Webs can be creepy (y'know, spiders and all) but sometimes they can be pure viewing pleasure (y'know, dramas and all). The relationships of Monstar are a twisted web of unrequited love- major teenage crushing- and all around tangled motivations and outcomes. For this week’s collaborative post the Drama Club will attempt to untangle the web of relationships that call Monstar home. But if we see a spider…um…we are definitely screaming and running away! On to the review! wrap up 1 (1) [Cypsis]: “Monstar” is a total web of love interests, which makes it really interesting to watch. I am afraid that more than one character might end up with unrequited love, but we are still about to see it. I do hope that they will not leave untied ends. Seol Chan is having trouble handling his own emotions towards Se Yi, which makes him tease and bully Se Yi. I like the fact that he acted like he said – realization of liking someone comes after questioning yourself for several times. I wonder how he will act in the future as he must think about reality – he is an idol and would Se Yi be alright with the pressure of public eye and fans? Being in a relationship is much more difficult for Seol Chan than to any other guy. In addition, I find that Seol Chan has a habit of over-exaggerating – framing a piece of paper into that big frame means that it meant much more to him than it looked like. wrap up 22 At the same time it seems that Se Yi is on her way to realize her true feelings. She has confessed that she is constantly thinking and caring about Seol Chan even when Seol Chan acts like a jerk with her. Beside, a girl does not keep buttons and pieces of paper in her drawer unless she is unable to throw them away. On the other hand, spending 5 years isolated in New Zealand has made her really naïve so that she cannot see how guys feel about her – just look at Seol Chan’s face and you can read all about his feelings! wrap up 3 The third part of our sweet love-triangle is Seon Woo who is desperately in love with Se Yi as she is his first and only love. Even though he knew Se Yi before and has some memories with her, I feel that Seol Chan has head start as Se Yi is thinking more about him, but Seon Woo seems more like a friend. Also, in my opinion he has lost the right to like her as he did nothing when Seol Chan almost kissed Se Yi. I agree with Seol Chan that if Seon Woo really saw it he would not just stand by, but that is exactly what he did. I feel that Seon Woo does not show out his feelings enough, but next episode will be really interesting with all love-lines. monstar eat (640x360) (1) Another thread in this web is Kim Nana who is in love with Seon Woo. I already mentioned her in last episode's review, but it really seems that she is having a one-sided love. Even when she sang with Seon Woo he did not have the same look in his eyes as he had while singing love song to Se Yi. Seon Woo starts to discover more about Kim Nana though, and I really like them together, but if we remember Kim Nana’s background then her love-life might not succeed that easily. Monstar ep 7 nana seon woo I think we may also draw some light lines from Do Nam to Kim Nana as in recent episodes he has shown great worry about her, but it also might be my imagination. Kyu Dong is the only one who does not seem to have a love interest. wrap up 4 Lastly, we also have one thread of fan-love here. Eun Ha might be having more fan-love than it seems too. After watching the seventh episode for the billionth time I noticed that the reason why Eun Ha wanted Seon Woo to sing love song might have been the fact that she saw Se Yi constantly looking at Seol Chan. Even though she is Se Yi’s best friend sometimes fan’s jealousy might get her and Eun Ha knows about Seon Woo’s feelings so the best for her is if Se Yi falls in love with Seon Woo too. It is a bit complicated, but it is what I gathered from this scene.
 wrap up Eun Ha
[E-Kun]: Ah… to be young and in love again—Not! I absolutely do not miss being a teenager in love. A lot like Seol Chan, I found it very hard to express the way I felt to friends, boyfriends, etc. Let’s say that being in my late 20’s is much better than being 16 and confused (I love this first love song by Men in Black)!
Monstar has a tangled web woven of love and infatuation. Let’s delve into the 4 couples I am most invested in: Seol Chan, Sae Hee (and Sun Woo)—Na Na and Sun Woo—Seol Chan and Sun Woo—and Gyu Dong and Do Nam. Funny how Sun Woonnie is in 3 of the 4 couples (I cannot explain how much I love Kang Ha Neul… He will be my new Song Joong Ki obsession once Joong Ki goes to do military service—I am off my soapbox)!
