The last scene of episode 5 left me on the edge of my seat. But what enjoyment is found in a heart-pounding ending when you have not looked at the tension mounting scenes before? Certainly not the kind of enjoyment found in a basketful of kittens- and we all know no one hates a basketful of kittens! On to the review! M 5 14 This was the episode that revealed just how socially aware Seol Chan can be and just how torn he is in regards to his own unresolved emotional pain. Early in this episode Seol Chan followed Se Yi, who was busy following Do Nam to convince him to join the band (say that three times fast). He finally intervened when Do Nam became aggressive with Se Yi. M 5 2 Our idol proceeded to casually deliver a stunning blow to Do Nam’s anger; stop saying he can’t do the music concert and just say he doesn’t want to do it. Because, saying he can’t means he really does not have the skill, and we all know that means he isn’t pushing himself and recognizing his own talent. M 5 4 Seol Chan word’s cut deep thanks to one of the reasons for Do Nam’s angry bully chip on his shoulder; a childhood Judo lecture from his Father with the same message. One point added to Seol Chan’s I-totally-get-you score; Do Nam ends up joining the band. M 5 1 On a side note I found that there was a lot more confirmation in this episode of Na Na and Sun Woo eventually hooking up. The slow-mo walk by was a little too slow-mo to make me think it was meaningless. M 5 3 Plus we had Na Na looking a little excited (it is Na Na so I can’t say she looked really excited) when Sun Woo came to join the band. I think someone likes Mr. Perfect! M 5 6 Back to Seol Chan’s I-totally-get-you game: we are going to have to deduct one point. Why? Well after Sun Woo joins the band Seol Chan is a stranger his own logic. He has a huge blind spot when it comes to his own motivations. M 5 7 When he confronts Se Yi about Sun Woo’s entry into the band she questions his opinion. The idol stalks off, as puzzled as Se Yi. He does not even know why he hates Sun Woo; I mean he knows the past but he cannot see the defining moment of this hatred. Or maybe he just can’t admit it, keeping it deeply buried inside himself. M 5 9 With our hero down to zero points we find a situation full of point’s potential, but it ends in a thrilling draw. It starts when trench coat Ahljussi won’t let manager hyung deliver food to the basement hang out. Seol Chan’s response of accusations and criticism clearly cuts deep with the man, he has accurately observed Ahjussi’s situation. M 5 10 Ahjussi hurls his own I-totally-get-you observations at the idol; like how could Seol Chan act like this unless his parents taught him bad habits? At the mention of Mom and Dad Seol Chan freaks out; showcasing his huge emotional wound that can easily be exposed. Seol Chan for zero points, because not knowing yourself but knowing someone else kind of cancels each other out. But don’t worry, noona is here for you, still cheering you on! M 5 12 After our game of Seol Chan self-realization completes we get to the big reveal. All I can theorize is….Ahjussi was the other man! Whaa….how will Se Yi take this when she finds out (because she will eventually)?! I need you episode 6! More from the MONSTAR Drama Club: Episode 5: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 4: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ]