Revelations, misunderstandings, and heartbreaks—Oh My! This week’s episode has a lot of ground to cover and I only have so many words! But can I throw a shout out to the Ahjussi who was playing the electric guitar while Kim Na Na was lamenting?! It had this girl in tears! 6-3 Our leading lady has a breakdown (like Mariah Carey) with Creepy Ahjussi about her mother and she's detesting the very air that she breathes! She believes that her mother had an affair over her father that ultimately caused his death. 6-5 Sae Hee, as an adult and a person who has dealt with grief over and over in my (insert age here) years of living; It is not fair to throw the blame game without solid proof! Don’t you know what happens to the person who assumes? You make an (blank) out of yourself and the other person. 6-6 I know you are young and confused but mom is hurting just like you. Talking out of grief makes even the wisest of human beings irrational. Having a conversation could possibly clear up a misunderstanding from years ago, and alleviate you from future regrets of not mending the rift with your mother. If your mother did do something as heinous as having an affair, I am not asking you to forgive her. You need to know so you can have peace with whatever decision you make in the future. 6-7 Seol Chan! Seol… Chan! Hot tamales that kid makes life hard for a Noona! The fact that he has come to grips with what is going on with himself and his attraction to Sae Hee while also finally giving Sae Hee a clue as to how he sees her and how he wants to be seen, restores half of the cool points that were deducted last week. 6-8 I hate the revelations of his that could hinder Sun Woo and his bromance (lamenting trot song playing in the background with my shot of soju)! 6-9 Sun Woo! I just want to thank the actor Kang Ha Neul for doing what I have been waiting 6 episodes for him to do…. 6-1 Need I say more? Sun Woo’s background story is sweet! I love seeing baby Seol Chan and him hanging out together (seriously show… I need answers like now!). I was surprised to discover that Seol Chan’s personality has not changed! Despite all the horrid things he has been through, he still has a shred of himself intact. 6-10 Sun Woo—I hate to keep throwing this out there, but you will not get the girl. In my opinion, you are too perfect for the girl. Your calm temperament and personality is not going to work! 6-11 But I have to admit… I love the angst and haughty look Sun Woo throws at Seol Chan for talking silliness (You're welcome Kang Ha Neul lovers). 6-12 Who knew that Na Na had a heart (I did! Appearances can be deceiving)?! Her heartfelt cries, her memories, her GORGEOUS voice all had me in tears this episode. 6-2 We knew that she liked Sun Woo, but who knew how deep her torment of liking him was? I seriously had no idea, but isn’t innocent love always the most painful? 6-4 I want to take a tiny fraction of a moment to discuss Gyu Dong and what he is up to. I think he is a precious character, and I admire his tenacity in trying to keep his relationship with Do Man together. 6-13 I appreciate that Creepy Ahjussi gave him a nugget of wisdom as to what being a friend really means. Being abused and bullied is not friendship—it is stupidity that will give you thoughts of jumping off that ledge (Noona is singing Third Eye Blind’s “Jumper” with another shot of soju). 6-14 This episode is the pace that I have been waiting for; lots of things being revealed and more light is being exposed. Now that our Color Bar Band knows more about each other, it makes it all the more awkward and painful for the group.  This is when acts of true friendship, love, and maybe even giving up will determine the type of people they are. Will they live up to our expectations? Can't wait until next week! Peace! 6-15     More from the MONSTAR Drama Club: Episode 6: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 5: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 4: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ]