With every week “Monstar” dissolves a new problem, but we are still dealing with 3 big fights – Seol Chan and Seon Woo, Seol Chan and Se Yi, Se Yi and her mom. This week Monstar Dramaclub decided to give our opinions and state whose back we are supporting in those reoccurring disagreements between our precious characters.

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Lore: Seol Chan versus Sun Woo- which side am I on? Easy answer- Seol Chan. And not because I understand what these two are fighting about. Nope, I am just annoyed by how perfect and distant Sun Woo can be. I know that is a shallow reason for choosing sides, but hey, I never claimed to be a deep person did I?


Whatever their major fallout was from I am sure it can be looked at from a few different angles. After all any argument has factual points that can be perceived in different ways. Once the backstory of their broken bromance is revealed I am pretty certain I will feel bad for both Sun Woo and Seol Chan. But I am still sticking by Seol Chan. After all- he is a star. :)

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Mom versus Se Yi- Who do I back all the way to the bank? Se Yi. Why? Because I really just don’t like Mom. She seems mean. I have said this before but every glimpse we have been shown of the woman paints her in a less than positive light. To E-Kun’s point Se Yi is not exactly the best person to trust in the matter (and our scenes with Mom are usually from Se Yi’s viewpoint) however even without all of her pent up anger I still don’t like Mom.

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I have been thinking about why Mom bothers me so much (in preparation for this post). When I really try to pinpoint why Mom gets on my nerves I realized something- I am associating the actress that plays Mom with her past roles. Kim Sun Kyung previously portrayed the evil Queen Mother in Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love and the super crazy kidnapper Hye Mi in I Miss You. Now I see her as the Mom that Se Yi hates and my brain jumbles this all together and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Is that a good way to look at this character? No, not really, because this actress’ past roles have nothing to do with the story of Monstar. But try telling that to my brain….maybe that explains why I cannot see Shin Min Ah without thinking she has a superpower…..Aishhh! Brain- get your dramas straight!


E-Kun: Min Sae Hee and her relationship with her mother is a complicated one. Typically, I do not like to tell people how to feel or look at their parents; I did not grow up in the household and looking in from the outside is nothing compared to living in the moment. Though, as an adult and a person who did not have the luxury of throwing a hissy fit with a mother in their teens, I have a few pearls of wisdom to throw Sae Hee's way... Hopefully it is not being cast before swine (another way of saying it’s pointless to say).

R9-1 Regret is one of the heaviest emotions to carry around for a lifetime—especially when it is enclosed in a misunderstanding. Sae Hee is convinced that her mother was having an affair on her father because of what her mother said while lamenting and grief stricken. The question is: “Who side are we standing on?” I am going to more than likely be in the minority and take mom’s side.

R9-3 There is always two sides to every story and we have not heard mom’s side as of yet. This is the only reason I am taking mom’s side in this dispute. I do not like mom better (because if we find out that the affair was true… I got my pitchfork), but we know that Sae Hee has a very active imagination and can be irrational when it comes to people she wants to be close to. In other words, unfortunately she is a character that we cannot trust whole heartedly (Unni likes you Sae Hee…) with her emotions. R9-5 I can hear some of you saying, “E-kun, she overheard her mother saying she cheated on her father!” I pose this question to you: how many times have you walked in on a conversation where you did not know all the details and it became a misunderstanding?”(Waiting for you to think it out…Exactly.) When Sae Hee confronted her mother, she didn’t let her mother get a word in to confirm or deny the allegations. R9-2 The bottom line is this Sae Hee: without solid proof in your hands, you are staring regret in the eyes enticing the idea of a long weighty relationship. I do not wish that for you especially because you are so young and have many more years ahead of you (we hope and pray). She really needs to talk to her mother and resolve the misunderstanding or gather the evidence to have a reason to act so coldhearted. I honestly could care less about the mother on a whole; I just want Sae Hee to be at peace with whatever decision she makes in regards to her. R9-4

Cypsis: Our two lovebirds cannot stop bickering and pointlessly hurting each other. Why do they always keep up with it and who is the one of more faults? To tell you the truth I cannot pick sides because I understand both of them.

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The biggest reason behind their fights is that Se Yi keeps misunderstanding Seol Chan’s intentions and Seol Chan keeps getting mixed signals. We can all see that they like each other and from time to time they believe it too, but the hesitation comes after seeing other actions. Seol Chan’s situations is really pitiful because he sees Se Yi acting nice to Seon Woo and Kyu Dong and there lies the dog – he cannot figure out if she is acting with him as with every guy or might she have feelings for him.

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Of course he thinks more that Seon Woo has captured her heart as he has confessed and well let’s remember all those times when Se Yi stays behind Seon Woo back. At the same time Se Yi is confused as Seol Chan keeps using being partners as excuses and acting his star-actions. As Se Yi is nobody in celebrity-world and only a little unusual piece of society I can totally understand why she finds it difficult to believe that Seol Chan’s heart is yearning for her.

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I noticed that in almost every fight Seol Chan keeps telling his thoughts that he wants Se Yi to understand and agree or push over. Unfortunately for Se Yi she understands things other way around, thinking that Seol Chan is only playing with her or doing his “star-celebrity” things again. That makes Se Yi agree with everything that Seol Chan says for her own defense even when she does not think it in reality. They both should be more honest with themselves and each other.

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I hope that kiss will let their hesitations fade away because this situation makes it rather difficult to come up with a great lie to cover everything up. At least I bet that Se Yi has finally discovered the true meaning behind Seol Chan's words and actions. It was about time!

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Guess we are going to see some nice developments with all stories sooner or later and see who is right and wrong in their squabbles. Dramaclub has said their words – now we will listen to your opinions on the mean hurtful fights!

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