The most important couple (if we are not including a bromance which I take over romantic love any day) is Seol Chan and Sae Hee. I am not optimistic that this couple will end up together because the show has so many important things that their love line is miniscule on the grand scheme of things. Though I feel this couple has a lot to offer each other. Her cluelessness forces Seol Chan to not only use his words, but his actions to express himself about how he feels. His expressions open her up in a way I am certain she has not been able to in a long time. All in all, it is a win- win situation for this young couple.
On the other hand we have Sun Woo holding out hope for his first love. I am not the “first love” enthusiast like many others people out there is the world. I believe that first love serves it purpose and you move on (if you are one of those people who are in the small micro- fraction to be with your first love forever kudos and congrats!). Sun Woo, I am sorry that you will end up like the rest of us at the end of the day.
I hate to offer Na Na as a consolation (because she is so not!) but I really do think these two can be an equally matched couple. I know society is barking and crazed because they are from the “opposite side of the tracks”; but when it comes to the fundamentals and personality traits this could be a couple to make it in the long run! Na Na is extremely kind and soft hearted despite her outer appearance and demeanor. We all know that I think Sun Woo is too perfect for Sae Hee, but his calm temperament and patience is just what Na Na can use in her life. I know this couple will more than likely never come to fruition, but they are my number one couple that will never be of 2013.R7-6On to my favorite part: Bromance! I know a lot of people are curious about my obsession with bromances… friendships are really important to me, and I think that guys that are able to express their love and affection for a person they consider a friend is so sweet and endearing. If you can’t roll with it—I hate that for you.R7-7Seol Chan and Sun Woo are the broken bromance that I crack a coconut for everyday in PRAYER that they will mend their misunderstanding! We are still unaware of why Seol Chan feels betrayed by Sun Woo; but I am certain it was something that will make both of the boys feel horrible once they fix it. To add insult to an already festering injury—Sae Hee is the “boo” of choice for both of our guys! R7-3 Will they be able to work out their differences and be friends again? Can they repair their friendship even after the crossroad of Sae Hee? R7-8 Gyu Dong and Do Man… Gyu Dong and Do Man…Gyu Dong and Do Man! These two have something that is not easy to open and discuss for either one of them. Do Man is a constant bully to what used to be his close friend Gyu Dong. How did their relationship go sour? M2 My heart bleeds (so freakin’ bad) every time Gyu Dong starts to cry about his life. I know that if he had his friendship with Do Man, it would be one more reason to wake up in the morning. I am honestly hoping that these two will be able to repair the rift that has both of them living in a life of misery and regret (they are too young to be living with so much regret!). M3 First love is always sweet and hurts the most; but it is not the best, friendships can heal if communication is shared, and you can find genuine love in the most unexpected places… E-kun pearls of wisdom for life and episode 7! m6 2 [Lore]: Young love…sigh! (E-Kun, I am one of those people who are still with my first love so I guess I am an exception :-) ) From Sun Woo and Na Na to Se Yi and Seol Chan (and Sun Woo) Monstar excels at the young love vibe. As a teenager it is hard enough to figure yourself out much less figure out who you like and why you might like them. Such are the challenges of the members of Color Bar, as beautifully highlighted by Monstar (which I must say gives off the angsty teenage vibe in a most effective manner). The relationships of Monstar are a twisted web. As of episode 7 we are not yet aware of why certain characters feel the way they do, which leaves a whole lot of possibility. broken bromance I am not sure why Sun Woo and Seol Chan do not get along, which makes me wonder how Se Yi will react when she and the viewer’s find out the story of this broken bromance. Who will she turn to? I am guessing based on several overt hints she will end up with Seol Chan yet I still think there is a huge reveal to come. M 5 1 Sun Woo, meanwhile, is starting to see Na Na for who she is (hint, not a gangster girl but a misunderstood young woman) and I am hoping that this loveline plays to a happy ending. Partially because I want Se Yi to choose Seol Chan but mostly because I think this couple would be super adorable. Tough girl and Class President? Consider me a fan. M1 There are several secondary characters that hint of love stories yet to come to fruition- mainly our gym teacher and home room teacher. Which just adds another layer of romantic delight fullness onto this show! I will say it again…I heart you Monstar! What do you think of Monstar's tangled web of relationships? Who do you want to end up together? More from the MONSTAR Drama Club: Episode 7: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 6: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 5: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 4: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ]