Oh. Heck. Yes! Tension is high, nostrils are flared, and a kiss is shared! The jubilation I felt at the end of this episode makes up for all the havoc I felt last week. Shall I talk about my obsession? I shall! 9-2 The drama gods have heard my prayers and Gyu Dong is ALIVE!!! Love how Seol Chan makes light of a serious situation with asking about Na Na and Gyu Dong's relationship... Get it together Seol Channie! 9-3 Kudos to Sae Hee and her fiery confrontation with Do Nam! Even though he is not personally responsible for Gyu Dong trying to kill himself, he has yet to do anything to help alleviate the situation. Would you like it if the shoe was on the other foot Do Nam? I don't think Gyu Dong would let that happen to you. 9-4 See Sun Woo— this moment right here, when you changed your demeanor when you saw Sae Hee, is exactly why I don't want you together.... It is not authentic. And you don't have to give Sae Hee time because her mind is already made up... She’s just not that into you (or into you at all). 9-5 I think the montage of Creepy Ahjussi in his younger years show how he is the Sun Woo of the situation. Sae Hee’s mom has zero interest in him at this moment—supporting my claim that Sae Hee has misunderstood her mother. I love the kids who were singing, the harmony was really REALLY good! 9-6 Thank you Creepy Ahjussi for saying what I was thinking! Ending your life is not a form of revenge (or not a smart one)! While you are resting for eternity the world goes on. Gyu Dong, noona is glad you realized your folly. 9-7 Seol Chan and Sae Hee... What the heck! I am rooting for you and this is how you repay me? This a tit for tat argument?!  Never mind... Its my fault for forgetting you all are 17-18 years old. 9-8 A scar Eun Ha? Is this the reason for your escape all the time? What is really going on with you? 9-9 Just when you think Creepy Ahjussi is about to shed his name and aura of creepiness, he evades the questions of the cutie Thailander. I bet the woman Creepy Ahjussi keeps remembering in the car is his mom … Aigoo. 9-10 Angel Hye Rim is Sun Woo’s "girlfriend" at the hospital… she is so stinking cute! But Unni doesn't like children with a sassy mouth… 9-11 This scene is one of the reasons I find myself appreciating Sae Hee as a leading lady. Her thought process reminds me a lot of me because she doesn't know how she feels about something until after the fact. She wasn't mad because of Seol Chan, she was mad at herself for not realizing what Seol Chan was trying to say. Unni gets it Sae Hee, all too well. 9-12 Has Sun Woo finally given up the rigged fight? I hope so for his own sake. 9-13 Seol Chan!!! There goes the pitter patter of my heart that I have grown to miss in these last couple of episodes! The fact that he makes her think about things is what I love most about him and need these two to get their lives together! 9-14 Omo omo omo omo!!!!!!!!!! 9-15 Until next wee…. (E-Kun has floated off on a cloud of sunshine and lollipops) More from the MONSTAR Drama Club: Episode 9: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 8: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 7: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 6: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 5: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episode 4: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ]