For twelve weeks Monstar has been a part of our lives, but with today Monstar Dramaclub graduates feeling happy and sad at the same time. Even though we only spent 2 months together we are proud that we were able to do it. As for last wrap up we decided to say our last words, our “Final Thoughts” on Monstar. mon lasto E-Kun: The good, the bad, the ugly—not the Clint Eastwood version kiddies! Monstar was a delightfully pleasant drama that consumed the last 12 weeks or so of my life…. I am thankful that I do not feel like my time was wasted! 1 The good: The story started off strong with the trio of good drama making—good looking kids, great music, and a solid storyline. I admit there were times I was bored with what was going on, but it never made me want to gouge out my eyes from horror (*cough* When a Man Loves *cough*). I loved how well the characters were fleshed out. Even if I did not agree with every single thing they did, I understood and was able to give definitive thumbs up or down. 2 My favorite part of the show was how the characters used song to express and convey their feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Seol Chan’s “theme song” in the first 2- 3 episodes—“As Time Passes” by Yong Joon Hyung of BEAST & BTOB still plays on my ipod daily! 3 The ending—not one of my favorites, was much appreciated. This is the type of drama I describe as “a glance into the everyday lives of a few people”, we were given the opportunity to share in joys, sorrows, and achievements on their daily lives. To see a perfect ending is not fitting to this story; because tomorrow is another day that will bring new challenges, joys, etc. 4 The Bad: *Sigh* My anger for not being able to adore Kang Ha Neul as a second lead is only fueled by the fact that he sucked as a character. I am a “second- lead lover” and I was never able to fully appreciate him. I am not blaming the actor, it was totally the way he was written and how much he pissed me off at the end. He seemed to make a lot of excuses that left me with the impression of “SO? And?” 5 I am still torn up over the fact him and Na Na did not work out (I guess he was singing Mayer Hawthorne’s “Just ain’t Gonna Work Out…”). I stated before that it would be unfair for me to hate him over not liking her because I would have to hate Sae Hee for not liking him—but I find his reason for not trying to even give Na Na a chance after seeing how “bomb diggity” (Daebak) she was a little irritating. 6 The Ugly: When there are so many aspects to love it is hard to think of things you did not like—I only have a few. I did not like the part with Byun PD, anything that involved him just seemed unnecessary! It gives a glimpse into the vulture nature of people who want to play games with celebrities for sport. If he was not trying to fish out a story to expose Seol Chan’s personal life, he was manipulating him to perform! When he wasn’t playing games with Seol Chan, he was feeding foolishness to stir up the All for One bastards! Everything about him made me want to puke. I found his character to be an unneeded catalyst to move the story along—I for one feel it didn’t have to go down that way. 7 Another thing I did not care for was we never got to see more into the lives of the All for One big 3 Ma Joon Hee, Ma Hyo Rin, and Shin Jae Rok. Lord knows I wanted to give these kids more credit for being such punks but the show never allowed it. It is a setback on the writers part because it purposefully tries to insinuate “These are the rich bad kids—that’s all to it” when there is always two sides to every story—we never got to hear their side. 8 It was an emotional rollercoaster that I was able to ride with two of the coolest partners! Lore Unnie and Cypsis—thanks for all your hard work and dedication to our group. To our readers/ Monstar lovers—keep it real and watch more drama! 9 Lore: I find myself, days after the finale has aired, thinking back to the last episode of Monstar. Call it the stick factor, call it my lack of an exciting life, but any time a drama lingers after it has finished I realize how much I loved the show and how much I will miss it. In other words-Monstar, where are you? Come back! I will buy you cookies and a puppy! PIC 1 Delusional ramblings aside, I really did enjoy this show. I know the open ended finale left a bad taste in some viewer’s mouths but I simply adored it. It felt right, because this story has a snippet type feeling- we were given a twelve episodes look into these characters lives. A snippet, not a full blown beginning, middle, and end to a situation. We are talking about a show that showcases high school students- their lives are not necessarily defined by one thing or one moment. PIC 2 I praise this ending for starting much as it had begun; revealing a group of misfits as they experienced life and relationships, one day at a time. So I am not sure if Sun Woo ended up with NaNa, and who knows what eventually happened to Color Bar. But I am okay with this, I would rather have just watched these kids as they figured out life’s surprising curveballs instead of had a show about who is the better band or who ended up with who. PIC 3 The characters made this series, and I have a hard time thinking one was better than another (though I do fangirl over NaNa). Each character, much in line with the concept of a hero with a thousand faces, went on their own journey of discovery during this story. Each character came out a different person- from reconciled friendships to new romances everyone had changed somehow, but not to the point we saw full resolution. These characters will (now I am going to sound all weird and such) will keep going. And that is why I like this show. Because I could believe in this band of misfits and their interactions, no matter how outrageous they were. Great ensemble cast indeed. PIC 4 Monstar was not always perfect. Episode eleven made me groan. I had definite moments of “Why?!” during this series. Yet I will take a couple lackluster episodes of this show in order to have the remaining good ones. When Monstar was great it was truly great. And that is another reason why I will miss this show. monstary Cypsis: Now that “Monstar” is over I have had time to think over all the things about it. In conclusion I discovered that it has become one of my favorite dramas and it has made into several TOP-s and lists on my second blog. Even though I have already watched all episodes for several times, I am going to have another “Monstar Marathon” next week – I wonder when I will have enough of this sweet little thing. mon lasst For me definitely one the greatest parts of Monstar are characters and cast. They are real, they have their ups and downs, good and bad sides - they are like real humans, not only fictional characters. Each character goes through personal development within drama and you just get to know them really well. There is no one who is 100% bad character – there are some annoying and negative scenes, but they are still realistic characters. It is only way how to explain Ma Joon He and Hyo Rin protective or “good” deeds. mon lasclas I liked that most of the cast were fresh and new-faces in acting. Sometimes I do feel bored when I know that the actor/actress is really great and he/she will pull it off anyway, so it was nice to see how the cast gave their best in this new experience. I now have added new actors to my “hold your eyes on his/her actions”. mon lasfirs The storyline is about youth for youth to watch it. There were so many times were I was able to draw parallels with my own life and I think that sometimes it is the most important when the viewers can connect to drama. I enjoyed that they had not added too many scandals and “lets ruin all happy moments with next second” scenes. mon lasrol As E-kun referred to “Monstar” as a rollercoaster, then it was a really pleasant rollercoaster that I would like to ride over and over again without it making me feel sick. They had a nice pace which accelerated for right time and slow down for a bit so that we could take our breath and then speed up again. mon lascry These were our last thoughts on Monstar. Even when we would like to say “let’s meet next week” we know that this is impossible. Monstar Dramaclub - Lore, E-kun and Cypsis – are smiling with tears in our eyes as we wave goodbye to You and Monstar! 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