Hello all you Monstar lovers out there! This week as our wrap up post, we will discuss the adults. It is very rare that we discuss them because they take a back seat to the kids, but one of our readers did mention the teachers and we decided to open the discussion field to: “Adults in Monstar: Your Time to Shine”. R6-13 E- Kun: Teachers, parents, company adults, and Creepy Ahjussi; we have quite a few adults to discuss that pique are curiosity in more ways than one. I personally will give my two cents on the teachers and Creepy Ahjussi. Sae Hee's aunt, who happens to be her homeroom teacher, Dok Go Soon is one of the main adults to watch.  She gives the impression that she is doing her job because she has to pay her bills. From the conversations she has with Coach Choi Joon Goo, I do not think I am too far off the mark. She seems to also be burdened that Sae Hee has decided to move back to Korea without her mother. What I find most interesting is how she lets the All for One bastards— I mean band run all over her! What are your thoughts on her? Am I missing something? R6-9 Coach Choi is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is nobody's fool. Besides trying to get old Teacher Dok back, I sense there could be a crush in the wings being nursed. This is truly the only thing I care about when it comes to the teachers. R6-12 Creepy Ahjussi does have a name, but they have yet to expose it and even when they do, I like calling him Creepy Ahjussi (I am certain he wouldn’t be too keen on such a title). I really do think he is an older version of Seol Chan. It is one the reasons he is able to look at Seol Chan and feel some kind of way (sadness, anger, regret all by looking at his face!). R6-11 There are other times I think he is a Sun Woo of sorts. If he did love Sae Hee’s mom at one point in time, isn’t he the” guy who didn’t get the girl” (Take notes on how NOT to be Sun Woo Dongseng)? I really wonder how the story is going to unfold with him and Sae Hee's parents. It is clear they were all friends at one point in time; the parallels in this story are quite interesting and I can't wait until we get more revelations. R6-14 Lore Unni: I find myself cheering the adult characters, especially our feisty home room teacher. I love the scenes where she is planning everything she could do if she was free of teaching (even though it is easy to tell she really loves what she does for a living). R6-1 Her dynamic with Mr. Gym Teacher is interesting. I am still trying to decide if these two had a relationship in the past or if he is just chasing after the teacher he crushes after. I like how he reminds her of her fighting spirit and seems to egg her on; he wants to see Ms. Tough Teacher motivate these kids to new heights and for some reason that is incredibly endearing to this viewer. R6-10 Another adult (I feel so weird typing another adult…after all I am kind of an adult myself) that makes this show is manager hyung. I love his Seol Chan pillow and eternal dedication to the kid that gives him so much trouble.  Waiting in the van and answering the “CEO -angry-calls” makes manager hyung Seol Chan’s biggest fan. While not necessarily the adult that will teach Seol Chan how to see things in a more mature way he is the guy that is always there to avert the cartoon like adventures of his charge. The parents in this drama continue to play the mysterious role. Why are the kids of Color Bar so angsty? A lot of it seems to do with how they feel about their families. Why they feel the way they do and how their parents actions motivate their angst is still a huge mystery (Se Yi not withstanding). I am excited to see how our older generation influences our younger generation- and how the younger generation learned from their parent’s mistakes. I expect that the next six episodes will clear a lot of this mystery up… here is hoping along with truth comes a nice vacation for Mr. Gym Teacher and Ms. Home Room Teacher. Because that would be adorable! R6-2 Cypsis: I have a feeling that there is some kind of love line between the teachers Dok Go and Choi. It actually took me awhile to finally understand that the homeroom teacher is the same as Se Yi’s aunt (I think I understood it in second episode...).To me it seems like they are former lovers or for certain Teacher Choi has some feelings for Se Yi’s aunt; no man would go that far helping a woman if he does not want to gain something from it. He sticks his nose in all of Dok Go’s business. I hope that they do not drop their story, because I would like to see what happens next between them. R6-8 There have come several different possibilities who Ahjussi actually is: 1) Se Yi’s father as it looked like in first episodes, but now we are almost certain that he cannot be father, which takes this option down (Unless biologically he is, but Se Yi was raised by another) 2) The second man of Se Yi’s mother aka “man who mom really loved and caused Se Yi dad’s death 3)He definitely was a schoolmate and band-mate with Se Yi parents 4) a man who caused some kind of accident, maybe the accident were Se Yi dad died, but that makes me wonder “who was that woman in his memories”? 5) he is someone that I cannot even think about yet. We know that there must be something juicy behind him, but only upcoming episodes can show us the truth. R6-3 It seems to me that in Korean dramas there are so-called parent prototypes – dad/mom who is making children do things against their will, mom/dad who has abandon their child or they are being foster-parents,  parents who are misunderstood by their past, parents who are really really annoying and bad but in the end have fatal disease or accident etc. I find that “Monster” might have them all. Kim Nana seems to have gangster mom, who owns a bad/club and makes Nana to come to her by sending handyman’s to pick up Nana from school or city. R6-5 Seol Chan’s parent relations seem a bit more difficult as it looks like that his mom is not his birthmother and his “real” mom abandoned him when he was really small. His “foster-mother” is a sweet woman who tries to do best for Seol Chan, but I feel that there must be more than meets the eye. Why else would Seol Chan be that distant with her? Even if he likes to be great son and not burden for parents, but that does not make a child to be so against going back to home or even stepping away from “mom” when she comes closer. R6-15 We all are more than familiar what is going on between Se Yi and her mother. I am still 100% sure that there are big misunderstandings between them, which definitely need to be cleared. Her Mom is rather incapable as she is not able to tell her daughter the truth. I know she continues to call her and stuff like that, but there are so many other ways too like sending a letter, telling the truth to someone else etc.  And that cough.. a little silly cold as it usual is – I will not be surprised if it ends up being a cancer or some other disease. R6-7 We also have Do Nam’s  dad who has been showed in drama too. I am afraid that the reason why Do Nam and Gyo Do ended their friendship was something to do with Do Nam’s dad and his judo-ending. To take all those parents to consider then I actually feel a bit disappointed, because they are all rather cliché, so at the moment I hope they are able to turn things around and take me by surprise. R6-4 There are also some grown-up characters that I find plainly annoying like Seol Chan’s manager and boss and also the school’s headman. For me they are side-characters that are there just to fill the empty space, but they are still annoying. R6-6 Until next week! Deuces!   More from the MONSTAR Drama Club: Episode 7: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 6: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 5: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 4: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ]