OOOOOOHHHHH SNAP! Who needs auto- tune when you have Cha Do Man ripping up the mic with his sick beat boxing?! And sorry Gyu Dong boo— Noona is definitely the best… So hard to get memos out to other countries about who I is! *Aigoo* 5-1 So many things begin to unfold as this drama starts to really get off the ground; it is an episode of small (unsatisfying) revelations. Park Gyu Dong and Cha Do Man were homies (friends) once upon a time! Though this information is not shocking, Gyu Dong has done something in the past to make Do Man abhor him. Unsatisfied because we still do not know what it is. Seol Chan is absolutely adorable and simultaneously annoying in this episode. The problem with this kid is that he has random moments of lucidity; then experiences delusions of grandeur because of his emotions. Seol Chan, I believe ahjussi has something to hide too [Moment of Lucidity] but he is not trying to harm Sae Hee [Delusions of Grandeur—I mean, living in his own world]. 5-5 You have Sun Woo’s number when it comes to his feelings for Sae Hee and his lack of confessing to her [Moment of Lucidity] but Sun Woo has no reason to spy on you and the band for All for One [Delusional of Grandeur]. What the happy heck happened between you two!? 5-6 This episode resulted in Seol Chan losing major cool points with noona—but it’s never too late to turn it around! When will he figure out all this craziness recently is because of Sae Hee?! Let’s move along to those little bastards All for One (Is it ok for a grown up to call kids bastards?). Ma Joon Hee, Ma Hyo Rin, and Shin Jae Rok are 3 of the members in this “Stellar” group… I hate these kids. 5-7 Joon Hee, who is the leader of the group, is an Elitist snob that makes you want to spit in his face! And I rather see someone stabbed than spit in the face. 5-2 Hyo Rin, his younger sister, is what I called in high school a “mean girl”. We all know that mean girls grow up and become—let’s just say it rhymes with "Witch". 5-8 Last, Shin Jae Rok who isn’t happy until he is making someone else’s life miserable. I was always told misery loves company… guess who lives in misery (and it’s not Maroon 5)? 5-3 I am glad that Sun Woo "grew a heart" and decided to bounce on this group! He really was too good for them (maybe?). Ever since this group has decided to perform in the Cultural Fair, all I can think is how hard it must be to live in a society where you are constantly compared to one another's talents. 5-11 All these kids are uber talented! Why can’t they do two different performances displaying different genres and the diversity of music in their local surroundings and around the world? 5-12 Since it cannot go down that way, I will have to stick with the Color Bar Band and hope they mop the floor with those little bastards—I mean All for One. 5-10 So perhaps Creepy Ahjussi isn’t her father (Paternity test please… this is a Korean Drama)! Perhaps he was the man that was in love with Sae Hee’s mom and had something to do with the accident of her father. It made me more intrigued with Sae Hee and her past with her family. I really hope all will be revealed soon. 5-9 All things will be revealed as we continue to tune in. Until next week! E-Kun’s out! 5-13   More from the MONSTAR Drama Club: Episode 5: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 4: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ]