m6 1 And the awkward car pool of the year award goes to…(audience collectively holds breath, waiting for the much anticipated announcement)…Monstar for the jealousy ridden smile fest featuring Na Na, Seol Chan, Se Yi, and Sun Woo! Congratulations Monstar, it is hard to make a car pool situation that uncomfortable! *audience erupts in applause* m6 8 Hypothetical awards that are given in my head aside this entry was bursting with enough emotional angst to make me feel like I was back in high school. This was a really good episode, in my opinion the best since the first entry in the series. Monstar’s ability to capture the feeling of being a teenager was in top form and the characters got some fleshing out which alleviated some (and I mean just some) of the questions hanging over their motivations. m6 6 I was ecstatic to see more of Na Na’s character and even though there is still much about her that remains a mystery we finally got an understanding of her crush on Sun Woo and why this high school girl hangs out in a seedy club. m6 7 In my opinion one of the best moments of this episode was Na Na’s soulful song. This girl can sing! Wow- I was not expecting our gangster girl to belt out a tune with so much emotion. Na Na fan club in order? I think so. All of which is making me wonder what Eun Ha can do. As each character has revealed their talents the level of awesome has steadily increased; at this rate I am starting to believe that Eun Ha may just be the next Mariah Carey. m6 3 The funniest part of this episode was Se Yi’s belief that the two moody boys she hangs out with were moody not because they are competing for her affection but because they were missing each other’s. I love how she was so certain about it that she was genuinely shocked it was not the truth. Poor girl but thanks for the laughs, priceless. m6 4 That almost kiss! I seriously blushed a little bit while watching the scene. It was shot wonderfully and the actors did a terrific job; you could feel the tension. Plus it was a relief that somebody finally made some kind of move in this I-like-you game; because relationships are not going to be formed by liking someone from afar. Way to get the ball rolling Mr. I am a Star. m6 5 Color Bar’s growing pains were brought to the forefront this episode; the kid’s teamwork fell apart as they each dealt with an emotional pain of their own. I think a big dose of honesty is in order to patch up these newly formed wounds; as Ahjussi reminded Radio sitting silently and letting each other act like idiots is not the thing a good friend would do. It will be interesting to see this group overcome the struggle and find their stride; especially because I think the band will only solidify once they come clean to each other about their feelings. Who knows what the truth will bring but I am guessing and hoping it will only make this band stronger. Color Bar Fighting! More from the MONSTAR Drama Club: Episode 6: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 5: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 4: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ]