Episode 5 starts to unwrap the mysteries of the drama by giving us more hints about the stories.

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One really important part of this episode was showing Cha Do Nam’s background story and changing his views of life. Of course that is thanks to our hero Seol Chan who just knows how to annoy people with hitting on just the right spot. I thought before that there must be something musical that Cha Do Nam is actually good at. His beatbox of 2NE1’s “I am the best” was great - not to mention perfect timing for me as on last week's trip I turned my friend into 2NE1 fanboy..

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I feel like the group is starting to break down Cha Do Nam’s fierce anger barricade. Now I am eager to find out what's happened between him and Park Gyu Do and why Cha Do Nam called it quits with judo.

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Another side of the episode is that they declare battles between “the loser batch” and All For One. I knew I was too lucky to not see those mean ones so much, but my luck has run out. All For One are the only characters that I seriously dislike – full of themselves, selfish and bullies. The funniest thing is that Shin Jae Rok seems to be the meanest, but he is only playing cymbals – I know it is an important instrument and keeps the beat, but seriously? No hard feelings, but I think it takes a little less talent than other instruments like piano, violin, cello, guitar etc. and arranging music.

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In addition, I have a feeling that we will see much much more of Hyo Rin. I wonder if she has a deeper connection with Seol Woo as he dropped his meeting with Se Yi for her some episodes ago.. and Hyo Rin seems to get more jealous with each episode. Even though I do not like them I want to know what happens to those spoiled brats.

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I like that Seol Chan starts to question his motives about protecting Se Yi, because I find it interesting when a character starts to think over his/her feelings – their confused faced are so cute. I hope that they will start to show more of Se Yi’s emotions too, because at the moment she acts the same with everyone.

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On the days I had free time without a new episode of “Monstar” I started to think that if Ahjussi is her father then Seol Chan would not receive his blessing, but this episode made me realize that my worries were for nothing. Firstly, Seol Chan and Ahjussi are able to see through each other which leads into a “see-through-truth-game” where both are giving hints and having a smack on their weak points. You can feel the pressure in the air so I am waiting for the time when those hints turn into direct explanations.

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Secondly, as the end of the episode hints, he might be the man who was the reason of Se Yi father’s death, or at least it is a reason for Se Yi. That again dissolves the son-in-law problem as I think that Seol Chan gets to be the shoulder to cry on for Se Yi, but do not even ask why I am so concerned about this topic. As the next episode will be the end of half episodes then I am looking forward to some faster development.

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