E- Kun (drama watcher Sunbae of the group) last up to bat this Week! My first thought is, "Yoon Seol Chan!  How I how I love thee, let me count the ways…  Noona can’t do this with you!"

4-1 "Monstar" continues to conjure the question marks in my eyes; I do not know about any of you but I ADORE a drama that makes me think. Episode 4 reminds me how the show is laced with so many back stories; this could be a pitfall or a pedestal to the overall show. Yoon Seol Chan, Min Sae Hee, and Jung Sun Woo are my overall main focus in this episode. 4-2 I am absolutely in love with the way Yong Joon Hyung brings Yoon Seol Chan to life. Seol Chan is an artist (not an idol, this kid is really stinkin’ talented) bleeding through the annoyances of being in high school and being a teenager. His disdain and haughtiness for the consequences that come along with being an IDOL is what keeps him misunderstood by the masses. 4-3 The two words I use to describe him (not that it really could… he is quite complex) is annoyed and innocent. I identify with him on so many points— but because I am older I want to give him a “pop” when he puts his foot in his mouth. 4-4 I am glad that we are starting to see his character think and evolve more than when we were in episode 1—though he still has a long way to go. Sae Hee… what can be said about this young lady? I love the fact that she is not sitting around and letting the bullies of the school toss her about. 4-5 Though I find her character very intriguing, I found myself not really caring about her as a leading lady in this episode. Glad that we were able to tackle her issues with her father’s death, but I am much more interested in what Kim Na Na and Shim Eun Ha are up to in life. Why is Eun Ha such an outcast? 4-6 Why is Na Na always in shady places with shady people? 4-7   Jung Sun Woo? Make noona’s dream come true and have a bromance with Seol Chan and forget about Sae Hee; I promise life will be so much easier for you! 4-8 I am typically a second lead kind of girl, but Sun Woo is not really doing it for me in this show. Sun Woo is TOO perfect which leads me to believe there is more than what meets the eye—there are those ???’s in my eyes again. 4-9 Despite that, I think Kang Ha Neul is doing a great job as Sun Woo. Music! The thing I anticipate about every episode is the music. I was really excited to see Seol Chan and Sun Woo play the piano piece (Pachabel’s Cannon in D) together. 4-10 Giving me hope that the bromance is not completely dead! I hope the reason they have “beef” is worth the attitude they have. Even though this episode seemed a bit slow paced; I'd like to believe that this drama is leading us somewhere with these characters. I will continue to hope for the bromance, love Seol Chan (I can make snacks and help with your homework), and watch these characters develop and grow in their relationships together. 4-11   More from the MONSTAR Drama Club: Episode 4: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ]