Oh the deception! With all of the backstabbing and deceiving in episode 5 of Mr. Baek we still got some cute scenes. Come discuss it with Wendilynn and myself! I can't guarantee that there won't be fangirling. My crush on Lee Joon is getting real guys.

Wendilynn: For all the seriousness of the storyline, I loved the cute moments. For instance, Dae Han’s imagination sequence with Ha Soo in the red dress. *laughter*

Amy: Hee hee! Dae Han is just adorable anyway but that scene made him cuter. The coat that Ha Soo was wearing though? Not so much.

Wendilynn: LOL! After watching Dae Han giggling like a loon imagining Ha Soo sexily eating a rose, for her to come out in that coat and red tennis shoes was perfect. I laughed so hard.

Amy: I really don’t want her to fall for Old Man. I just don’t like that pairing. They’re both good people but I like them as friends. Second lead syndrome already?

Wendilynn: I like that she hasn’t fallen for either of them. But we still think of the Old Man as being 70, not 35. So it just feels wrong anyway. I sort of hope that she stays friends because I really like the dynamic of her being on good terms with them but because she has no romantic feelings, she isn’t controlled by them either.

Amy: Yep. I’d actually be happy if she just stayed friends with both of them. I like the dynamic right now and I think if she stays friends with them she can help them repair their relationship. If you get a messy love thing in there it won’t be pretty.

Wendilynn: I completely agree. I think I might have maligned the lawyer. You know how I see him as a potential bad guy. I was actually expecting him to be the one buying up all the low stocks. I should have realized it was the sister in law’s relatives considering she’s the one trying to get the Old Man out of the way so hard.

Amy: I see the lawyer as a potential bad guy too but they threw me off with the stocks. I know his family is evil and against him but I didn’t put two and two together. What was with them drugging him and trying to set him up? Do you think they did that to Dae Han too?

Wendilynn: That was the sister’s doing. She was trying to set up a scandal between Shin Hyung and that female employee. I don’t know if the brother and sister in law were in on it, however they were behind trying to ruin Dae Han’s reputation with his dad. They set up that fake pregnancy rumor.

Amy: Yeah but his brother and sister in law were drinking with him too. I think they’re in on it together but the sister in law is pulling more evil stuff behind everyone’s backs. Either way they are just vultures. Hungry, hungry vultures waiting for their opportunity.

Wendilynn: As bad as they are, I still think the Old Man set himself up with this being the selfish, greedy bastard he was. Even if he did do nice things like build that senior center and other things like that, he bragged about not trusting anyone. Well…… this is what you get. I did like that he got a bit of an eye opener about his son in this episode. He got to see things from a different perspective and I liked that he felt some remorse for what he did to Dae Han.

Amy: I appreciated that too. Both of them need an eye opener like that. I don’t think Old Man did anything good by ignoring Dae Han but he thought he was doing what is best and I think Old Man loves Dae Han. If Dae Han can come to understand that he’ll start to warm up a little.

Wendilynn: It may just be me, but I see a need in the potential story for Dae Han and the Old Man to team up to fight the takeover the Sister in Law is getting ready for. I was so surprised when she sent the thugs after the lawyer. They let him kick butt a little, though. You can’t let an actor with those types of skills just get his butt kicked without fighting back a little. hehehehe

Amy: Hee hee! I liked the fighting scene. I’m glad they didn’t take the unrealistic route and have the lawyer completely destroy everyone though. Anyway, I think that is possible. I think after seeing Old Man in the rain Dae Han will start to feel a little sympathy for him and slowly bring him in. I hope we’re right!

Wendilynn: I don’t think we’ll have them team up just yet. I imagine Dae Han will gloat seeing him on his knees in the rain. I honestly don’t know if Dae Han will treat him like a brother at all. He has the potential for having that loving a nature, but not yet. lol I was wondering how they were going to set it up for the Old Man to have to start working from the bottom, and this is it.

Amy: Yep. It’ll benefit him to start from the bottom. Give some perspective on the little man and all of that good stuff. He needs it for sure. Did you catch the Scrooge reference? I don’t think they made one before this episode!

Wendilynn: I don’t think they did outright till now, but he’s been acting like one. lol I agree with you that he needs a reality check and it will make him a better person. We got to finally see what his connection was to Ha Soo’s family and that suit and he’s clearly been on the bottom before. He needs a stiff reminder.

Amy: For sure. I liked seeing Ha Soo’s pregnant mommy and adorable dad. They were too sweet together. Ha Soo probably got her sense of charity from her parents. She’s always willing to help out when needed but I like that she’s still sassy.

Wendilynn: I agree, you can clearly see why Ha Soo is the way she is. It also explains why the Old Man really wants to protect her. I loved that bit about how she was a precious daughter.

Amy: Yeah so let her stay that way, Old Man! No flirting! He is definitely interested. Wondering if she is worried about him and clarifying the texting incident. Did you catch the double wrist grab too? It reminded me of Heirs!

Wendilynn: Oh my gosh...LOL.. I loved the texting scene. watching him be confused at how she could know he had read the texts and then emoji confusion. I felt his pain. LOL!! So funny!

Amy: Poor guy. He should have just called her. He reminds me of my parents. Actually, I lived in Japan from 2005-2008 and didn’t have a cell phone that entire time. When we got back I could not figure out how to text on my friend’s phone. Ha ha ha! I’m stubborn, though, and insisted on doing it myself.

Wendilynn: Don’t feel bad, I just got my first smart phone a few months ago. lol

Amy:Yeah...me too but at least I knew how to use it when I got it unlike my husband. Ha ha ha! He is the tech savvy one between us too. What does that say?

Wendilynn: LOL!

Amy: We should probably get back on the subject. Cell phones...I thought it was adorable when he tried to have breakfast with Ha Soo though. I also liked how she just told him that he needs to think about the employees and stop living in the past.

Wendilynn: I think all of that will become important as he deals with now not having the succession guaranteed.

Amy: I think so too and speaking of texts. What do you think the text about having 48 days until repayment is about? Do you think Old Man has 48 days until he becomes old again?

Wendilynn: Now there’s a theory. I had wondered what that was about. Did he get this extra time maybe to fix what was wrong so things are good for his son? Will he still die anyway? I can’t imagine that death squad just let him go over a meteorite pill.

Amy: I know. I think it would make sense if he got to fix everything and then died anyway. I know it is sad but he’s old and it was his time. I guess we’ll have to wait and see! We’re getting way ahead of ourselves. Hee hee! 

There you have it, drama clubbers! What did you think of episode 5? Do you think Old Man and Dae Han will ever learn to get along? Do you think there will be a love triangle between Old Man, Dae Han, and Ha Soo? What about that wrist grab? Poll time! Which wrist grab was more epic: the one from Mr. Baek or Heirs? Let us know what you think about the episode and cast your votes in the comments below!

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