Monstar ep 7 Seol Chan cry

The 7th episode’s beginning made me cry for Seol Chan’s heartache. I like how Seol Chan is emotionally challenged when he is with Se Yi. I know that picking on Se Yi and making her cry was not the best solution to deal with jealousy, but I do not have the heart to resent him.

monstar ep 7 rap

I like that this episode actually brings those two closer to each other. I feel that this is the second time Se Yi starts to recognize who Seol Chan really is (first time was in episode 2 when she began to understand that Seol Chan’s life is not all that simple) when they are learning math-rap together.

Monstar ep 7 se yi jealous

I bet I was not the only one who noticed a glimpse of jealousy on Se Yi’s face when Seol Chan did not get enough of hugging Kim Nana and her face of total satisfaction when Kim Nana finally hit him in the face.

Monstar ep 7 nana seon woo

Also, at last Seon Woo starts to see the real Kim Nana. After all that talk about seeing her he finally gets to know who Kim Nana really is. I so hope that their love-story grows deeper, because they look really cute together. It’s like he is the only one who makes Kim Nana feel like an ordinary girl.

monstar ep 7 walk'

Kim Nana is a really sweet character in my opinion and I was surprised to death when I found out that her part is acted by Da Hee – the singer from the group called GLAM – really feminine and "sexy" girl. She has amazing acting and singing skills for sure.

Monstar ep 7 hug

But the fact that Kim Nana has a more powerful voice than Se Yi made me wonder if they are going to give Se Yi only the back-up voice part? And if Seol Chan starts to put his full “teaching-attention” on Kim Nana can we hope for jealous Se Yi? I am dying to see another episode to find out what happens next.

Monstar ep 7 nana daddy

I liked how they tried to defend Kim Nana, though it made it even more embarrassing for her. The fact that Seol Chan took part of the fight shows how much others actually matter to him – in a way he might have wanted to defend Se Yi from bad guys. We all knew already that Kim Nana’s mom is the owner of the club, but now we know that “daddy” is gangster-boss. What a sad life Kim Nana must suffer. I understand why she was so embarrassed by it all – would Seon Woo agree to become gangster’s son-in-law in the future? Remember that we are talking about always perfect Seon Woo.

Monstar ep 7 all4one

I would have enjoyed more of an actual fight between Color Bar and All for One, but I doubt that Ma Joon He would be capable of fighting with his fists. All for One understands that they are not able to win with their instruments, which leads to the discovery that Hyo Rin can sing and she has the voice of an angel – so sad that she is actually worse than the devil itself.

Monstar ep 7 colorbar

The ending songs were great! I was stunned by Color Bar's performance. Not only was it musically amazing, but they also had great choreography. Color bar, FIGHTING!

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