Episode 8 was an emotional roller-coaster that had us all in tears… On a lighter note, we decided to have a “What If” edition for our collaborative post this week. “What If” is the idea that if you could have a certain scenario go any way, what would it look like. The girls and I have 3 different “What If’s” we would like to discuss. If you have one, leave us a comment below with your thoughts! wrap fist[E-kun]: I am in love with the idea of Sun Woo and Na Na being a couple! Besides the obvious reasons, I want to switch the tables to: “What if Sun Woo liked Na Na instead of her just liking him”? I think this would make for a more interesting story because I find myself annoyed with 2- 3 different guys falling in love with the same girl! In what world is that ever real? In my scenario, Sun Woo would not be nurising a crush from when he was 8 years old (I hate when dramas do that), but he would have a “love at first sight” moment with her when he is 17- 18. wrpfNa Na would have known him since they were younger, but didn’t think anything of him because she has a goal of being a fashion designer trying to escape the lifestyle of being a mob boss’s daughter. How is my scenario so far? Is it something that you all can see playing out? wrdEventually, they would end up meeting in an unexpected place and time. Na Na would be totally enamored with him because…. He is wearing a limited edition pair of shoes that she knows only 5 pair were made in the world! How this couple ends is up to you to decide. Of course they live happily ever after in my world… What about you? wraf7[Cypsis]: From all different subjects I am interested in what would happen when Kyu Dong would have made the choice of not participating in the talent show years ago? I think that this would change half of the story, but I hope that is okay as we are talking about my “what if" story. w ep 8Firstly, they would not have the life-time fight and I am pretty sure that Do Nam would still be at judo-hall. Not only would they be best-friends, but also Kyu Dong would not be bullied by others, which would change the moment we are dealing with now – last step till the fall. w ep 8 judoDo Nam would have never started to communicate with Jae Rok and Jae Rok would be left out from class, because no-one cares about him. Even if he found someone else to bully the class would stand up to him more. That makes me realize that Jae Rok’s influence was so big due to Do Nam’s aggressive personality behind his back. w ep jae rokBack to happy Kyu Dong x Do Nam relationship. They would go on with being a duo and I believe they would be very popular at school, because those two together are brilliant. On the other hand, I am afraid that they would have been more popular as an underground duo. I still think that they would have agreed to be part of Color Bar as Do Nam does not seem to be so arrogant in reality -- it's just that this bitter betrayal has made him mean. I do not want Color Bar to lose their talents. w ep 8 duoYou all might think: how would Color Bar even become real if their fight at the temple is the beginning of the new band. The thing is that sooner or later they would still have a big fight, which might as well might be at the temple at that exact moment. The decision that Kyu Dong had to make was not so simple. If he had declined the offer then he would have regrets for life – maybe he would have succeeded in the competition. And if Do Nam would have gotten far with judo, he would have stayed an average dude. That would definitely make him unintentionally accuse Do Nam of ruining his chance to be someone great. wrap up 4With Color Bar being a hit, they would have made up again as Kyu Dong receives confidence that he has some talent. As you can see, my version turns the hatred the other way around. However, compared to Do Nam, Kyu Dong can forgive things more easily. In the end, this decision was a big turning point in both lives. In every friendship there are misunderstandings which need to be conquered, but I think that Kyu Dong would not be standing on the roof if his feeling of fault and depression had not pushed him so far. monstar ep 8 7[Lore]: What if Color Bar made it big? And by big I mean huge? Like world tour huge. Would they stick together and keep their endearing chemistry? Would one of them leave the band and go solo? And what would their fan club be called? These and many more questions will be answered with Lore’s version of Monstar What If! Ep 8 C 2 First to the most important matter of my imaginary future featuring the imaginary characters someone else invented. I know, priorities first. What would their fan club be called? K-Pop is known for fan clubs and each fan club has a color and a catchy name that club members can use all over the place. So what would the members of Color Bar’s fan club be called? Well, seeing as I have zero experience creating fan club names I think they would most likely be called Colorfuls or Bar Hoppers. Personally I like Bar Hoppers because it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside in a way that is very similar to a shot of brandy. Bar Hoppers it is- after all this is my imaginary world. So fellow Bar Hoppers, what would happen to our band of misfits once they found fame and fortune? I mean, let’s face it, they are already plagued by a bazillion issues as everyday students. How would their issues multiply or diminish once they were making their third comeback? Ep 8 C 1I think that the group would hold together through the issues of fame and the newfound world of celebrity (well, newfound for everyone but Seol Chan). Not that everything would be sunshine and roses. I would bet that at some point Sun Woo and Seol Chan get in a fist fight. Why? Come on, they just seem like they want to. But I doubt that would kill their relationship. I just think they need to punch each other a couple times now and then. Ep 8 C 4I also think Eun Ha would find becoming a celebrity a huge ego booster, after all she holds celebrities in almost mythic like regard. Which leads me to wonder if Eun Ha would have an arrogant phase and how everyone else would react. Or maybe she would feel more uncomfortable and humble that she was now in the league of her idols. Sorry, my imagination hasn’t figured this one out yet. Ep 8 C 6Na Na I suspect would take becoming a celebrity as something unwanted- and would probably feel more introverted in turn (when she was not on stage, because this girl seems to be healed by music). But with Sun Woo on her side I have a feeling she would slowly come out of her self-imposed shell. Ep 8 C 3Se Yi on the other hand would make an adorable star- all fresh faced and naïve and innocent. “What will this girl say next?!” is a phrase I would expect associated with her once she began making the media circuit. I think how comfortable she would be with the attention is linked to how much she is allowed to express her musical creativity. Ep 8 C 5And as for Do Nam and Kyu Dong I am pretty sure they would be okay with everything. And I am pretty sure I would want to see this duo form a subunit and became hip hop superstars.Ep 8 C 8So when would the band decide to go their separate ways? At the double wedding of course! The band would decide to pursue solo activities at the reception for the Seol Chan & Se Yi / Sun Woo & Na Na wedding. Also at the reception you will find rainbows and unicorns frolicking amidst the wedding guests. And Yoo Jae Suk will MC the event. Because that is how I like to play Monstar What If. Cheers! Ep 8 C 7It would be nice if a drama could end or go the way we imagine in our heads; but it is nice that they give us a reason to love, hate, scream, cry, etc. when we can’t do it in real life. What are some “What If” moments you would like to see with our Monstar group? We would love to hear what you all are thinking. w end More from the MONSTAR Drama Club: Episode 8: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 7: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 6: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 5: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 4: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ]