We have reached the point where we cannot wait another week for new episode. The last episode gave me all answers I was looking for and did not give expectations for things to happen later. pic 1 Firstly, all my good thoughts and pity for Seon Woo ended. Nana said it well: “jerk until the end."  He hurt Nana really bad, reaaaaally BAD. Nana deserves a much better man and in the end Seol Chan was right about Seon Woo being a jerk. Pic 2

The only scene where I really liked him was when he let Seol Chan run after Se Yi, because it showed that he is trying his best to move on.

pic 3 This episode is full of Seol Chan and Se Yi dates. Seol Chan has become the best boyfriend ever - risking everything for her, standing by her, supporting and comforting her. He was so sweet when he took Se Yi home and that song – I do not have words.

Pic 4 In addition, it is rare in dramas that the girl also appreciates and understands the things the guy is doing for her. They are officially one of my favorite couples. I liked that they did not bring in the scandal of “Idol having a girlfriend” because it almost seemed like it would be another story as Se Yi and Seol Chan both know their situation, but are willing to go on as a couple.

Pic 5

Taking the wrong hand was showing that they still have a long way until overcoming obstacles and their relationship still has time to develop. They are only 18 – they do not have to know and make decisions for life  yet, because they know that life has not been and will not become easy. Pic 6 My sister was right about Seol Chan’s Mom re-dumping him to orphanage, but I kind of understand her as everything came too fast. Besides she is regretting it and she has turned so sweet and caring – “When son brings a girlfriend home, then the door should be left a bit open." Made my day! Pic 7 I like that Se Yi has forgiven her mom, but maybe it should be discussed more. Se Yi's mom went to give Ahjussi the demo, trying to get Se Yi’s dad a record deal. Ahjussi made it big, but their friendship ended because they both liked the same girl, and she chose Se Yi’s dad. Pic 8   Sometimes a man’s pride is too much. Both of them made a mistake that night. I like that they turned it  around though. I hope Se Yi and Ahjussi can forgive themselves in future. Pic 9   That PD is also a major jerk who does not have his own life together so he must ruin others too! Pic 10   Did they win or lose? I actually think that it ended as the first competition. They lost, but at the same time gained much more. I liked their performance much more than All for One’s. Pic 11 The more I think about it the more I like the ending. It was just a piece of their lives – we know that there will be more later, but this will be a totally different story already. Let’s leave our lovebirds here and hope that their future will be brighter and lighter.

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