stubbornly defending is not a thing that friends should do. Only friends are allowed to tell you when you are being a pain in the butt without getting hit. MC 2 On the other hand, Kyu Dong was not the only one breaking rules at that time. Do Nam also broke the number 2 rule – friends must never prevent each other from fulfilling dreams. If one does not make it, then friend should always support him. I know it hurts, been through it several times, but I think that it is wrong to give a friend a lifetime of regret of not giving his/her dream a chance.  Both of those mistakes can be explained with the simple fact that they were young and I believe that understanding the true meaning of having a best friend comes with age. MC 3 On the bright side, after being the worst friends to each other they started to act like real friends. Having that close to death experience will knock sense into your head and make you understand that things must be changed. But the 3rd rule what I am talking about is the only one they started to follow: Friends are considerate with each other. MC 4 At first it seemed that Do Nam made Kyu Dong go with him to net-café, but it was more like taking the first step. On this point comes into the friendship rule – after Kyu Dong said that he should go to practice piano Do Nam agreed and we see him start to practice drums. MC 5 I hope that their friendship will get better as they have grown one step smarter about friendship rules: honesty, support and being considerate. E-Kun: It is funny how we are doing this topic as our wrap up post! I was just talking to my friend (Unnichan) about how I could not name a show with a good friend. Friendship is something that I personally cherish in my life—I have a few friends that I consider “ride or die” friends,  that help(ed) me get through some of the most difficult times in my life. With that being said, when I see friends acting out or breaking the “unwritten” rules of friendship over silliness, I am prone to not only lose respect for that character, but I renege on everything I thought about them in the first place. The worst friend award is handed to Shim Eun Ha for this show—all her cool points are out the window with no hope of restoration! R10-1 Eun Ha’s behavior towards Sae Hee in Episode 10 is unacceptable on so many levels. Here are the top 3 reasons she and I are over: (1) She approached the wrong person, (2) She was being a (censored word) blocker and manipulator, and (3) She released her frustrations on the wrong (and innocent) party. R10-4 Eun Ha approached Seol Chan about him dating and hints to the fact that she knows he likes Sae Hee—this was your first mistake. Girl Code dictates that you need to approach your friend with such matters; the whole situation could have been avoided if she had talked to Sae Hee about how she felt about Seol Chan and him being a “Star”. When a good friend is aware of how you feel, they try to avoid hurting you purposefully. Sae Hee has a moral compass that falls under the heading of “good “friend… Eun Ha, I hate that you didn’t realized and things took a turn for the worst. R10-3 Eun Ha being a manipulative (censored) blocker was news to me this episode! Cypsis mentioned how Eun Ha was purposefully pushing Sae Hee into Sun Woo’s direction, but I wanted to give her a bit more credit and believe that she would not stoop to such a level—my mistake. She not only knew that Seol Chan liked Sae Hee and tried to block it, she used someone else’s feelings (Sun Woo’s) to try and manipulate a particular outcome! What makes the manipulation worst is that she knew her friend (Sae Hee) could possibly like Seol Chan back. To complete her trifecta of treachery we add betrayal; altogether resulting in manipulation, blocking, and betraying. R10-2 Lastly, when Eun Ha decides to face the reality that Seol Chan and Sae Hee have become more than friends, she lashes out at Sae Hee. Since she started out talking to Seol Chan about his “god- like” position, she should have followed up with him too (isn’t the problem with him? He is your “Star”, right?)! Sae Hee is a loyal friend, but not the sharpest tool in the shed (she is not able to see things as clear as others). If Eun Ha confronted Sae Hee earlier about Seol Chan; and Sae Hee still decided to fool around with Seol Chan, I could understand Eun Ha throwing a tantrum. When she accuses Sae Hee, “You have stolen something that was precious to me. There are unspoken rules that must be observed by friends…” My immediate thought was, “Then what the happy heck have you been doing the last few episodes!” She was busy manipulating, blocking, and on the brink of betrayal. R10-5 The hurt look on Seol Chan and Sae Hee's face shows how much they really care about her. If only she would get over herself for one minute and open her eyes to see what she has in Seol Chan, Sae Hee, and the rest of the Color Bar Band. A true friend wants to see their friends being happy; even though she has a nomination for the worst friend of 2013, I hope she can find some peace of mind. R10-6 Lore: The unwritten rules of friendship are confusing, after all they are implied rules that require assumed knowledge by both parties (and let’s face it, each person has their own idea of what makes a good friend). Maybe that is why I try to simplify it in my head and think of the rules of friendship in terms of the basic rules of human decency- respect each other and tell the truth. M 10 4 When it comes down to the friendships that played a big part in episode 10 (Kyu Dong and Do Nam, Eun Ha and Se Yi) I find myself looking in on a whole lot of broken rules from both parties in the relationship. Kyu Dong and Do Nam have not always told the truth to each other- Kyu Dong lied outright about staying in the talent show. Do Nam also broke the rule of respect, he bullied and physically abused Kyu Dong in the past. M 10 7 In the case of Eun Ha and Se Yi, Eun Ha does have a lot of fault in terms of rule breaking. E-Kun brought up good points on how Eun Ha manipulated and lied. Eun Ha definitely broke the rules this episode, however I perceived her actions to be based on her own low self-esteem and desire to escape from her situation (which does not make what she did right, but does not make me hate this character). I appreciate that Monstar highlights the way friendships can develop, break apart, and have the possibility to become whole again. I cheered at Eun Ha and Se Yi’s reconciliation and let out a little happy noise every time Kyu Dong and Do Nam take another step towards repairing their friendship. While the unwritten rules of friendship are important, so is forgiveness and the recognition that others can learn from their mistakes. As these characters forgive and heal I cannot help but smile. More MONSTAR Drama Club! 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