Wow, from tears of laughter and excitement to tears of sorrow and despair... Sunday dates, hurt feelings, and attempted suicide. Episode 8— E-kun wasn't ready. 8-2 Our Color Bar band did not win the competition (which we all could have guessed, right?). I love how the defeat did not mean that much to Color Bar. They were sad, but it was not the crux of what they are made of. Bitterness never makes a situation better. I am glad they saw it for what it was and was able to use it as a launch pad to move onto other things in their personal lives. 8-13 Did E-kun speak too hastily about the couple never to be of 2013?! Maybe (I hate to eat my words, but I will if I have to). Sun Woo agreeing to take Na Na up on her offer of 10 play dates gives me pause and elation. Pause because I am not entirely certain what Sun Woo’s motives are; it would be really terrible for him to lead her on when he is still gaga for Sae Hee. Elation because I want him to open his eyes to the truth:  You don’t like (or love) Sae Hee, Sun Woo, you are in love with the idea of her. 8-12 I love you so much more with Na Na... You seem to be genuine;  not some god-esque creature bestowing your presence on us mere mortals to dread or adore. Cool points given just for this moment. 8-11 While Sun Woo and Na Na are having a date, Seol Chan “manned up” and asked Sae Hee out to a movie (under the pretense of his depression about losing and because they are partners… love this kid!). As soon as this couple (Seol Chan and Sae Hee) decides to get serious about their feelings, an unnecessary reporter shows up to cause trouble. 8-10 Reporters suck! Why must they drum up needless facts to make a living? You are no better than a 2 bit hustler and swindler on the streets conning people out of their last dime! Wicked witch of the 1st years actually made me proud when she stopped a reporter in his tracks—even though I know her motives are no where near pure. 8-8 Sae Hee’s reaction to the situation was out of pocket (Cali slang for dumb or unnecessary)! I thought she was able to really see Seol Chan for who he was and the awkward position he was in as an idol. My bad for giving to much credit to a 17- 18 year old girl in “like” with a boy. 8-9 Sun Woo—as soon as I allocate the cool points you get them taken away with this impromptu confession...  You’re spiteful! 8-7 The thing that makes a betrayal worst is a lie of loyalty. Gyu Dong, I can't be mad at Do Nam for his anger in this situation. Do Nam... on the other hand, this happen a long time ago. Forgiveness does not mean you forget, but the amount of hatred you've given out over a mistake is just too much. It was not all Gyu Dong's fault you fell down the stairs... When does personal responsibility come into play? 8-5 Jae Rok is the devil’s dongseng! I honestly would like to know what he gains from being so cruel to people. Because of your eavesdropping and heartlessness, you are going to cause something that cannot be reversed! Then you will be the first to claim innocence when the masses need a scapegoat… I am over it Jae Rok! 8-3 Show—please do not break my heart by allowing this kid to jump! Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Gyu Dong singing his last song was one of the most heartbreaking things I have seen this year! E-Kun cannot handle suicide especially when it is young people. Gyu Dong—please be alive… 8-4   More from the MONSTAR Drama Club: Episode 8: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 7: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 6: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 5: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 4: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ]