Death, meteors and some seriously goofy characters welcome us in this first episode of Mr. Baek. Between greedy family members and selfless helpers there is a wide range of characters to enjoy. Come join Amy and myself as we discuss and laugh our way through this first entertaining episode.

Amy: I was excited for Mr. Baek but I wasn’t sure what to expect as dramas like this tend to be hit or miss for me. I really enjoyed the first episode, though!

Wendilynn: I didn’t know what to expect either. All I knew is that our lead male, Shin Ha Kyun likes playing goofy characters and that I love Jang Na Ra. So I really wanted to see this one. Besides… Lee Joon makes excellent eye candy. hehehehe!

Amy: Yeah...I like looking at Lee Joon. As soon as I saw him I started picking who I want him to be paired with. I always want my eye candy paired happily with someone!

Wendilynn: Our lawyer is also eye candy. Played by Jung Suk Won, he’s most known for being the bodyguard on Rooftop Prince. It was cute to see he had a crush on the secretary.

Amy: I was very excited when I saw that Jung Suk Won was in this drama. Rooftop Prince is one of my favorites and he was a favorite character for me. He looks adorable with glasses.

Wendilynn: Doesn’t he, though? This first episode almost made it look like there is a rivalry for the secretary’s attention between him and Lee Joon’s character. However… I had to laugh myself silly with the introduction of Lee Joon’s character. That happy birthday sign... oh my gosh.

Amy: Yes. I was in love with Lee Joon’s character as soon as I saw that sign. I like it when guys have a goofy, free side to them! It is unfortunate that his good intentions often get misinterpreted though.

Wendilynn: Did you catch what the sign was supposed to say before the air tore off letters? Because I can’t read Hangul that well yet.

Amy: I didn’t catch it! I thought about pausing it because I can’t read Hangul that fast yet either but I didn’t.

Wendilynn: It was nice to see that the “scandal” that had him running around wasn’t completely true. I was afraid he was going to be a wastrel of a son and instead, it looks like he’s a good guy. I do want to know who is setting them up though.

Amy: It is probably someone close to his dad. A greedy person who just wants power and money.

Wendilynn: Go Bong is a pretty rotten character when we meet him. He’s universally nasty to everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it be one of his siblings or something. Him having nightmares about death was surprising. Very interesting representation they are using.

Amy: Go Bong is very nasty to everyone around him but I think he has some sweetness hidden away too. His siblings just drive me crazy already. Oh the nightmares! His subconscious definitely knows something that he doesn’t. I’ve heard of people having premonitions in dreams before. I think it is very interesting.

Wendilynn: Speaking of sweetness, Na Ra’s character Ha Soo is so cute. She is so caring and keeps getting stuck in these crazy situations that look really perverted on the outside. lol

Amy: Poor sweet Ha Soo. I like that she is sweet even though she is reluctant about it sometimes. She realizes that it is more important to help a person than walk away to make herself feel better.

Wendilynn: She is also willing to stand up for herself. Wilting, shy flower she is not.

Amy: That is very awesome because most of the time if a female lead is sweet she does not speak up for herself. I hope Ha Soo stays that way throughout the drama.

Wendilynn: She just got done playing that type of character in Fated to Love You, so I would expect something a little different. I liked that while she is nice and helpful, if she is in a compromising situation, she fights. Like the hotel bed scene. Lee Joon’s character, Choi Dae Han is just trying to hide from dad and she’s all fighting to get free, not bothering to wait “just in case” he isn’t a pervert.

Amy: Speaking of Fated to Love You, I was way too excited to see that Lee Mi Do is playing Jung Na Ra’s sister again. They make a good pair. Why did Choi Dae Han think he would even be able to get away with that?

Wendilynn: She was very good as the pregnant sister, so I was happy to see her here as well. Although I couldn’t tell if they were really sisters or just best friends. Their last names are different, but that doesn’t mean anything. As for Dae Han, I’m chalking it up to employer privilege. People so desperate for a job they will accept any type of mistreatment. Not that he was really taking advantage of her other then using her feet to look suspicious. lol

Amy: It was funny when the elderly people at Silver House thought Chairman Choi had Alzheimer’s. Poor guy couldn’t speak up for himself without sounding lost and his grumpy outbursts definitely didn’t help.

Wendilynn: He throws so many tantrums. I was just laughing as they dressed him in those clothes and then didn’t believe a word he said. But it was nice to see Ha Soo taking care of him no matter how nasty he was to her. She didn’t put up with his bluster and helped him out whether he liked it or not.

Amy: Ha Soo is definitely a better person than me. I would not have been able to keep my patience if I were her. It was kind of cute when he started falling for her while she was washing his hands though. We got to catch a glimpse of Chairman Choi’s softness before he snapped out of it.

Wendilynn: He was certainly charmed when she finally gave him back his glasses and he saw her clearly for the first time. Then he couldn’t forget her. That leads us to their fateful meeting in the sink hole. I’m not sure I’m buying the meteor shower on a lunar eclipse thing. lol

Amy: Me either but it would be awesome if it happened. I’d love to see a meteor shower on a lunar eclipse. I kept trying to guess what would cause Chairman Choi to become younger but I did not think it would be a meteor. Was that really supposed to be a piece of a meteor?

Wendilynn: Yup. I guess meteor shards that fall on a lunar eclipse are special. Especially when they are mistaken for nitroglycerin pills. lol

Amy: The blue light shining out of the bath tub was pretty spectacular too. Oh but did you catch that the piece of meteor looked like the gem that Dae Han lost? What is the connection there?

Wendilynn: No, I did not make that connection, but you’re right. They look similar. And Ha Soo cut her hand on it in the hotel room. I wonder what her connection is to the chairman that helped him return once she held his hand?

Amy: Do we really have to wait to find out? I don’t like this waiting nonsense. I just want to know!

Wendilynn: Well, we do have a sexy man with ducklips in a bathtub to hold us over until we get those answers. *evil chuckles*

The comedy ball has started rolling and its anyone's guess where it will end up. What's in store for our characters in episode 2?  Join us next time and find out. 

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