One of Monstar’s strong points (and I mean one, cause this show does a whole lot right) is the complex series of relationships between the characters. Most of these relationships are intentionally vague and mysterious with a promise of major revelations as the story progresses. For episode 4’s wrap up review we will examine the Monstar relationships that have us beyond curious and do a little theorizing, drama club style. Note: Our Drama Club maknae, Cypsis, is currently on a vacation where she is busy turning her travelling buddies onto 2NE1 (sounds like an awesome trip to me!). Never fear, you can catch Cypsis’s comments on next week’s reviews and wrap up post. (Cypsis- Please bring your Unnies back some souvenirs :-) ) Now on to the pondering! Who is trench coat Ahjussi and what was his relationship with Se Yi’s Dad? WR 4 5 E-Kun: I am not entirely certain I buy the whole dad’s friend excuse he offers. There is something there that the show has yet to reveal. I will not be surprised if it is actually her father! She was young when the accident occurred--she said she was in the car and badly hurt. She did not go to the “funeral”, so who is to say there really was one? This could all be a ploy set up by mother to distance Se Yi from her father because of the dead woman he keeps seeing in his memory. WR 4 10 I think Ahjussi is an older version of Seol Chan as far as celebritism goes. He is no stranger to what Seol Chan has been going through as an idol. It would not surprise me if the dead woman was planted in his car to frame him for just being “popular”. It is no secret that fans can be downright cruel to the object of their affections. WR 4 14 Lore: E-Kun brings up a good point; Ahjussi may actually be Se Yi’s Dad, after all there is a whole lot of missing memories that could support this reality. To throw in another theory I wonder if Ahjussi was really Dad’s friend, a friend who caused the accident that killed him (yunno, his constant car accident nightmare seems a little too coincidental given the accident that took the life of Se Yi’s father). WR 4 6 I am further theorizing that the accident had something to do with Se Yi’s Mom. After all, Ahjussi really did not want to talk about Mom when he was questioned by Se Yi. Did he used to love her? Was she stolen away by Se Yi’s Dad? Was this a way back version of the developing love triangle of Se Yi- Seol Chan – Sun Woo? And did his lost love drive Ahjussi to somehow cause a car accident that killed his rival in love? Only time, and more episodes, will tell. Why is there bad blood between Seol Chan and Mom/ Seol Chan and Sun Woo? WR 4 12 E-Kun: Starting and developing a relationship is easy, but when you get to peeling back layers of yourself and see underneath the layers of another person—it can make or break a relationship with one wrong step. Monstar is full of relationships that are broken, fragile, or on hiatus. I find myself particularly invested in Seol Chan and the relationships he wants/ needs to cultivate and the ones he has abandoned for personal reasons. WR 4 11 Seol Chan is a complex kid for so many reasons: he’s a teenager (totally sucks!), idol, artist, emotionally scarred, “boy in love”, etc. I completely understand why his relationships strenuous to maintain on a daily basis. He dabbles in immaturity because no one has been around to correct his behavior or make him think about consequences of his actions on a grand scale. WR 4 13 I am most intrigued by his relationship with his mother. In the first episode, we see her roll out after he begs and pleads for her to stay. I think she either left him at an orphanage for a short amount of time to marry up—or she was just being a mess because she thought “one day he will understand.” In any event, I think there is never an excuse for a mom to abandon her child. If you are struggling you can bet your bottom dollar your child wants to struggle with you! This blunder on mom’s part has stunted Seol Chan in so many ways, if he never wanted to talk to her again in life—I promise I would be a “ride or die” chick to help him make that come true (noona can be cold hearted)! What do you all think? Does mom have a right to want a deeper relationship with her son? Is there ever a legitimate time for a parent to abandon their child? WR 4 2 Sun Woo? What part did you play in Seol Chan hating you so? Why does he mention something as dire as betrayal? And does it have something to do with this Hye Rim I keep hearing about but not seeing? Sometimes, I think Sun Woo would like to sip on that “Amnesia Juice” and be friends with our dear Seol Chan. This is evident in the way he addresses him in Episode 4. What do you all think? Do you think that Seol Chan should sip some good ole “Amnesia” and let bygones be bygones (Noona always loves a bromance over romance!)?  WR 4 8 Lore:  What is with the flashback of Mom leaving Seol Chan when he was little? And why is he coldly respectful towards her? I theorize that she dropped him off at an elite school much to his sorrow (and with some mystery motivations of her own, was she trying to get rid of him?). This abandonment has driven Seol Chan to resent his Mother, as evidenced when he rebelled against having to live at home. Whatever the true story of this mother and son relationship, you can tell that the situation is major emotional baggage for Seol Chan. I feel like this character's emotional growth is tied to this past trauma, once he can overcome it he will grow leaps and bounds as a person. WR 4 4 Now on to the broken bromance, this is a hard one to decipher. Based on the hints dropped during episode 4 it appears that Seol Chan took piano lessons in his youth, and at some point was in the same class as Sun Woo. Were they both at the same school together? Did they bond over their mutual dislike of their parents and/ or situation? And was Se Yi, pre-accident, also at the school (based on Sun Woo's memory of seeing her play guitar as a child)? WR 4 3 I am really lost as to the exact nature of their past history and the catalyst for their current mutual dislike of each other. There is obviously some bad blood and a lot of veiled comments- what they mean is debatable. I would like to think they decided they could no longer be friends because they were both too handsome (sorry boys, noona had to mention the pretty). Okay, I admit it, I have no clue why these two do not get along. But if I had to guess it involves their parents or a girl. But probably their parents. So what do you think of the complex relationships of Monstar? Do you have a theory to share?   More from the MONSTAR Drama Club: Episode 5: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 4: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ]